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Veg chili?

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Can anyone help me out with a great recipe?  I have a veg friend who is pp, and I'll be making 2 batches of chili this week for myself and another friend, and figure I might as well just make up another batch.  But I've never made veg chili.  In fact my personal recipe doesn't even use beans, it's just meat and spices.  So what do you put in your (veg) chili so that it's not just a pot of beans with spices?  I'm thinking veggies, since buying a meat sub isn't an option. 

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you WANT to make this.  I promise.  ;)

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This one.  Hands down!  I make it and then freeze individual portions. 


Sometimes I'll overload the rice and use it for tacos or burritos. 




I actually got the recipe from this board many moons ago.

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Aww! *blush* I was about to post my recipe.

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I like this one:




The beer and mustard powder sounds weird, but it's so good. You can use dried beans, too, or fewer varieties as long as the total amount is about the same.

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Originally Posted by catnip View Post

Aww! *blush* I was about to post my recipe.

Seriously!  I haven't even felt the need to try another recipe since this one.  Plus, it's been my go to potluck/ bring a meal to a family dish all winter. 

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The above recipes sound good.  I always kinda make mine up as I go along. . .


Veg-wise, I usually use 1-2 peppers, large onion, 2-3 carrots, 2-3 celery stalks.  Sometimes I add corn (usually frozen, especially if using black beans), sometimes cubed sweet potato.  I usually like a variety of beans in my chili (so black, kidney, and garbanzo most often).  And in with all that there's canned tomatoes/sauce and spices.  Then I spice it until it tastes good.    

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1 green pepper

1 red pepper

1 onion

1 jar of sliced jalepenos

1 can of tomato sauce

2 cans of kidney beans

1 jar of salsa



throw it in the crockpot and it's sooo yummy

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