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Bottle Preference? Maybe?

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My DS is 3 months old. I returned to work when he was 7 weeks old and DH mostly watches him while I work. I generally work 3-4 days a week, 5-7 hour shifts in the evenings and weekends. He usually gets 2-3 4oz bottles of pumped BM while I am at work. He has always switched between the bottle and breast just fine, but would always prefer to nurse.


However, this past week he is seeming to prefer the bottle over nursing but it was only at night when he is fussy. He will start fussing like he is hungry, so I get him all ready for bed and start trying to nurse. He will downright refuse to even latch on. He will scream and scream and scream. The first night this happened I assumed he wasn't hungry or he would nurse, so I just kept trying to get him to sleep and he eventually cried himself to sleep. (in my arms) The next day he nursed all day just like normal and then night time came and he did the same thing. This time I gave in and gave him 2 oz of pumped milk in a bottle when nothing else wold work.  He settled down and went to sleep but still refused to nurse after the bottle. Again, next day he nursed normal all day.


Well today, for the first time he did it when I was putting him to sleep for a nap. Normally he is happy to nurse, and I know my breasts aren't empty, and it's not like he latches on and then gets frustrated, he is just refusing to nurse all together. Today I didn't give him a bottle because I had just nursed him around an 1.5 hours before this, so I figured he couldn't be that hungry. He did finally fall asleep when I put him in the swing.


So what is this? Is he preferring the fast flow of the bottle? Or is he just overtired and fussy? I just don't understand why all of a sudden he is refusing to nurse. (but only sometimes) He actually also was a little fussy during the middle of the night feedings last night but did latch on and nurse after I tried for a minute or so. We use the slowest flow nipple on the bottle, but I know it's still nothing like nursing. I just don't know what to do and I feel like we are heading toward him refusing to nurse all together. And I know it's silly but I take it personally when he would rather have a bottle than nurse. :(


Has anyone experienced this or have any advice?


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Have you tryed stopping all bottles and cup feeding? Yes it can be hard work but it may get him back to feeding from you , the other thing is at 3 months they go through a growth spur so the fussing could be connected to that, also only let dad feed him and if he wants you offer the breast. If your job is close to home could dad take baby in to nurse? There are so many variables, with children and you know your baby best, skin to skin may help as well to reconnect after you've been at work. Hope you find a solution that works for all of you
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He may be starting to get used to the fast, easy flow of the bottle.  If you are really worried that he is hungry, give him milk in a cup.

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I just wanted to update, that this was just a phase, which only lasted a few days and I think more likely the cause was he was tired and fighting it. Now he is actually starting to refuse the bottle and has started refusing all pacifiers! lol So...he is back to nursing like normal. :)

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