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So my son is a month & two days now. I had him v-back and they had to cut me to get him the rest of the way out...then they sewed me back up. They said my stitches would take 1 week to heal and that they would just dissolve. Well, with me doing some heavy lifting I honestly think I tore. I can feel like a little piece of string down there and I was just wondering why in the hell would they tell me a week if I can clearly tell Im not healed all the way?? I honestly have no idea what Im going to do. Are they going to be able to sew me back up if need be?

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Call the OB/GYN or CNM who delivered your baby and ask for advice.  The stitches I am familiar with often take 3-5 weeks to dissolve fully, so it would be perfectly reasonable to still have some remnants there.  It is possible to re-tear things if it isn't all the way healed yet.  Most of the time you don't need additional stitches, but they can be done again if needed (with some local lidocaine to numb).

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The episiotomy should be basically healed by one week, but the sutures take much longer than that to dissolve. They usually take several weeks and the knots can take even longer. If there is a piece bothering you, they should be able to just clip it short enough that it doesn't.
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