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Ooooh I'd do 1 part castor to 3 (or even 4) parts jojoba.  Castor is super heavy.  It is also the one that does most of the cleaning, so overdoing it can be too drying and thus lead to more breakouts.  

I have been broken out lately, I think because Dylan is always grabbing at my face.  Anyone else having this issue?  I am using an ACV toner to see if it helps. 

Are you also moisturizing with the oil mixture??  Using any other products?  Washing daily?  Do you wear makeup?- if not, you could try just washing every other day to give your skin a break.  I don't wash daily.  On the off days I just splash with warm water, exfoliate with a washcloth, and use an ACV toner.  Moisturize as needed.

Do whatever feels like the best choice for you- but be forewarned that there will be another adjustment period if you switch back!  

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And YES that deodorant is AMAZING.  love.gif  I love it!  So glad it is working well for you.

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Okay... I'll try every other day washing and more jojoba to castor.  Thanks!  My jojoba (Aura Cacia brand) squeezes out in only one controlled amount.  I can't make it less, so I end up with way too much oil with the two parts as it is, but I'll try taking the entire lid off instead to try and get the necessary amount.


I don't wear make up, but I'm wondering if the sunscreen I've had to use more often recently is causing issues?? 


For ACV toner do you just use straight vinegar on your face with a wash cloth or cotton pad?

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Oh gosh everytime I have used sunscreen on my face, my skin FREAKS OUT.  Maybe try just a sun hat instead?  I have sensitive skin, for sure.  So maybe that is just my issue.  But sunscreen always seems like a really heavy thing to put on my face.  

I use a really diluted ACV.  Like, the same proportion that I use for no poo, so about 1 TBS per cup, and I use a cotton ball :-)  I just spot treat with that. 

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Yeah, I need to get a sun hat I think.  My co-op group is running Sunday Afternoons and they have some cute ones.

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I'm not sure if this is the right thread for this but here goes! Anybody have a suggestion for a good natural disinfectant cleaning solution I can use on hardwood floors? I never feel very satisfied with the Swiffer mops I use, especially with cats around. I'd feel more comfortable knowing I've actually disinfected the floors from time to time and not just mopped them up, you know? Can I use vinegar on wood? I know nothing about chemicals. redface.gif

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We use a steam mop on ours. Admittedly not often, but no chemicals.
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Steam mops are great!

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I love my e-cloth mop!  We ran a co-op for the company so it was only $20.  It's microfiber technology so you just wet it, no chemicals, and it disinfects- killing 99% of microbes.  You can rinse and reattach to the mop easily- no buckets.  Then just wash in the washing machine.  Awesome!

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I've never had a steam mop. I'll have to Google that.


I looked at the e-cloths. Those are so cool, Jaimee! I am uber interested in them now. How freakin' neat.

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Joanie, Frontier Natural Products co-op also carries e-cloth at a good discount.  If you had been considering setting up a co-op with them, now might be the time since you'll easily make the $250 minimum needed to order if you're ordering some e-cloth and other household products.  Get your friends and family involved!  :)

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