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Delayed Vaxxing-friendly doctors in Treasure Valley, Idaho?

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We're having a new baby sometime in the next three or four weeks and found out today our doctor has adopted the draconian, AAP-endorsed policy of either vaccinating on the CDC schedule, with all vaccines, or he won't see your kid. So, we're going to have to find a new doctor for #2. We'll have to find one for #1 soon too, since we refuse to give him the annual 'flu vaccine. (He is, unfortunately, fully vaccinated; was done before we researched it.) Nor will I agree to Gardasil, which is now being recommended for boys between 11 and 12 by the CDC. It sucks, because we really like Dr. N, but not enough to give our infant Hep B, Rotateq, or multiple vaccine cocktails before his immune system can even manufacture antibodies. At least we found out now, and not when Rory is two months, at his first visit. Anyway, does anyone have a recommendation for a pediatrician or family doctor in Boise, Nampa, Meridian, or Caldwell, Idaho that is fine with delayed/selective/non-vaxxing? Or some resource we can check? We'd actually prefer a family doctor, probably, because I imagine we'll all switch doctors, since we can't trust our current family doctor to be there if we need him, apparently--though he just "fired" our kids, not us.
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I'm PMing you some names.  smile.gif  Caveat emptor: I haven't seen any of these docs yet, so I can't make any promises.  I've been to two docs reputed to be "vax-friendly," and the experienced backfired.....as it sounds like it has for you.  WTH with Dr. N???  irked.gif 


Let me know how your search goes, and please PM me about your experience.  We also have a baby due and are in the market for a new family doc.  DD1 also needs some vaxes before she starts school (we vax selectively), and I need someone who won't harrass us for not obeying CDC orders---er, cough!--I mean, "recommendations."  eyesroll.gif



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I answered your PM but also wanted to reply here, for anyone else who might see this thread. So far, we're seeing Daniela Grigore, with Eagle Peds. She took care of Rory in the hospital and said she was fine with a delayed/selective vaccination schedule. Fingers crossed she meant it. Our midwife also indicated Dr. Baker is okay with that, but I don't know his first name, or which practice he is with. I'm not even sure if he's a FP or a pediatrician. Also, we made contact with Dr. Eberharter and her NP, Kathy Bowen. The office said many vaccines are useless or dangerous, and the doctor/NP are okay with skipping vaccines, but it takes forever to get in to see them. Ms. Bowen's first appt. was in November (it's March now). Yikes! They see the whole family though.

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Thanks so much for posting your findings on here, Tunskit.  I was wondering if you have any feedback on Dr. Grigore now that it has been a few months?  We are in the process of looking for a new pediatrician, as we just moved back to the area.  I tried to PM you, but it wouldn't let me.  Perhaps you could message me?  I would greatly appreciate it!

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It wouldn't let me message you either. Strange. Anyway, we like her. So far, there hasn't been any undo pressure to vaccinate on schedule. She told us at his two-month checkup that she's required to tell us vaccines are the greatest things ever, blah, blah, blah (quote). LOL. She just asked at his four-month checkup if we still planned to delay until after one. I told her then it would probably be until age two, following Japan's schedule, which has the lowest infant mortality rate in the world. She was interested in their protocol, but not dismissive. (On a side note, she even asked me to print out some research for her I'd run across on how to heal cavities, for her toddler.)


Her children are vaccinated on schedule, but she's somewhat alternative in other ways (co-sleeps, still nurses her toddler, etc.). So far, she has been respectful of our choices and is good with both of our boys. I don't think she's extremely knowledgeable about alternative treatments, like herbs or homeopathy, but few mainstream doctors are. At this point in time, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. She did ask why we wanted to delay, so if you don't mind sharing your reasons, it would be beneficial/educational IMO. She listened with an open mind (and openly stated she didn't see a need for Gardasil, for example, especially in boys). I think, at this time, we're planning to do homeopathic immunizations for a few diseases (like tetanus), assuming we can find a local homeopath who can give them, and just give her a copy of the immunization record from the homeopath after they're done. I'm leery of conventional vaccines, even on a delayed schedule. That might be the only issue I could see arising--if we continue to decline vaccines--but I don't know that it would ever be a problem, since she does seem to be respectful of parents' rights to choose.


We also saw her NP with our older son, and she never brought up vaccines at all. The office staff has never mentioned it, and neither have the nurses. I don't know her partner's (Stacey Townsend) stance, since we haven't met her--but it's usually easy enough to avoid appts. with other docs in a practice if you aren't having an emergency appointment, in the event she turns out to be gung-ho on vaccinating.


I hope this helps.

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Daniela T Grigore, MD



Saint Alphonsus Medical Group Eagle Health Plaza
323 East Riverside Drive, Suite 224
Eagle, ID 83616
Phone: (208) 367-5734
Fax: (208) 367-5744

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Thanks for all the great info, Tunskit!  I would really appreciate it if you could post if you find a competent and caring homeopath--we've been moving around the country a bit and keeping in touch with one in Denver, but I think we're here to stay for awhile and would really like to connect with one here!  Also, if you have anything more to add about peds or family drs anywhere in the area it would be great.  It's always a decision that has me cringing--I'd be grateful for the chance to talk over vaccines with a balanced doctor who would specifically consider our family's situation, but don't need any more lectures or scare stories! irked.gif  Anyway, really appreciate your posts, thanks!! thumb.gif

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We considered Dr. Hyucke in our search. Unfortunately, she doesn't accept insurance, so you pay out-of-pocket, and then your insurance company reimburses you for eligible expenses. That wouldn't work for us. We are planning to see Dr. Eberharter (my husband and I), who does accept insurance and is a M.D. and N.D. However, it takes about six months to get an appt. That was the primary reason we didn't choose her for our sons' doctor, especially the newborn.


Keltie, I have had some limited interaction with Dr. Mathieu. He is a homeopath, but I haven't been to his clinic. I just asked his advice on lactuca virosa for increasing milk production, but he didn't know enough about it. There is also a homeopath at Boise Natural Health, but the clinic referred me to Dr. Mathieu for my question about lactuca virosa, and also when I inquired if they offered homeopathic nosode vaccines. I have since found an online homeopath for the vaccine nosodes, but I'd love to find a local one who is competent--so please post if you find one. It's too bad our holistic vet doesn't take care of people. She really knows her homeopathy. LOL. (JIC anyone needs a holistic vet, btw, we see Dr. Patricia Saras at Animal Healing Center.)

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Btw, I recently saw a chiropractor (Dr. Christie Hafer), and she mentioned Dr. David Butak, a FP in Meridian, accepts delayed/non-vaxxing patients.

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Just a quick update re: Dr. G. We took our son for his nine-month WBC this week, and we now have to sign a waiver to skip shots. It wasn't one of those horrible ones that have you admitting you're a bad parent for not vaccinating. There was one questionable line--something like I acknowledge not following the AAP's recommendations puts my child and others at risk--that I reworded to "following their rec", to cover myself. The doctor was fine w/ me rewording it before signing.


Oh, she will also be on maternity leave starting around March 2012, so that leaves the option of the NP (kind of incompetent IMO) or the partner during that time. We still haven't seen the partner, so I don't know if she's as easy-going about vaxxes. I told my boys they aren't allowed to get sick between March and June. LOL.

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Hi, I am seeing Dr. DG too for my 2 boys; she is an awesome doctor, very kind and understanding; regarding the vaxx...things totally changed since she came back from maternity leave; she is busy and since she is not looking for new patients, she personally told me that she will not accept people refusing shots anymore; she may start discharging non-vaxx patients very soon; indeed she has very limited knowledge about herbal and homeopathic treatments; not even an interest. I can only say that she changed since she has filled up her practice, she is not telling me what I wanted to hear, she is telling me what I can read on AAP website; Initially, I thought she is opened to non-vaxx or alternative schedule, but...she is just like the rest of the doctors regarding immunization, very pro-shots! How great they are, how important they are, bla, bla bla...Otherwise, she is a great pediatrician! Good luck in finding another non-vaxx friendly, DG closed her doors!

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Great. It sounds like she was taking any patients in the beginning, but now doesn't need us since she's getting obedient patients. Well, I guess we'll check out Dr. Butak if necessary. We saw her three months ago, and she mentioned casually that we had planned to start vaccinating at two, and asked if we were going to still do that. I left it open, non-committal, but in light of your experience, I wonder if she was seeing if we'll be allowed to stay. Well, if it's at the expense of having to do the shots, or get "the lecture" every time, we'll find another doctor. Most of the time, we just use urgent care for any quick issues, but I'd still feel better if he had a regular doctor familiar with his medical history. *sigh* I think Dr. Eberharter also sees children, so we might try her too, even though the wait time for new appts. sucks.

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