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*~*~*~SPOTLIGHT ON.... Polishprinsezz Feb 18-20! ~*~*~*

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Welcome to your Spotlight on thread, Polishprinsezz!


Some starter questions:


Where do you live?

What do you do (day job, profession, SAHM, etc.)?

How did you select your MDC name?

How many children do you have?


Ladies, ask away!



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Who inspires you most? 


What is your favorite book? 



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Where do you live?

What do you do (day job, profession, SAHM, etc.)?

How did you select your MDC name?

How many children do you have? i live in mount dora florida. i just moved here last may. i grew up in aurora illinois which is a suburb of chicago. i miss the chicago food very much. this is my 5th baby and the first time i didnt work while pregnant. i always waitressed since the money is great and the flexibility is awesome. i really miss working. i am of polish decent so that is how i came up with my name. the largest polish population in the united states is in chicago. this coming up tuesday is fat tuesday or as i know it pazcki day. you cant find those done here at an authentic polish bakery. :( i went to school for photography and my passion is digital manipulation and restoring old photos. some people who inspire me most are some photographers like sally mann, joel-peter witkin, dorthea lange,and robert mapplethorpe. i dont really get into books much anymore but i used to love v.c andrews as a teen. i consider myself to be moderately crunchy and cannot help myself to be vocal about my beliefs. thankfully i found an awesome group of like minded mamas down here who have the same ideas as me so i dont feel so much like a strange parenting bird.

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Moving is hard!  We made a big move (but not as big as from Chicago to FL!  That is huge, culturally as well as distance/geography!) about 3 years ago and we are just now settling in... it takes awhile to adjust. There is one Polish bakery here in Portland and we love to get pastries there!  So good! 


I love photography, too and have tried it but get very impatient.  I took photos for my school news paper in college and totally destroyed the front page photo in the darkroom bag.gif


I have 3 boys and one girl, too!  Do you know what this little bean is, or is s/he still a surprise?

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we are having another boy. this makes boy no. 4 for us. i am 38 and getting burnt out on this phase in my life. i am looking forward to this being the last baby for us. we plan to name him Aaronne. my only daughter likes the middle name jude. there are many things i miss about living up north like it is wayyyy much easier to get state insurance for everyone. which my hubby needs since he has heart disease and needs plavix. here in florida you seem to be able to only get it if you are pregnant. i am even having a hard time getting the kids covered. this is a big enough reason for me to want to move back. plus i cant stand the fleas and roaches. no reprieve from fleas on your pets in the winter. we are losing the battle. i have 5 dogs and 2 cats plus a ferret and 2 rats. we have something called asian roaches which look like german roaches. these little buggers fly! they get in my house. spent a butt load on pestisides. it is failing since our neighbors are renters and they do not spray for anything. the big palmettos do not bother me though. i never see them in my house. can you believe no one here knows what an italian beef is?! so weird living down here but i do not miss snow.

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we are having a boy, too!  Woa, I don't like bugs either.... sounds freaky!

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We are in GA, so I understand about the fleas & bugs! We ended up giving our dogs the pill (called Comfortis I think) that lasts for 30 days and repels fleas & we haven't had a problem since. We used to live in a much more wooded area on an acre of land with a stream, no paved driveway, etc. and OMG the mosquitos were just unbearable. I didn't want to cover DS in bug spray, so I basically never let him play in the yard. Now we live in a neighborhood with fewer trees and no stream so it helps. I know Florida is probably worse bug-wise. My grandma used to live there and she had not only bugs but tiny little lizards get into her house all the time!! eek! 

I'm having baby boy # 3 and am happy that it is our last as well. I love this phase, but I think 3 is enough for me :-)

Aaronne is a neat spelling! Aaronne Jude sounds cool. 

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i will have to look that pill up. we are wasting money on flea sprays, bombs and shampoos. this sucks. we also live on almost an acre with woods by us. i just want to live in a neighborhood. i dont really enjoy the isolated feeling even though you can do more like my kooky neighbor who has roosters.

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How are the kids liking FL? Are you close to diseny? or the beach, that could be great fun.


What do you like to do on your own time, hobbies etc...



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we live about 45 minutes from disney. we live near Rock Springs. about 8 miles. it is so beautiful and small kid friendly so we go on super hot days. i like the gulf coast better than the atlantic coast but it is a bit too far to go to that often. we do love water. i havent done too much lately hobby wise three kids 5 and under drain you. i would like to take more photography classes. i also want to go on a massive lifestyle over haul after the baby is born and lose at least 70 lbs. i just have no motivation and it can be depressing.

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LOL kooky neighbor who has roosters. I resemble that remark!




Give me an acre + and seclusion any day over city living BUT I will admit Florida scares me! They don't call it the prehistoric state for nothing!

I like Oregon. <3


I love the name Aarone Jude too!

Jude is just an awesome name.


I will be back later when I have some good questions!

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was i the last one to be spotlighted? thought there were a few more.

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How many kids do you want?

What is your life's ambition? 

What do you want to be remembered for?

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?


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cristeen, this is baby number 5 and i am DONE! finished. i never really wanted more than 2 but here i am. i know how to prevent them and birth control is so horrible on the body. i will just get my tubes tied.i would love to go visit somewhere like italy and see the sisteen (misspell) chapel. or maybe eve see some ruins in greece. if i could live anywhere i want i would be a snow bird, spending summers in beautiful wisconsin and winters by the gulf of mexico in florida.

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Are you going to get your tubes tied right after the birth this time, or go in later?

I would love to see all kinds of places around the world also. The only time I will ever board a plane though is if I am leaving the country for good. Just one of those things. lol


What are you fave outdoor activities?

Do you garden?

What is something you want to be known and remembered for?

What do you want to teach your children?

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since i am having the baby at a birthing center i will have to get my tubes tied 4 weeks post delivery at a hospital. i am ok with that. i miss gardening very much. i had the loviest garden when i lived in illinois but i cannot get anything to grow in this sand here in florida. it is so depressing.i would like to teach my kids to be dependable, caring, self sufficient adults. i have been in a funk for a few years which i am sure a big part comes from having small children so i dont feel the desire to enjoy life as i used too. i loved hiking, camping, swimming. i wished i would have had all these children 10 years ago.  hopefully i can feel like me again soon.

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