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Transitioning Toddler

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Hi! DD1 will soon be 3 and we are also expecting twins soon.  DD has co-slept with us since birth, but with twins due soon I am reluctantly thinking we need to transition her to her own sleeping space.  This is a big step for me and I have been putting it off because I love having her snuggle with us.  Nonetheless, I won't have room to nurse two babies with her in our bed.  


I am debating whether to move her to the room next to ours in her own bed or whether to set up a toddler bed in the corner of our room.  The twins will sleep in a co-sleeper next to me.  Here are my thoughts, but since I've never BTDT, I'm looking for advice.  


1.  I assume it would be easier for her to wake up IN our room in a new arrangement than in another room.  She reaches out to touch me at night and I think that is what keeps her from waking up at night currently.  I'm worried that when she's in her own bed and can't reach out to touch me, at least being in our room may help??? Maybe not though??

2.  I'm a bit worried that with two newborns waking at night that it may be better to have her in the other room so as to buffer the sound a bit.  The room is very close and the two doors are right next to one another so it may not be that big of a difference.


Any advice?


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Oof. Tough. Our twins were in a sidecarred crib, and it worked really well. But we don't have an older kid. I do know that very early on there was a lot of colic-type crying, but once they were asleep they would have rustling wakeups, but not a lot of noise overnight.



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I suppose the other possibility is the toddler starting to wake up due to the changes (babies, bed, etc) and waking the babies. . .


I'm wondering if I'm assuming too much thinking same room would be an easier transition for her vs. the room next door. . .

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