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Single umbilical artery

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Our little girl looked perfect on the ultrasound yesterday, but I got a call this morning from the midwives group telling me that she has a single umbilical artery, or only two vessels in the umbilical cord instead of the usual three.  The midwife didn't sound concerned - she said that it is sometimes associated with kidney defects, but that the organs all look normal.  She said that it can sometimes affect the fetal growth towards the end of the pregnancy, so they will monitor that but so far so good.  I wasn't really worried as it sounded like a variation of normal that was probably inconsequential.


But then I came home and googled it duh.gif  And of course I found all the worst case scenarios of trisomies and stillbirths and stuff.  Now I'm worried.  Has anyone else dealt with a single umbilical artery?  

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I haven't heard of that before, but I know how scary getting those kind of calls can be. Sending lots of hugs & positive vibes your way. If your mw wasn't concerned, I would try to keep worry to a minimum (easier said than done, I know lol)

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Yeah, my first had this.  It was a two vessel cord instead of 3.  I didn't even know it had a name.  My midwife told me in passing - and I didn't even think about it after.


I was like - ok.  She told me it wasn't a big deal so I didn't worry. In fact, only your post brought back the memory.


He was born at home perfectly fine.  No complications - except he was my first born and I had a long labor (not really knowing what I was doing).  It of course had nothing to do with his cord.


Anything you google, you will find horrible things - believe me.  According to google, I have about 101 deadly diseases.

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Thank you.  Yes, the phone call was the scariest part, mostly because there was a few minutes between when I listened to the voicemail ("please call us to discuss your ultrasound") and when I could call back.  


I'm feeling much better about it now.  The problem with googling it was that I only found stories from instances where the single umbilical artery was associated with other major problems, but I know that's not the case with my baby.  I'm glad to hear that you had the same thing, Lisarenee - that it wasn't a problem at all. That's what the midwife told me will likely be the case with me.


Thank you both for your words smile.gif

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Don't you hate that couple moments of worry?

I had that with my #2 (not the SUA, but the phone call) and it was simply that there was something up with her kidneys "we're not worried about it, we just want better pictures" but the moments between the message and finding out it was something as simple as that? Torture.

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They had told me my last baby had SUA, turns out they were wrong and she was perfectly fine at birth.. This time, they are telling me the same. I'm skeptical, VERY skeptical about it.  Do not google anymore whatever you do!  If the ultrasound showed all was well other than the SUA then dont worry about it. They might want another US at the end to check for growth but I would carry on like normal, you can still homebirth if that was your plan and still have natural birth.  I'm actually planning a UC with this one. I know of several ladies who delivered at some with a SUA and all was well.  *hugs* I know how you feel for sure!

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My firstborn had a SUA.  He was born at home 6 days past his due date and he was a healthy 8 lbs 2 oz.  When the u/s tech found the SUA she specifically told me not to google it, and if I did, that I had to google specifically "isolated single umbilical artery".  When he was born, he had the skinniest little umbilical cord I've ever seen.  My midwives actually kept my placenta for use at a midwifery school!

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