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Waiting another baby, but scared to have another baby

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I have a 2 year old DD and have been hinting not so subtly to my husband that I would love to have another baby for the past year. Now that he has decided that he is ready to try again, I am suddenly scared to death of going through with it. I know it is what I want, but the reality is hard to swallow.
I had the same reaction after I got pregnant with my DD, but not until I saw the 2 lines.Maybe I will calm down once I see the 2 lines this time?
Anyone else had this reaction to getting ready to try for a baby?

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Oh yea, I'm right there with you.  My DH said NO to another for quite a while, and now everything in our life is in place and DH seems excited to add another LO to the house...I'm still SO nervous about it.  I've thought about this extensively and I realize that for me, my concern is the pregnancy more than anything.  I miscarried before my DD and I'm realizing (now that I'm making myself vulnerable to going through it again) that I never dealt with that loss.  I wish I could just place my order at the baby store and pick up #2 in 9 months!  LOL


You are not alone.  For me it's so different than trying for #1 - then all I wanted was to be a mother and I would do anything to get there.  I feel like I got my wish and I'm pushing my luck trying again.  Not healthy thinking at all.  ugh.




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My boy is also 2 and I wonder if we'll ever have another one! My husband is quite content with life right now, and is definetly not ready to have another. And I think I'd be okay either way, but I'm constantly thinking about it.. Will my son be okay as an only child? Will I regret it later that I didn't have another? If we do have another one but wait 2-3 more years, will I be sad that I'm starting all over again? And then I think to myself that if we do stop at one, I'm not giving a child the chance to live.. Sounds completely crazy.. But that's what I think! I know you could still think that after having 10 kids.. So its not a good thought. I just can't seem to get it out of my head!

Anyways, sorry for saying all this on your thread, I guess I just needed a little vent about it!

Hope all goes well with you, and all the right feelings about your soon to be pregnancy come naturally! You definetly aren't the only one with constant thoughts about it!

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Though I didn't ever feel this way, it seems to be not uncommon to feel nervous about a second child because you know the reality of having a child, and it's hard!  For some moms the sleep deprivation, loss of personal time or time with partner, and stress over-rides the laughter and the joy of parenting a child.  For me, I love watching the people unfold and love the company of a toddler at my side : )  It's okay to choose not to have more kids.  We're all different and we have to make the right choices for our families.  


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