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15 months frequent night waking

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My son is almost 15 months and he wakes a lot at night. Sometimes every 10 minutes. He has never been a good sleeper but these days, it is increasingly difficult. I have two daughters (9 and 5 yo) who were poor sleepers too until almost 3 yo . I feel really tired of it all. I know it's nice to sleep with our children, but I wonder if it's not my fault if my kids wake up so often. In my community, I do not know anyone who has a child who woke up as often. And I've had three! I really need help!


I've tried elimination diet because I suspect allergies (he's having eczema since he's 3 months) with no results.  I would be happy if he was just waking every  hour or two but I feel like I'm awake almost all night.  It's hard for me to be a loving mother during the day when I feel like this. 


It would help me to read about your own experience about thins kind of night waking. 





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Just bumping this up for you in hopes that you get some answers/support. :)

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When you did the elimination diet, did you see an improvement in his eczema?  Also, what did you eliminate?  I only ask because I see lots of people who eliminate dairy and soy, even things like citrus and nightshades, but not wheat/gluten, and gluten has a HUGE correlation with skin issues including eczema.  


My little one doesn't wake as often, but is also 15 months and goes through times where he wakes every hour.  The rougher patches always correspond with teething, though.  Rarely, even on a good night, does he sleep for a stretch longer than 2 hours.


Not being able to sleep longer than 10 minutes does seem like there's a different underlying issue, and I would be inclined to say that you were on the right track with diet concerns, especially with the eczema.  Are you nursing?  If so, I think you should do the elimination diet as well.


If it were me, I'd do a paleo diet - that's no grains, legumes, sugar or dairy.  You essentially only eat pastured meat, organic fruits and veggies, lots of good fat (coconut oil, grass-fed tallow, olive oil, etc), and some nuts.  Eggs are generally "allowed," but I would consider eliminating those as well, or at least egg whites (yolks aren't usually problematic, even for people who are allergic to eggs).  It's similar to GAPS and traditional foods, if you're familiar with those diets.  There's actually a TF sub-forum under Nutrition.  


Do you see a pediatrician?  Is s/he concerned?  

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