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Chrissy- mu moms in maryland, some of her neighbors are without power but hers is on, weird! My cousins in west virginia got theirs back this norning. Hope yours is up & running soon!
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Tf - that is weird. We got juice about an hour ago. I started to worry over the food in fridge. Was teasing Dh and told him we'd have to bag it all and toss it in the river so the food would stay cold. Lol
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Hey chrissy where are you? We are in charlittesville and the power outages are crazy!!!

Indie. Where are you? You ok? Processing? I take awhile to digest before i can get back on my feet...

Well today is it. 6 hours to go.
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We're in Maryland. Some still have no power here, either. Thinking of you, Sherry!
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Thinking of you today Sherry, praying for your surgeon's steady hands and a successful result!
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Sherry - By now your surgery is done. Hope you're recovering fast!

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Done- sorry i didnt post sooner. Success! Tubes long and togerher. Right now it hurts less then lap...but its still numb.

Thanks chrissy and tf

Chrissy- yeah out here too. We had been at an "off the beaten path" kind of hotel and lost power so the next day we switched to the one at the surgi center. No end in sight for these poor people. Do you have it yet. I love maryland! With i could stop there for a bucket o crabs on my way home. Sorry about your bfn.

Tf...finger crossing for implant
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sherry! hooray!!! what wonderful news! was thinking about you all day yesterday. so what exactly does "tubes long and together" mean? do they do some kind of bypass? i'm sure you have explained it before but i'm drawing a blank. all i know is how exciting for you to be back on the ttc train!


chrissy - sorry about the bfn and the power outages :(


toothfairy - so hopeful that you caught the egg(s) this month!


bebe - it sounds like you had your fertile window very well covered, girl! 


shell - hope you are having fun on vacation!


afm - thank you all for your support. it's so nice to have this group to come to with all the ups and downs of infertility. i'm in a better place than i was last week. i think we've decided to stay with this RE through the next round of blood work and then see what he "recommends" and then decide from there about switching REs. as infuriated as i was (still am) i also don't want to make a rash decision about moving to another practice, especially since they are considered #2 in the state (#1 being several hours away from me). but... if IVF is truly going to be our only solution then we will definitely have to think long and hard about how (and where) to proceed.


regardless of how my FSH comes back, i do think i have an egg quality issue (it only makes sense with the blighted ovum and not being able to get pregnant since the m/c, the endometriosis, and the crazy low AMH) and so regardless of what the next steps are, i think i need to give myself at least 3 months of being on supplements to give myself the best chance of having healthy babies. i've been researching like crazy, and there are both studies and plenty of anecdotal evidence that both dhea and coq10 have success with improving egg quality (and retrieval numbers, if it comes to that) if taken for 3 to 4 months. dhea also seems to help women with DOR or POF with spontaneous pregnancies, so... who knows. (as an aside, when i asked for a copy of my labs i saw that dhea is also really low, which seems to be another indicator of poor egg quality). 


so the next few months will be filled with supplements, research, prayer and meditation, and doing my best to "harness the experience" (as a good friend put it). i will be looking to you ladies to get some bfps to keep me motivated. no pressure ;-)

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Hey Ladies!


Tooth- So that make you around 6dpo today? Hope that it can work this cycle.


MChrissy- Hope you get power, I heard that was a crazy storm, I have family in Glenburnie, MD...


Indie- I am so sorry you have to think about all this RE crap, it's soo much. But you seem to be handling everything so well despite the "fun" you are dealing with.I hope that you get some more answers....


BebeLove- Sounds like we are going to be hearing good news from you soon! Thinking baby thoughts!



***9 or 10 DPO depending on which chart but the trigger was on the 22nd of June


So I had test all weekend and from 6dpo to 8dpo, I got a light positive on 6dpo, with a EPT,(which I was stupidly excited about - then only to wake up a few hours later to a rush thoughts and came to the conclusion that it's the trigger shot I was seeing) then light positive 7 dpo with Dollar Tree test, then Clear Negative on Monday morning with a dollar tree test -This assuming that the HCG from the trigger shot is now down to NUL or close... 


Then I waited today and went to the store and bought CVS brand sticks..... I hate buying more of these..... And it was faintly positive- VERY FAINT.... I'm not getting excited at al,l just confused.... But I looked online and the Dollar Tree supposedly have a sensitivity of 25ppm but I thought I remembered the package saying it was 50ppm.... So the CVS brand is supposedly 25ppm as well..... 


I am just get a reading from the leftover HCG in my system from the Trigger shot and are the websites are wrong about the dollar tree test sensitivity?.... I guess the answer is only time will tell...


I really dislike feeling this insecure.... I'm normally confident and know who I am, and now I find myself a save to testing and taking drugs, what happened... Why can't my body just work....


So has anyone done the trigger shot and thoughts?

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Wow, I've missed so much!

Indie, I'm so glad you've taken some time and made a decision, at least for the next month, that you're comfortable with. That's so much of the fertility battle. I think you're plan to improve egg quality is smart and certainly can't hurt! We often have to take these matters into our own hands.

Toothfairy, where are you in your cycle today and how are you feeling?

Sherry, yay for successful surgery! What is the next step for you? Must feel so good to have that behind you!

Greenmum, well you have yourself a little bit of excitement! What CD are you? How long since the trigger? This could be it, girl!

Chrissy, hope you got power back! Did you test again by chance?

AFM, I don't know what CD I am on at all. If I go by the +OPK then I am DPO11. If I go by instinct and my chart, then I am DPO6. We shall see! I think I am going to start taking Progesterone just on case! I'm feeling quite bummed about work but trying so hard to be zen! It's just hard when your boss wants to use you as a punching bag. Mom has surgery on Friday, so I'm continuing to pray for a good result!

Happy 4th, everyone! xoxo
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Greenmum - I'm a little nervous and excited for you too.  My trigger shot was out of my system by 7 days after (i did cheapie tests until I got a BFN).  I think it is a good sign that you get a BFN and then a BFP.  Of course, you are right to be wary, when do you get the blood test?


Indie - I'm sorry for everything you are going through. I hope you get more information so that you can make the best decisions.


Sherry - glad to hear you are doing well!


Toothfairy - how are you? when are you going to test?  I think we are the best ever at draw something. ;)


After what has felt like the longest time of stimming, I trigger tonight and IUI tomorrow and Thursday morning...  I am weirdly depressed and anxious right now.  The most I have been through this entire process.  I don't know if I am worried about the IUI or worried that it won't work.  I start metformin, folic acid and baby aspirin tomorrow, maybe that is stressing me out.  One of my genetic tests shows that I am predisposed to get blood clots, but I can't remember if that is in general in life or when/if I am pregnant, so I need to ask more questions.  At least I can look forward to a 2ww with no bw and us or nightly injections.

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So much going on around here!


Greenmum - Are you gonna test in the a.m? Fingers crossed for you!


Bebe - Positive surgery vibes for your Mom. Sucks about the boss and job. :(


Gtree - a slightly less stressful 2ww for you?


Sherry - How's the healing going?


AFM - We got our power back on but there's still people without around here. With temperatures in mid-hell they have opened up "cooling stations" for people. They feed you, you can get a shower if you bring your own toiletries, and they have a/c and water. So that's great for people!! I tested this morning and still bfn. We're going on a small trip Friday and I have a feeling af will be here in all its painful glory for that. Hate when af "decides" to come during a trip. Ugh!!


Best of luck, ladies. Have a great 4th!!!

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IUI #1 done...

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Hi Friends , WOW So much going on.... I am still in Florida and Loving it!! I am actually about to get a massage before heading to the beach for  the 4th :-) I have blown my temping this month... sleeping in and drinking has messed it all up... so I will just have to wing it!! I have been doing my OPK's and I have had 2 positives in the last 2 day's???? WHAT IS THAT ABOUT?? am I super fertile or what? has anyone else had 2 positives? I am doing it again in the morning. we definitley have been bd'ing (TMI ALERT) lol so I am sure dh has done his part... Just hope my eggs work... Oh its my turn for a massage ... I'm so sorry i will get back to personals a little later... I am praying for you all :-)

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Gtree, yay for IUI #1! I have a very good feeling for you! I totally get the feeling of being depressed and anxious. I go through spurts of that at times, which is unsettling. Here's hoping that after IUI2 you will feel mucho better and all kinds of hopeful! smile.gif

Chrissy, I'm sorry for another BFN greensad.gif I'm glad you at least got power back. I feel for everyone who doesn't! My best friend lives in DC and got very lucky but her sister was without power for a long time, perhaps even still. You guys are having some crazy weather to be sure. Can't believe that storm!

Shell, two +OPKs is not terribly unusual if you are catching the LH surge on the way up and then on the way down. However I've had up to five in a row, which is probably not such a good thing. Two is totally normal though. In fact, I think most women would probably get more than one, but just stop checking after the first.

AFM, well I don't know and don't have too much hope for this month. Not sure at all on my CD. Going to POAS this weekend. Trying to get back into my zen frame of mind. We have a lot of overcast weather here on the coast right now, so just hoping we'll be able to catch some pretty fireworks tonight! Enjoy the day everyone!!
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Chrissy- i'm expecting AF to crash our long weekend trip too. Boooo to that. Glad your power is back

Gtree- we certainly are the best! I love the new features. I hate the WWF format though... Seriously hate it. Did IUI #1 go well? Here comes the 2ww...

Indie- i never got to really comment on your levels. There is a book called Inconceivable by Julie Indichova that her AMH was bad and went through what she did to reduce it and she does get pregnant, I think at 42. It was an easy read. There is hope, anyway. I'm sorry you have the added stress of not fully trusting your doctor & having to make a plan. Royal jelly is supposed to increase egg quality (according to my acupuncturist)... It tastes gross, but c'est la vie. Still rooting for you.

Greenmum- sounds promising! Did you test again today? You could be this threads spell breaker!! Reverse the curse!! (sorry, red sox fan here!)

Shelly- I've gotten up to 4 days of pos OPKs, so no worries. You probably just caught the very start of your surge with the first one and you are still surging. Just means you didn't o yet so keep up the good work!!

AFM- I don't plan on testng. DH wasn't home for O and our poorly timed BD was unlikely at best. I am 9 days past peak (NaPro words thing differently) and just got a little tan/brown tinged CM which is my normal pre-AF. I can't help but feel a little sad but it isn't unexpected. We are going to a party on the roof deck at the Museum of Science which overlooks Boston Harbor for the fireworks tonight and my boss offered us his vacation home in Newport, RI for Fri-Sun so we have good things to look forward to. AF won't ruin my beach time, the sneaky little skank that she is.
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greenmum! what's the latest??? are you going to be our first bfp???? i hope so!


bebe - holding out hope for you, too! also, i never commented on your comment about not having your amh tested... you are borderline pcos, right? from what i understand you probably won't be in much danger of dimished ovarian reserve. but of course, it's always good to rule this stuff out...


gtree - yay for IUI #1! sorry you are feeling down... but hopefully very soon you will have a very good reason to be up, up, up :)


shell - sounds like you are doing your vacation right! 2 positive opks is perfectly normal... now go make that baby!


toothfairy - how funny that you mention julia indichova... i am reading her fertile heart book right now. it's very inspiring. i've also come across some more inspiration on the baby center boards. i was taking royal jelly about a year ago and then stopped... i haven't read anything conclusive about it but i know it can't hurt. i'm also toying with the idea of going back to my acupuncturist at the beginning of my next cycle. i'm probably going to start pestering all of you for input once i get past the day 3 bloodwork and really have to start thinking about a plan. there's just so much to consider... so hard filtering through everything. hoping AF stays away for you and bfp comes in her place!


chrissy - enjoy your trip! where are you guys going?


sherry - are you back home and resting?


afm: nothing new to report. just doing lots of research. have a 4th of july gathering at my house in a few hours. soon there will be six young children running around. i'm trying to relax into and just enjoy their company without letting it get me down... we'll see how it goes!


happy 4th, everyone!

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Hi Ladies! I wanted to introduce myself since I've been lurking here for 3 days, almost non-stop, lol! I came across this thread as I was prowling about MDC, and I got totally sucked into your individual journeys. I've read all 30 pages in 3 days, at home, at work ,everywhere, and I just wanted to tell you what strong, amazing women you all are!! I am keeping my fingers & toes crossed that each and every one of you gets the BFP you deserve!!!
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IUI #2 done! Now the 2ww...


They both went well, not pleasant, but not terrible.  I go in on Sunday for bw to check my progesterone levels and July 19 is the pregnancy test.   I think I O'd last night (24 hrs after trigger), so hopefully this timing is just perfect.  So many things have to come together for this to work. eek.


Welcome Lida are you ttc #3?


Greenmum? Whats up?  Any news?


Toothfairy, have a great trip!


Indie, Hope your party went well.  Keep us posted on the research, if this IUI doesn't work, I think I am back to IVF.  Today when I was walking into the RE office, I got a little overwhelmed like I don't know how much more of this I can take.  At least the 2ww will be a break from there and I won't feel like they are controlling my life.

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Gtree- Goodness!! That sounds like it all worked really well! I'm thinking of you in this 2ww.... that I dislike so much....


Lida- Welcome, glad you read the clifnotes to our fun route! Hope yours is quick and positive!


Indie- Hope you had a good 4th with the house full!


Tooth- Your 4th sounds amazing! I live in Maine and we got down poured on, luckily we decided to stay on the couch and really do nothing to see the 236 birthday of America, but be American's, eating left over Chinese food and watching NetFlix! haha..... But they cancelled the Fireworks show in my hometown because of lightening! Did Boston get the storm? I know someone at the Boston Science museum, she's a grant writer. She actually lives in Maine too but works from Home. I hate the coming of AF..... I get sad and depressed each time.... knowing or not knowing.... I completely understand.


Shell- You enjoy your self!! Maybe a little R&R is what you needed! And i have got like 3 positive that OPK that I could not tell if they were darker then other other, it's sometimes like that- just go go go!


AFM- Nothing to report tested and of course the test was defective! So will have to buy more. it looked cloudy and the Control line was 1/2 there... so I have no clue but I feel fine. I realized after looking at my chart I might have actually O-ed on the 23 night to the morning of the 24th.... About 10 DPO today or 11..... if we had BD that night of the 23rd then I would feel better about this but because Hubs decided to stay up late and play we did not.... Uggh I cannot complain he's been a trooper through this all, I mean one night cannot make him horrible. I did still have a meltdown though, of course! ;o) I really believe that everything happens for a reason and when things are right.... still waiting for the why and when.....

But I don't know, I feel some pressure there on my left side and I'm super tired and sore but I also ran a 10K yesterday.... Yeah I know.... that was silly... So I think any symptom I'm having is masked by the face that my calves are on fire..... I will get some more test thingy-babobs and try again in the am..... Ugh I feel like if I am then I would have seen a real positive by now or start feeling odd.... nothing. Feeling like I'm out.

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