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Anyone take NARM this week?

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I wanted to see if anyone else took NARM this week.  What were your thoughts?  It is only 3 days past the test and the wait for results is driving me crazy! 

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I just turned in my application to sit for the test in August. Any recommendations on what to study? I was going to make flash cards for every bolded word in hearts and hands and look over Frye (as much as possible). 

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I did and I passed. Study ideas: I did PEP so earlier in my education I printed out the CIB and did an outline with info from all of my books on every topic on there. I ended up with a huge binderfull of great info that I can turn to when I need to look anything up and it has multiple sources right there plus where to find the info in Varneys, Frye etc. About a month before the test I read Heart and Hands for the 4th time and did an outline of the bolded items or things I thought I needed to review. Then I just read that. The test was very stressful. As I went through it I wrote the numbers that I wasn't 100% on a piece of scratch paper. I ended up with about 50 questions with each unit so 100 in all. Most of those I easily narrowed down to 2 answers. There was only two I had no idea on and completely guessed. There were several mostly having to do with labor/birth that if you missed one you missed the next few because they were all based on the same story. I walked out feeling ok and then with every second that passed I doubted myself more and more until I was sure I didn't pass. I did, well over the 75 required score. The thing is that if I hadn't have passed it wasn't like I would have known how to study or prepare differently. I didn't leave thinking "Oh wow I have big gaping wholes in my knowledge of_________ I need to review that. " I truly sometimes just had a hard time choosing between what seemed to me two decent options. I had 10 years of doula and CBE experience and over 100 births in a midwifery capacity before I took it and I think that helped. Good luck. I am so glad that is it behind me.

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I passed NARM as well, first time, with lots of cushion.  I did PEP as well.  The biggest thing I did for myself was attend Vicki Penwell's study retreat.  It was very, very helpful and really helped me fill in the gaps.  I made sure to read through and make study cards out of most of the first line books, mainly tearing apart Heart and Hands.  I reread Heart and Hands a month before taking NARM.  I was told it would be valuable to me to study a lot on STD's and Smoking.  I was so worried about NARM, but found it much easier than I expected.  I left feeling confident, but unsure since they grade on a weighted scale.  If I had failed, I would not have known what to do differently.  Thankful it is over.  Good luck to those preparing for August!

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i didn't realize the passing grade was a 75, i though it was an 80 <!!?!??!>

i am preparing now, sitting in Feb. I doing Mercy In Action's study modules, Myles midwifery multiple choice questions that i have (500 of them!) online...plus 12 years of attending births and lots of study years too...

any other advice welcome.

I plan also to reread H & H, and go over my MIA modules and my flashcards that I have made for H&H and my study modules. Possibly do Vicki's study retreat, if i can scrape up the $$.


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Bliss, Do you have a link for the Myles questions? I do have a copy of the book but I didn't know they had questions online.

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