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Thanks everyone for your advice in this Saga that just keep continuing and continuing.


Just a question:  What causes chemical pregnancies and how can I prevent them?

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As far as I know a chemical pregnancy is defined as an embryo that is flushed when the uterine lining is shed as usual.  The lining is shed when the corpus luteum stops releasing progesterone and disintegrates.  To sustain a pregnancy, the corpus luteum must receive the signal from the embryo to remain intact and continue to release progesterone until the placenta takes over hormone control around 9-12 weeks.  The signal is hCG.  The embryo must produce enough hCG before the corpus luteum starts to break down.  The embryo doesn't really start producing hCG until it implants.  Implantation occurs between 6 and 12dpo and 84% of the time it happens between 8 and 10dpo.  A couple of days may be needed to build up enough hCG to properly signal the corpus luteum.  So you can see how a short LP could cause repeat chemical pregnancies.  Implantation at 8dpo would likely be just enough time for a woman with a 10 day LP.  But any later might not be successful.  Some embryos produce lower levels of hCG and therefore need more time to signal the corpus luteum.  Studies have found that lower producing embryos ans later implanting embryos also have a higher chance of chromosomal abnormalities.  This is one of nature's ways of taking care chromosomal mistakes.


So, basically chromosomal abnormalities, short luteal phase, or implantation issues (poor uterine lining) could all cause chemical pregnancies.  The most common is a short luteal phase and this can be treated first with increased vitamin B6, diet and exercise changes and later by progesterone supplementation if necessary.  There are also things you can do to help with your uterine lining, though I am not sure what these are.  Diet is certainly one. Too early ovulation can cause this as well, but that's not an issue for you.


Anyway, hopefully some other people can chime in here with more information!

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Thanks again Jamie for  the info.


So,  the test i took this morning looks like a very faint BFP, but along with the  blood test being less than 2, I am confused. I had another set of eyes verify the faint pink line, so it is not just my hopeful eyes.  This is almost exactly what happened last month... a faint BFP followed by a blood test of zero or close to.  I started my period 2 days after my negative blood test last month.  Lets see if it goes that way again.... I think that would confirm another chemical pregnancy. But, why do I start  bleeding a few days after my test go to 0?  


I am going to continue to temp to see what is going on.  



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What are the sensitivity of your pregnancy tests?  Are they the super sensitive kind?  If your levels are going up then you could have had a level less than 5 yesterday and over 10 today, triggering the test.  It's possible that implantation occurred too late to test positive on the blood test.


The other possibility is that your blood hCG levels are lower than your urine levels.  hCG enters the blood first and the urine second.  It also leaves the blood first.  So it is possible to have lower hCG levels in your blood than your urine, hence triggering a urine test and not a blood test.


The uterine lining is shed once your progesterone falls low enough.  So in the case of a m/c, first the hCG must drop, then the corpus luteum dies, then the progesterone falls, then the lining is shed.  In the case of a chemical pregnancy this may also be the case of the embryo never implants and/or is not viable.


It's important to remember that HPT's can be extremely sensitive these days.  FRER have even been reported to test as low as 5!  So this could detect the presence of an embryo before it has even implanted.  This is why many more chemical pregnancies are detected now than in the past.

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The super  sensitive test have had a shadow of a line.... not color though,  for the past 3 days.... I think they were evap lines.... The test that was faintly faintly positive today was a  dollar tree test, I think they usually have a test sensitivity of 20???  The blood test was less than 2, so most likely, if there was any HCG in my system, it is decreasing, not increasing.... bummer.  So the test is SUPER faint, but I can see it, DH and a friend all can see it.  I took off the case to take a better picture, the line is the same faintness though. (I  can see it better in person)



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I can see the line, but not the color.  But if everyone can actually see it and it's not a squinter, then that's a positive.  If it's a squinter, you really have to consider it negative.  I think dollar store tests are generally 25, but often HPT's can be more sensitive than advertised. 


If your levels are going up... 2 yesterday, 25ish today, then hopefully it would 50ish by tomorrow and therefore enough to trigger an obvious test result.  FX this is the case and not the other scenario!

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I hope so too.  If my temp stays up or goes further up tomorrow, maybe I will test again.  I am feeling pretty crampy now though.  Hopefully there will be a definitive answer within 24 hours.

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temp is way up this morning (highest in this cycle).... IDK


Thinking test was a evap line.  The sensitive test had a shadow again, but since they have for the past 3 days, I am thinking those are evap lines too.


Can temps be this high without ovulation? 


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We'll need to wait another 2 days to see what your temp does.  You may have just ovulated!  What's your CF  been like the last two days?  Your CP?  Anything happen out of the ordinarily around Tuesday/Wednesday of last week that could have spiked your temp then?   I'm sorry this is such a waiting game.  Yes, temps could be in the high 97's/low 98's without O.  But generally women have a range of temps that are normal for them and if you tend to run low then it would be odd to have pre-O temps in the 98's.  I hope that the next few days reveal a pattern for you!

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It would really bum me  out if I ovulated on CD40-42.... We were not so good about BD last week  and this weekend (we had BD almost every day for almost 3 weeks.  My nipples are SOOOOO incredibly sore and reminding me of when I ovulated before and even more so when I was pregnant and nursing last time.  It makes me so uncomfortable.  It was like this just after ovulation before, so I am tending to think I O'd on CD 41 or  CD42  (we dtd on CD42, so  that would be preferred, i think it had been maybe 4 days before that we DTD).


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Well, temps are much higher now.  Looks like FF thinks I O'd on CD 45.  That really is not good.   The closest day we  DTD was CD 42 and I would be surprised if the sperm could last that long.  So, I guess I am still in the 2ww.  Arghhh.  If my LP is 10 days like normal, AF will be here in 7 days.


I will let you guys know how it is going in a few days.


I didnt notice any other fertile signs though. But, I may not have been keeping as close of an eye.



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CD42 is also a possibility.  And sperm can live in fertile CF for up to 5 days.

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keeping my fingers crossed.  If my LP is the normal 10 days, I should know in 6 days if AF coming.

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