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Henna Belly

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I dont have a cute baby to show off yet but I did get a beautiful henna belly painting on Valentine's Day. I was hoping baby would stay put until Friday so I could get some fun pictures of it after it darkened. Had some really strong contractions on Thursday evening and didn't think we would have time to get photos. This wont be very cute on my post baby belly..lol

Did anyone else get henna or make a belly cast? I am debating on making a cast this time. I have two already from my other children and still have yet to paint my son's cast(and he is 4). So I am not sure  I will make one this time around.  My due date is tomorrow so I will have to see how overdue and bored I get in the next several days. I might just make one afterall.

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So pretty!! I have never painted or made a belly cast. You rock :)

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Awesome! I did a bellycast with DS and this baby. My plan is to paint them with each child when they are between 4-6. I think it will be fun to have them as part of the process. I might make it a fun event for a birthday or major milestone like losing their first tooth or something. 

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