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thank you.

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Hey ms.d enjoy your clomid break.
Gtree- you go girl- i'm all for one upmanship!!! Triplets!
Cbaa- yeah yeah i know. I was high on diet pepsi and stuck in traffic. I freaked....but perhaps you should poas in the morning.....please get a bfp!!!!
indie- thanks for the link...Chimi anyone...?

I am free of househuests and will spend at least the mext two days cleaning. Yuck. Them dd#4 arrives for a week visit on thursday! Yay- that will help distract my tww. I am having a real hard time determining O this month...so im not sure when to start the prog. I dont have it yet because the brand name stuff was $400!!!! And the RE was off friday of course so im waiting for a generic to be called in. We had a nice day in the sun- went to manhatten saw a movie and had dinner. I hate the time change but the late sunshine is nice.
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Hi my friends! I read through what everyone wrote all week I'm just doing terrible with personals.


Indie- I was so sad to read about your m/c and how hard it has been. You know I am hoping now that the endo is gone you will be getting your BFP ASAP (and I right behind you). My appt is Wednesday, I am nervously excited! Are you using anything to track O so you can try and cheat? I can send you the list of things my NaPro doctor recommends for Endo if you want. Thanks for the article- I pray to my own God for guidance (for all of us) and I know he is listening and we are all going to be successful in his time. I have on occasion picked up on some superstitious things but when nothing ever brought my BFP I am trying to understand more that try what I may, this isn't on 'my time' and in the end I will know that God gave us our babies, each of us.


sherry- your excitment for all of us always keeps me optimistic. I was laughing and laughing about your tsunami- I think we have all had those moments "did I just pee myself, did I just get an unexpected AF, is whatever CM that just launched out of me going to soak through my pants" and the worst is when you run to the bathroom to find nothing there... mystery wetness?! I am hoping and praying for an unexpected BFP but so far I feel the same as always. I am going to POAS in the morning surprisingly... just to test if the trigger is gone so even if it is ++ I will have to assume it is trigger. At 9 DPTrigger I would expect the line to still be faint. It is only 7 DPO (I think O wasn't until Tuesday even though IUI was Monday). I am POAS for real on St. Patricks Day- I will keep you updated! Also, that is so annoying about the Progesterone- did you say it was Crinone? My insurance was $13 a day or something for that so I switched to Prometrium which although a little messier, only is about $40 for 12 days. Yay for a partner in the 2ww. I am SO PROUD of you going off gluten!!! I will send you tips/recipes/cheat foods if you need them!


gtree- I think that is why I would so love twins. I feel like I deserve twins after all this work... but I have to say, if someone around me got knocked up with a spontaneous duo, give me a trio damnit!


MsD- There was a woman on the clomid ladies thread (in IF forum) that got her BFP first month off clomid- I guess since it lingers you still have increased egg quality, but CM is much better. I hope you have the same luck!


Welcome Pearlina! I also was very emotional on Clomid but Femara had it's own side effects (like Oing before trigger- yah- that was annoying). I'm a week away from POAS for my Gonal-F cycle- I had poor stimulation and 1 small follicle, 3 really small follicles with IUI where DHs numbers were the lowest we have ever had.  It is my last cycle at an RE and I am switching to NaPro and having laproscopy for endometriosis. I hope you will stick around and share your journey with us!


AFM- Wow, just typing that to pearlina and remembering what we are up against this cycle brought me back down to earth about a miracle St. Paddy's BFP. But, I have my menu all planned out. Cheese danish for breakfast, Cadbury egg for snack, Pizza for lunch... Ice cream cone for snack... I haven't decided on dinner but we are going out Sunday for our 8th anniversary so I will cheat then too. One of the perks of a BFN meaning surgery- I can finally eat real food for a while! I swear all I think about is food... who needs to worry about a 2ww when all I can think about is food. My uncle today told me it looked like I gained a few lbs (he was joking and I think hoping I would say well yah I'm pregnant- but I'm not so I snipped back) and I said nope I lost 6 lbs giving up gluten and dairy... blah blah. I only weight 124 at 5'8" so it was a little uncalled for... again, I think he was just hoping for some sort of good news and using it as an icebreaker... but c'mon, I'm infertile and in line to have my uterus and ovaries scraped, gimme a break!  So my consult is in 3 days. I keep saying I need to make a list of questions, but alas I have not...

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Sherry- I try not to test but end up going through every last test hoping for something to change. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different response....right?? :) 


My doctor did a scan last cycle and found a cyst on one of my ovaries, hence the clomid. He said it would help get rid of it and start my ovulation. Prior to this I didn't have a cycle for almost 4 months. 


I started my period on Saturday on my own...no tripper drugs...yay! I'm hoping to skip the clomid this month, but I will get scanned to make sure I'm developing eggs. My doctor also wants to do an hsg. Have any of you had it? I'm kind of nervous. 


I shared my journey with a friend who has 3 kids. She and her hubby had trouble conceiving also. She always produced eggs and everything came back normal with him but no fertilization. She went to a new doctor and he told her to douche with a baking soda/water mixture. Turns out her body was too acidic and it was killing the swimmers on contact. The method worked! 3X over!!! I think I may try it this month. 


Best wishes to everyone!! Keep posting. 

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Good Monday Morning everyone.  I hope the sun is shining wherever you are!!! I know it helps to get me moving in the right direction.


I need to post....or lose my mind...so AFM first!! because I am banging my head about this progesterone cream.  My RE is actualy a professor...who still see's patients 2 days a week.  She is an amazing woman...older...and so smart but still you could hug her (she actualy does research and published with treatment for endo primarily)...she is very in tune with the human side...the down side she does her clinic time in a "clinic" in a public hospital.  Probably worse than an inner city free clinic...no regular office or staff.  so trying to get my Rx changed is turning out to be difficult.  DH will write one- in fact he has but it's for something totaly different.  I have decided that i really just need him to play the role of husband in all of this.  It is too much when he is tossing clomid at me,,,with no bloodwork, or follow up, because he thinks i should know how to do it- and the whole time he is underlying grouchy because he thinks this should just occur without any intervention.  so i love my RE and he can just love me.  it's just been a trying morning.  As i am trying to call her without luck, and he is saying no just take XXX.  ugh! he has called and etxted me a total of 6 texts, 2 calls to me, 1 call to the paharmacy, one written perscription, one phoned in.  I know he is trying to help but....just be my stud. 


Pearlina:  i took a shameless number of tests last  month- i just decided to have no control!!!! almost everytime i peed i was testing those last few days!!  That is my confession- and my pennance and a lost bet mean that this month i will NOT test....gulp....i can do it.....  I at one time (dd#4) decided to try to have a boy.  In reading all the books and gathering my obgyn's opinion- it seems that an acidic vaginal environment may tend to benefit conception of a girl.  I actualy had my vag ph checked...and it was acidic..but not too far out of whack...so i did the baking soda thing...and still got a girl...but they did warn me that if i over changed i was at high risk for infection(wiping out all the good bacteria) but also making an inhospitable environment for the sperm friends to swim in- as well as disrupt cervical mucous.  If i had a more base vaginal ph i would have needed to leave it for a boy- or use a vinegar solution to even it out....anyway i guess i'm saying unless you know your vaginal ph be carefull.  My current RE has me eating yogurt everyday for a healthy vaginal environment...blah...i'm sick of yogurt. 


Cbaa...um can i call you cbaa...or do you prefer Tf2b...  : love.gif- PLEASE give me gluten free advice...i do ok- just get past the craving- platform....then CHEAT!!! i ate a very small bagel saturday morning...and suffered cravings since.  Then i feel like i over eat other carbs trying to beat down the craving for ....well ...a bagel....and crackers...a sandwich...pasta...oh the paaaaiiinnn. haha- i think i am coming out of it.  I am currently munching some pirates booty baked corn and rice puffs- they are yummy- but not what i want for breakfast.  I think that is the hardest time of the day for sure- i always eat toast or a bagel, muffin, croissant or throw some crackers in my work bag.  I cant think of a gluten free breakfast alternative so i have empty tummy syndrome in the am.  I also find myself eating junk- sugar free jello- is there anything healthful in that...brightly colored chemical gel. I am thankful for Nutella, but i want to dip pretzles in it.   YOU need to be implanting now...somehow i feel like you need to go first.  I don't know why but i am SOOOOOOO hoping you have a bfp this month.  I'm feeling it more than mine....


Indie...what are you up to?  ...besides not not trying...any intersting trips to keyed hotels coming up?  i am cleanining and having a computer work from home day.


I am thinking of dressing a bag of rice in baby clothes and talcum powder and carrying it around in a sling to induce something- haha


so post post all. 




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Good evening ladies!

Sherry- It is frustrating that you cant reach your RE. What is DH trying to prescribe? I know for me the alternatives to Crinone have been 100mg of Endometrin 2x a day, or 200mg Prometrium 2x a day- both vaginally so I would think if he can give you either of those it should give you the same result. Okay- here goes my shpeal on going Gluten free- it took me a whole month using 'cheat foods' (ie. processed foods similar enough to their gluten containing counterpart that I could survive the transition) until I was able to cut out most of the snacks. Of course, the 2ww has found me back to my snack attacks and eating Junior mints and GF cookies at night... Breakfast- I do 2 TBSP of the Bob's red mill oatmeal with 2 TBSP milled flax seeds and 1 TBSP chia seeds, cooked like oatmeal with either cinnimon, apple pie spice, or pumpin pie spice sprinkled on top- you can also add a tad of brown sugar or real maple syrup to transition. That or I eat organic eggs- scrambled  (no milk)- sometimes a little or both! On the weekends I make GF waffles- my favorite brand is Namaste but I can only find it at whole foods... my close second is the Bisquick GF brand- both can be prepared as pancakes if you so choose- just freeze them and toast it up in the morning if you aren't into oatmeal. Also, cereals- fruity and cocoa pebbles are GF, rice krispies makes a GF line as well, Rice Chex and Corn chex are both GF. Lunch I usually have leftovers. I have found I can basically cook anything GF- enchiladas with ground turkey and refried beans are my current favorite with corn tortillas and lettuce wraps are DH's favorite with fried brown rice. Other commercially available snacks- Glutino is a line of GF foods that in my opinion are just okay- their crackers with pepperonis curbed my crackers and cheese craving when I first gave up Gluten and dairy- now I don't crave those so I haven't eaten them. The crackers alone taste like cardboard- so buy some pepperonis... I love the Immaculate baking company break and bake GF cookies- in the refrigerator section. I haven't found a great GF pizza crust, I like the Rudi's and Udi's GF multigrain breads- the Rudi's was a little more moist but both only tasted good toasted so I ate sandwiches with eitehr tuna salad or chicken salad on toasted bread.  Ahhh- other than that, I eat a lot of apples- FINE fruit and nut bars (<3 coconut/almond), I love Emerald Cocoa Roasted Almonds if you need a chocolate fix, potato chips... There are def. GF pretzels/cookies/crackers etc if you go to a natural foods/whole foods/trader joes store! It is a hard transition but SO worth it (I think... where is my baby?!)


Also, I TESTED!!! Unfortunately it showed my trigger is still present... faint positive. I am 9 DPT and 7 DPO so too early for anything else. Probably will wait to Wed. to try again and then the big test is Saturday. Although if it is negative Wednesday I will probably be pretty bummed that it is going to stay that way. There was something fascinating about seeing a second line- although faint- on there... It was like my brain just can't compute that had I tested 9 days past my other triggers that they also would have shown positive only to turn negative by test day. My brain is more hopeful after seeing what a second line looks like... I want it to stay... oh please be a baby making that line show up, please on please.


sherry & pearlina- don't let my super late testing fool you- once upon a time I tested early- honest. I tested one time at 6 dpo. After a year of never seeing a positive test I gave it... I haven't tested before 12 DPO since starting with an RE... it has still always been negative. Today was my first positive... I always wanted my first positive to be because of a baby, not because of a shot I gave myself in my bellyfat...


Pearlina- I don't know much about douching but I would agree with sherry and be very careful... douching can cause all sorts of problems with your natural good bacteria, trying an alkaline diet may be a better fit!


Indie, gtree, msD- what are you guys up to today?!


AFM- nothing new other than what I relayed to Sherry- still positive after trigger. Consult on Wednesday.. still feeling guilty after 2 GF choco chip cookies... hehe.

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Good evening ladies!


Indie, gtree, msD- what are you guys up to today?!

I am going to start temp'ing and continue using the OPK, since I stopped the Clomid. I created a FF account and put the app on my phone, now I just need to go through the tutorial and try to figure it out.


I am a little sad, when I talked to my OBGYN, he noticed my AF was significantly early, which I noticed too. He asked if maybe I had been PG and if my AF was "normal". Could have that been a chemical pregnancy? I feel sad that it might have been, I kind of feel like maybe it was. confused.gif I am trying not to dwell on it too much, as I don't think I will know at this point.

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Good morning


I am still on the quest for my progesterone.  So dh after trying to get a compounded 8% progesterone- then called in prometrium....it has just released this month a generic.  Thats good...i guess...but no one has it.  they ordered it for this morning, but i just stopped and it's not there yet.  My chart however only puts me at 3 dpo...so that would make me on time to start this prog.  but late to O after a positive opk.  hmmmmm, but i'm not so sure.  I may post it for opinions....


Thank you!!!!! for the gluten free ideas.  I haven't tried any of the gf products...i was afraid of the cardboard thing, but now i have a shopping list to hit Trader Joes.  Do you have Fairway markets also?  There is a whole Foods coming to brooklyn sometime soon, but i refuse to drag groceries in the subway from manhatten so im limited right now.  I have tried the fruit and nut, ive been eating lots of carrots! i never thought of potato chips!!!! yum.....a few at a time.  By the time i get to a week free the cravings are pretty much gone. I am excited about GF bisquick!!!! who knew!!!!  How strange- the trigger positive- I agree i cant imagine what two lines in my hand would look like.  How long does trigger usually stay detectable?  I sure am hoping for a positive boston baked bean on St. Patty's day...or wednesday!


Good for you ms. D.  I tried FF but just didn't have the time to invest- all those tutorials coming into my email overwhelmed me although I know most people here use it.  I have ovuview that i use on my phone.  It is nice to have a visual, and to be able to compare month to month. 


Oh Gtree...Indie...your not on page 4 yet.  whats up?



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hi ladies!


i'm here! just don't have much to report... i am really just waiting for sherry and cbaa to get further into the 2ww so we can do some obsessing :)


cbaa i am SO glad that you tested and got to see two pink lines! i really think that it's good for the brain to be able to see it (even if it isn't "real")... it's just one more step in being able to imagine it happening for real! reading your post reminded me that i haven't taken an hpt in what seems like FOREVER. which is odd considering i was pretty addicted to testing for so long...


msd - i'm sorry you suspect you had a chemical pregnancy :( though i'm surprised your doc said that an early AF indicated a chem pregnancy... I would have thought if anything a cp would delay AF?


sherry - it sounds like you are going through quite the ordeal with progesterone supplements. grrr. glad to know you are still in the window where it will be useful. i wonder if my doc will prescribe supplements for me?


pearlina - i think as long as you are conservative with the douching and don't do it excessively you should be fine... it would be an interesting experiment that's for sure!


gtree - how's it going?


afm - post op appt this thursday. looking forward to whatever information that brings. still have no clue what is happening in this cycle. it's weird to not know where i am at in relation to ovulation... i'm so used to having that info on the top of my head. i'm just trying to enjoy this last cycle of not thinking about it... because this next cycle will be game on once again!


hope everyone has a terrific tuesday!

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Good for you ms. D.  I tried FF but just didn't have the time to invest- all those tutorials coming into my email overwhelmed me although I know most people here use it.  I have ovuview that i use on my phone.  It is nice to have a visual, and to be able to compare month to month. 




Thanks for the tip! I will try it, I haven't figured out FF yet and I just want something simple & easy on my phone.


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hmmm. 13 days post surgery (cd13? still not really sure how to count it...) and i have had verrrry light blood tinged cm the last two visits to the bathroom. wondering if i am going to start AF soon after all? also, how awesome is it that i can come here and share that i had blood tinged cm? surely can't share that with my dh, unless of course i wanted to turn him off forever ;)
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hmmm. 13 days post surgery (cd13? still not really sure how to count it...) and i have had verrrry light blood tinged cm the last two visits to the bathroom. wondering if i am going to start AF soon after all? also, how awesome is it that i can come here and share that i had blood tinged cm? surely can't share that with my dh, unless of course i wanted to turn him off forever ;)

anytime I try an talk about the details of TTC, hubby gets totally grossed out. 


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Yay indie...i think...when would af have normally been due? You'd have probably been at O right about now huh?

Are all DH's squeamish or just grossed out about this? Ok mine is a gynecologist and if we MUST talk about any of it he is rushed and snappish...thank God for my RE and MDC.

Its 72 degrees in NYC! I just washed the car- spring feels good after a long rainy winter of BFN.

I hope its nice friday i have beach plans!!
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Nothing new here! My 5th provera pill today which means AF in 1-2 weeks and then clomid and then who knows?!


It is gorgeous here in NJ and I travel to CA this weekend to through a baby shower for a friend.  joy.gif

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Hi, ladies!


You are all such a wonderfully supportive group of women, and I just wanted to say hi! I've followed your group postings for awhile . . . they've kept me motivated not to lose hope in my quest to conceive! We've been trying for almost a year, and I started my first round of Clomid in January, just completing my second one a few weeks ago. I'm in the dreaded TWW, and since I'm 12 DPO tomorrow, I think I'm going to test. So tomorrow is going to be a great day, or a crappy day, depending. So scary! I don't really feel pregnant. :( I really did on Sunday, and I felt so excited, but I really don't feel that way anymore.


Anyway, I've been cheering you all on, and hoping for a lot of BFPs soon!!

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welcome bebelove! let us know how it goes today! wishing you a big fat bfp!
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Toothfairy formerly known as Cbaa____ WHERE are the results!!!!! aiiiiyyyyyy


Hey bebelove- welcome- and hey- where are your results too!! Jeeze you ladies keep us hanging


Wow gtree- thats quite a trip- i hope it's for more than the shower- overnight at least... :-)


Hey ms. D - how goes the charting etc??


Indie- hows your mucous????  orngbiggrin.gif


afm- started the prometrium 200mg vag last night- my stuff smells like buttered popcorn- weird- and after it was done feeling greasy im dry-ish....no tsunami in sight- hmmm- i don't treally feel any different though.  I made an executive decision to do 200mg 1x day. 


cd20  4 measley dpo- it seems longer since my opk was 6 days ago!!   This is turning into a long cycle.



HAPPY SPRING!!!! I am off work for the next week (mostly) with DD#4 here- yay!!


post post



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Originally Posted by sherryvhkb View Post

Toothfairy formerly known as Cbaa____ WHERE are the results!!!!! aiiiiyyyyyy


Hey bebelove- welcome- and hey- where are your results too!! Jeeze you ladies keep us hanging




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Test was negative today so trigger is gone... Now to wait for saturday. My appt was good. Surgery is set for 2 weeks from tomorrow- soon, right!? I'm happy to get it over with ASAP! I'm already thinking about TTC after 4 weeks instead of the recommended 6 since o wont be for 2 weeks after that and then its like waiting 8 weeks and thats like an eternity!

Sherry- im doing 200 at night too! Ive always been on 2x a day but again I'm a rule breaker... Enjoy our time off with DD4!!!

Welcome bebelove- i hope you get a surprise BFP!!!

LOL about hubbies and CM - mine knows far too much detail about my ooey gooeys.

Whats new today Indie? AF or O??
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