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Possibly Moving to Seattle Area

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DH has found a great job opportunity in Lynnwood, WA. This would be a big move for us from San Diego. I've been to Seattle when I was in high school, I was visiting a cousin who lived in Federal Way and we spent a lot of time in the city itself, but DH has never been up there. Is this a nice place to live? Any advice or things we should know about the area? Thanks!

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Great place to live! Very crunchy area overall, but maybe not actually Lynnwood itself. There is a new Whole Foods opening up over there soon! Lynnwood is a very convenient area, in that I cant think of much I'd need I cant get in Lynnwood. major mall, loads of restaurants, and quite a few stores I frequent (like fabric/craft stores! and dh is obsessed with big lots, haha)  I don't think I'd want to live in Lynnwood though. Bordering town, yes! But thats just my personal tastes. I'm in Kenmore which, depending on which side of Lynnwood, super easy commute. And I'm biased and think Kenmore rocks :) The Alderwood area we take all back roads to get there. Various degrees of convenient areas to live depending on which side of Lynnwood: edmonds, everett, mukilteo, mountlake terrace, brier, kenmore, bothell, mill creek, shoreline

There's quite a few good thrift stores in Lynnwood, and a consignment store I really like. If you're the particularly thrifty type, you'll dig the Grocery Outlet! Nice pool with water slides and shallow area for little ones. It has a lot going on and the mountlake terrace pool might be a smidge less overwhelming for some younger kids (all depends on how comfortable they are in the water though!) I love the edmonds farmer's market, and both Edmonds and Mukilteo have ferrys to go over to Whidbey Island. Everett has a nice children's museum. My ped is in mukilteo and she's very ap friendly and neither she nor any staff there has given us a bit of grief over not vaxing. Theres an AP meetup group I'm a part of that is very active with tons of activities! Theres plenty of areas in several of the towns I mentioned that are a little bit.. idk how to describe it, since its not rural, but in my neighborhood in Kenmore theres several lots on my street that are an acre, give or take, I keep chickens (as do several neighbors) someone one street down (and I dont even know who!) has a peacock, who last sunday was perched on the roof of our chicken coop. theres horses (and they do lessons for kids) and one street up theres a big cattle farm, and the cows eat fresh green grass and we see nursing calves all the time. Yet at the same time, its by no means secluded and I can still feel like I'm in a walkable area. Oooh we have a very nice local toy store! we can walk to that :) The owners are very nice and oh so patient with little ones running amok doing what kids do in toy stores! I love it here. Love love love! Take that job and come join us!

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Thank you so much for all the info! That is all very helpful! DH submitted his resume and a cover letter last night, so we will be anxiously waiting to hear from them.

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