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Looking for advice from experienced mamas;


DS has had pretty gross poops for almost 2 months now.  He isn't sick, except for a constant runny nose, and he doesn't go more often than usual... there is just nothing holding the poops together.  He also complains about stomach aches often.


Dr. ordered a stool sample to rule out parasites/bugs, and a blood test for Celiac's, but just called and said the Celiac came out as not likely.  She wants to do a hemoglobin test.  When she called, I was driving, and answered, and then was so preoccupied with trying to pull over that I didn't think to turn down the radio.... and really got nothing out of the conversation.  So until I can call again on Tuesday, I am Googling things and generally freaking myself out; the test is most likely to measure anemia, which seems to be caused by intestinal bleeding caused by relatively benign things like a milk allergy, or very serious things like cancer....  and now my internet-related hypochondria is setting in.


OK, so the point of my post;  as I was reading, I realized that DS had many milk allergy symptoms as an infant;  he was breastfed exclusively, but was very colicy, had nasty diapers and lots of stomach pain/gas till I cut most of the milk from my diet.  He basically grew out of it around 9ish months, and has had milk ever since with no problems that we noticed.


SO, would it be normal for an allergy to come and go like this?  He has been eating milk products pretty regularly since we stopped breastfeeding, but has only had this problem for a couple months... I am going to cut out milk tonight, but I know it will take weeks for it to get out of his system, and I will call the Dr. on Tuesday.!