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What do I do with this hair??

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My son has very fine frizzy curls.  I can make his hair look very cute if I wet it and use some leave-in conditioner.  However, after wearing his toque and/or having a nap it's a total mess.  He comes home from daycare looking like Albert Einstein.  He has never had a haircut and I don't really want to cut it but it's just such a mess!  I'm doing my best to just let it go until the spring, because then there will be no more toque and it will (hopefully) stay curly throughout the day.  Here's some pics, what do you think?  You can see from the photos too that the top/front of his hair is mostly straight - and there isn't much of it!  He basically has a receding hair line lol!


Sorry not sure how to resize these!  Ok these are his cute curls.  And he's getting kisses from my friend's 20 month old daughter :P


close up.jpg


Frizzy disaster after daycare



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My son's curls are just a bit bigger than yours. I have no idea LOL. He is 18 months & the only cuts he has gotten were when I snipped the bangs out of his eyes & a few locks that dreded. His dad has curls a bit smaller in diameter than your sons & he has them in dreds. Now I put a tiny bit of coconut oil in the back after bath when his hair is still wet. Every morning & every night I put leave in conditioner in the back. Its really just watered down suave coconut conditioner. Not sure if that helps! Oh, also check out naturally curly. Com.

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I love his hair!  Reminds me of DD1's hair when she was little.  I don't have a great suggestion, but just couldn't look without posting.  I think as his hair gets longer and continues to grow in thicker it will become a little more manageable- that baby fine hair is just difficult stuff.

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The after picture, sweet. ITs a little tousled, no big deal.


My daughter has hair like that, curls in the back, straight in the front. Her hair is longer though. Sometimes she has a big knot in the back, from sleeping. I brush it out every few days (or longer) - it takes some time, which I don't make her knot a priority.  (Actually, she likes wearing hats and I leave that on to hide it or flatten it). I figure she is a baby / toddler, it is ok. I dont think she is expected to have coiffed hair at that age. And I am oblivious to what other people may think. :)

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Our son is almost two and has about the same.  He also has one good-sized dreadlock in the back.  I used to condition it and comb it out, but he absolutely hated it no matter how gentle I was, so we let it go.  I know we will eventually have to cut it out (I guess?), but have decided to let it be.  He loves to twirl it when he's nursing, which is so dear.


Aaaahhh, sweet baby hair.

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Thanks :)  I might try some coconut oil.  I really don't want to cut it but the tangled mess it becomes is not pleasant!  Gah!  I'm just trying to patiently wait until the spring...

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Our son has very similar hair and we recently trimmed it b/c he was mostly looking unkept.


However, we find that we can only wet his head once a week at most and we NEVER use shampoo, just conditioner.  If we attempt to wash his hair at all it gets crazy frizzy and dry.  We also use a deep leave in conditioner once a week and spray it with detangler on an almost every day basis.

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My DD has the same kind of curls except that the front is also curly. After her nap, wearing hats and anything similar, her hair is a disaster! I used to put oil on it and it would look good for one day, the next day it would be a mess. I tried not washing it and only using conditioner and it was not good, she actually got cradle cap again.
I finally did have to cut some of it off in the back because it was sticking straight out and impossible to do anything with it.
So, the only things that have worked so far are washing it with shampoo, using no conditioner or oil and using a pick and water while in the bathtub to make the curls nice. her hair is such baby fine curly hair that it seems like anything added to it that stays in just wrecks it.
It's so cute, though!
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