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7 weeks Pregnant: Worried about bumpy car ride and cat....

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Hello Moms/Mums,


I had to travel a 3 hour journey with my husband for work. We rented a car.  The car was so uncomfortable and we could feel every bump.  I am so worried that the 3 hour drive to our destination on Wednesday night and the 3 hour drive back yesterday could have caused a problem with my little bean.  I still have nausea but not as bad, but I've been following the advice of the pregtastic podcast to eat every 2 hours even though I feel nauseous. 


Has anyone else been in a bumpy road trip.  It wasn't dirt country roads - just highways and lots of roundabouts.  With every pothole I was on the verge of tears.  We got the rental to give us a slightly better car on the drive back, but although it wasn't as bad as the first, it still was bumpy on the way back.  We stopped alot on the journey back home to give my body a break. I am afraid to get into a car or bus again!


I'm worried that these bumpy journeys could cause a miscarriage.  Any one have any similar experiences?


The worst was, when we got home from our exhausting journey, we found out that our cat has tapeworms!  Does anyone know about this and how it can effect a pregnant woman.  Poor cat - I don't want to go near him and I am his main snuggler.  Poor kitty with tapeworms and dealing with rejection.


I'm a buddle o' worry with these two things. Anyone have any insight?



thanks in advance for your responses!



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Being newly pregnant is always full of worry isn't it?


Personally I don't think a bumpy car will cause a miscarriage -discomfort yes, but I think the little bean is tucked in pretty well at this stage - that's not based on any scientific knowledge though, just how I would feel.


As for the cat, I'm guessing you;re staying away from the litter anyway right? I would call the vet and ask about transmission, that is something I don't know about.


Hope to worry clears soon :)

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Thank you for replying SpringMum,

Yes there are lots of worries in early pregnancy. Especially since in August I had a miscarriage.  But I think this one is a sticky baby, but I don't want to cause the little bean any stress.  So today I had a duvet day - take it while I can get it.


I'll call the vet to find out transmission - my husband does all the cat litter changing.  And my poor cat wanted stroking so bad, I had to stroke him with a long pencil :-( 



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The bumpy car ride- don't worry :) With my first I was active duty military and did a humvee course (well, I was the trainer driver, not the trainee) while pregnant. No problems and Im sure it was a heck of a lot more bumpy than your car ride.


As for the kitty I did a google search and from what I read as long as your say away from its feces (so no changing litter) and don't eat any of his feces (yuck!) then you should be ok. Of course check with your vet and OB to be doubly sure..


I worry a lot as well. Its the part of being a mom that gives you gray hair. Trust me, it gets worse after the baby is earth side orngbiggrin.gif

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Thanks for that Okimom.  I'm still feeling very pregnant almost a week after the bumpy ride - feel more nauseous than ever, so I think all is well!

Oh, I can imagine the worrying will escalate once the baby is as you say, earth side - it's my nature to worry. It was handed down as a curse from my mother. ha ha!

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Any place that kitty sits his little tushy he's also plopping down kitty tush germs.  


The main concern regarding cat poo is toxloplasmosis and according to wikipedia over half the worlds population is infected.  


It's a pretty wacky parasite. 



Behavioral changes

It has been found that the parasite has the ability to change the behaviour of its host: infected rats and mice are less fearful of cats—in fact, some of the infected rats seek out cat-urine-marked areas. This effect is advantageous to the parasite, which is able to proliferate if a cat eats the infected rat and thereby becomes a carrier.[27] The mechanism for this change is not completely understood, but there is evidence that toxoplasmosis infection raisesdopamine levels and concentrates in the amygdala in infected mice.[28]

The findings of behavioural alteration in rats and mice have led some scientists to speculate that Toxoplasma may have similar effects in humans.Toxoplasma is one of a number of parasites that may alter their host's behaviour as a part of their life cycle.[29] Some studies have linked latent toxoplasmosis to an increased incidence of traffic accidents.[30]

The evidence for behavioral effects on humans is controversial.[31] No prospective research has been done on the topic, e.g., testing people before and after infection to ensure that the proposed behavior arises only afterwards. Although some researchers have found potentially important associations withToxoplasma, the causal relationship, if any, is unknown, i.e., it is possible that these associations merely reflect factors that predispose certain types of people to infection. However, many of the neurobehavioral symptoms that are postulated to be due to toxoplasmosis correlate to the general function of dopamine in the human brain, and the fact that toxoplasma encodes the dopamine synthesizing enzyme tyrosine hydroxylase makes it likely that neurobehavioral symptoms can result from infection.[32]

These types of studies are suggestive but cannot confirm a causal relationship (because of the possibility, for example, that schizophrenia increases the likelihood of Toxoplasma infection rather than the other way around).[33]

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Thanks for that!

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