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What have I done! Potty training related

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For the past month and a half I have been consistently bringing my now 17MO DS to his potty.  My timing is dead on but he never peed/pooed in it.  But he will humor me and sit on it for up to 15 minutes no problem.  I only use pullups at night and on errands.  He is half naked all the time at home and has had countless accidents.  A few days ago he ran into the bathroom and closed the door went potty on the floor and opened the door and left.  After his next feeding I did an experiment I put him in the bathroom and allowed him to close the door.  While I sat outside the door and within seconds again he pooed and peed on the floor.  He knows what the bathroom is for and I'm grateful it's tile floor.  But how does one overcome this?  I've know since I started PT that he doesn't sit when he pees and even for pooing he stands.  But how do I get him to sit on his potty?  BTW he's become consistent and won't pee or poo anywhere else in the house only the bathroom.  He knows when he has to go he runs into the washroom and closes the door. 

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Sounds fine to me - I'd tell him he's doing great and just slowly work on finding a solution tht's easier to clean up after: a diaper on the floor, a container he can straddle... maybe teaching him to pee standing at the toilet... I think I remember reading somewhere that there are Japanese potties that are standing/straddle-style.

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Nice to hear of someone else in a similar situation. My son is 17 months and also prefers to stand. He'll go stand right outside the bathroom door and poop and pee, luckily we have wood floors. He really lokes stories so I've been reading to him on the potty several times a day and sometimes he will go during that time, but usually he will go standing up instead. All I'm doing is telling him "You're pooping, time to go potty" and wisk him to the potty so he starts to connect that's where he should poop. Its not working yet... but we'll see where it goes. 

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