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Mold allergies--when do you get out

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Hi there. We've been living in our house for 3.5 years now. I have a 4.5 year old and an 18 month old. We have small visible mold patches in a couple of spots in our house. This time of year, you walk into our home and your eyes itch from the level of spores in the air. It's pretty bad, but only for 6 months of the year. But during those 6 months, my son gets eczema patches, my daughter is seeming to s well. I seem ok as long as I'm on top of my neti pot but my husband has it hard. The is his second bout of walking pneumonia since living in this house. His sinus issues are rough.

The landlord has responded with some small fixes, I just think its an old wet house that needs to be torn down. But we love our neighbors, have a huge organic garden and can walk everywhere. The chances if us fining another place like this in our price range is slim to none. We will also be moving in 2 years from now at the most, a year at the earliest.

So here's my question; considering the health issues it's causing, would you get out now? It's kinda a moldy city to begin with, so there are no guarantees. Also, if we are leaving the city in 2 years(or less), it's just one more move and change for the kiddos in a short period of time. Am I being naive though as to the severity of these health issues or possibility of future ones?

Thanks for any thoughts you may have.
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I would at very least look for another place.  That sounds pretty serious to me.

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