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Holy B*+@#y, Batman!!

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I've felt (almost) sorry for DH (and maybe DS) these past few days. I don't know if it's stress and being tired and hormones or what, but I've been super on-edge and weepy (when not just plain b*tchy) about practically everything....which, IMO, is far from my regular demeanor.


It's been a busy and financially stressful week, and with DH being a FT student and me working FT plus tutoring (while brewing a baby and in the midst of report card season) I sometimes feel a little resentful that DH doesn't do/contribute a little more than he does. I know the roles may be somewhat reversed next year, so I'm trying to be patient and understanding that we may be in different gears at the moment, but it's wearing on me.


I keep expecting tomorrow to be better, but it's been a good 3 day run.


Gah! Anyone else tired and hormonal?

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I am on a fairly pleasant streak at the moment, but I hear ya! I hope tomorrow is a better day.
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very tired and hormonal..... working FT and grad school and mommy to a 5 and 7 yo is almost too much for me!


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Ugh. Today has been one huge messy mess after another and I was doing pretty good, keeping it together... got the house cleaned up, several loads of laundry done, kids all bathed, then stuff started falling apart, just when I thought it was coming together. My almost-2-year-old got so sleepy while I was trying to cook dinner that I took a break from cooking to rock him to sleep... but even though he was sleepy, he still fought me to go to sleep because that's what he's been doing for the last 2 weeks or so... so he's finally asleep and I'm fairly sure my potatoes are burned on the bottom of the pan and that's just when my DH pulls up in the yard (8 pm, 12 hr days weekend... blah) and the girls run to the door and yell "DADDY'S HOME!!!" and, of course, the baby wakes up and starts wailing again. GRRR! So I go check dinner and not only is the bread not cooked because I've been rocking a baby for 30 minutes and not putting the bread in, but the potatoes ARE burned to the bottom of the pan. So my husband comes into the kitchen and I go ahead and tell him what all has transpired over the last 30 minutes... so he turns to my 8-yo and says, "We're y'all bad today or why is mama in such a foul mood?" WTF??!?!?!?!? I WAY over-reacted, though, and slammed my fist down on the kitchen counter and said "I just explained that to you!!" grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


Oy. That was way over the top for me. WAY. It's just like I was trying so hard all day not to blow up over these pesky, "small" problems, then my whole day fell apart and was reduced to "why is mama in such a foul mood".... ugh. I did apologize for my reaction, but I also explained that I really just needed him to acknowledge my frustration and maybe ask what he could do to help... I've been like, on the edge of b!tch for a solid week and, today, my switch totally got flipped! I feel bad for my DH, but glad I didn't freak out on one of the kids instead.

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yes. same here. bleh. dh is doing all he can to help me. which is a change for him from even last time. he is even sick now and still trying to help. i should be happy and feel good and be nice. but it is so easy to get aggravated. like i have no control over it. 

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Yup, that's me, way over-sensitive and kind of cranky about everything.  When things are going smooth, I'm fine, but the moment things start to fall apart and not go the way I'd like, I get pretty cranky.  I've been so moody that I'm making my whole family moody too.


Of course, it doesn't help that we don't have a working car right now, and where we live, you can't do anything without a car.  We don't have our own washer and dryer, so getting laundry done is a nightmare.  My boyfriend's been out of work since not long before Christmas.  I just lost my nanny job because I can't get there, so our income's even more tight.  We're about to lose a bunch of stuff at the pawn shop, which is making my boyfriend cranky.  He doesn't want to lose his PS3, which is making me even more cranky because I'm losing a lot more than he is.  Pretty much we're doing everything we can to make ends meet until he gets his first paycheck, but he thinks he should get his PS3 as a reward for getting a job, even though I think getting the job is more important.  I'm not trying to complain or whine or say that our situation is so bad, but I really have to wonder if the stress of all this is making me the royal nightmare I am.


The funny thing is I don't really feel like it's all that stressful.  I know we've got it covered and the end of the month isn't that far away.  It's not like we're going to have to survive like this forever.  My van should be getting fixed this week.  It's going to be a couple months before his car is fixed.  The stuff we're losing at pawn is all just stuff and can be replaced.  It's really not that big of a deal, and, in truth, I'm not even bothered by it.  It just seems like some days it just gets to me for no logical reason, like all of these problems are big, huge problems that will never be dealt with, when in reality, I know in most cases it'll be fine in a matter of weeks at most.  It's frustrating.


I don't know, I'm chalking it up to pregnancy hormones.  I feel like I've been super-sensitive right now and that's had me swinging from cranky and crabby to sobbing to feeling like everything's just fine.  I know I usually have crazy mood swings with my cycle, but I'm starting to think those were nothing in comparison!

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me too, yesterday and today. our financial situation sucks too, but more in a long term sense than a short term one. we are getting by, more or less, but once the baby comes, our income will be cut in half at best. 


 been wanting to buy this car which is a really good deal at about 300 plus a couple more hundred to fix. i thought i had most of that money in my account, but just checked and its down to 50 bucks after finally paying my overdue credit card bill. just not what i expected.


ive been letting little things get to me, like DP having the tv on for DSD all the time as if we can just exist as a family of people, we need to spend time together with our brains turned off all the time. and i find myself being irritated at DSD way more than is warranted. i try so hard not to show it, but it makes me feel like a bad person. 


of course they are both completely awesome and loving even though im a grouch. DP grabbed me a couple of minutes ago and whirled around with me, dancing to feist to try to cheer me up :) 

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This long weekend has done me good. Yesterday was a much better day. I think the "go-go-go-go-go" stress was getting to me. Unfortunately, I've found that lately I've been waiting for weekends and breaks in the school year when we can just have down time, which is not an ideal way to spend your work week/life....I had been doing so good at just enjoying everyday and making the best of them regardless if it was a random busy Wednesday or a lazy Sunday morning. Now, lazy Sundays are totally cooler than a rushed and long work-day in my books.


Time to mellow out is good.


I had also been stressing about finances (which haven't changed) but now that March's budget is done (still $200 short, but hopefully DH can pick up some work) I feel not so stressed about them (being in the thick of it working with numbers that DON'T work isn't fun). I think I'm going to call EI people and see if they can give me a guesstimate about what I can expect to receive next year because that thought's been stressing me out too (we're hoping to pay DH's last year of tuition in cash while cutting our already insuficient income by 45%....that'll be....interesting).


I have to remind myself it's all just for one more year, once DH is done school and working full time and I'm back to work things will get exponentially easier. Come on, 2013!!!

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