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New Roswell Pediatrician

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I don't know this doctor, but I read an article today about her practice opening in Roswell, and decided to look up her website.  It's definitely intriguing, and a different approach than a lot of other doctors in town take!  Anyway, I know many people come on here looking for a holistic ped, or one who won't push vaccinations.  Her FAQ says she doesn't even offer them.  So, just FYI: All Worlds Pediatrics

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Hi! I have heard of this doctor. I am currently in Massachusetts and will be moving back to Georgia at the end of April. She has been mentioned in the Rhode Island/Connecticut/Massachusetts tribe positively. I had her on my list, but I recall her office being too far of a drive for us. Anyway, you can always go to the RI/CT/MA thread and ask around there about her. Since I will be looking for a new ped for my kids immediately upon my arrival back to GA, she will be at the top of my list.

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