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Are there any P90X-ers here?

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Today is day 11 for me.  I've been half-heartedly doing it since last May (down 80ish lbs!) Anyone wanna help keep me accountable? 


I'm blogging the next 80 days and perhaps longer at http://arealwomanssweatjournal.blogspot.com


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Anyone? lol  


I'm now on day 28 and feeling pretty great.  Obviously I've got a long way to go, there is a 75lb difference in between these 2 pics.  I've hit a 3week plateau that I'm trying to break right now.. Has anyone tried Shakeology? People swear by it.. I'm waiting for my first batch to show up today.  







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I'm still a complete fatty but I'd love to read your blog and help you celebrate your success!smile.gif

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LOL! My "after" pic is me at 250lbs, but I "do my best and forget the rest" 

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OMG Great job. I started P90X this week. I am doing the lean program and I quite enjoy it.

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It is so great! People hear P90X and the first thing they assume is that it's too hard, but I modify EVERYTHING lol.  This week starts week 4 for me. (for 9 months I've been doing weeks 1-3 over and over)   It's the first time I did all of YogaX and Core synergistics.. (OMGosh that is crazy!) I will master the banana roll.. One day! 

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Oy the banana roll. I have somewhat of a strong core from doing Jillian Michaels videos since October, and I found the banana roll very challenging.


Its longer than the JM vids, but a little easier overall. I dont think I could make it so long if the entire 40-60 min was like a JM video.


I hear the low carb/south beach thing works well for burning more fat. I find sipping on a giant mug of tea helpful when I want to snack between meals and snacks. It distracts me until the next meal. The fun thing about tea is there is so many different kinds.


I also want to add that I like the way Tony talks in the videos. He is a great motivator and doesnt make you feel like a failure if you need a second to gain your composure.

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I totally agree! One of my favorite things is that he starts off saying "Hey this is hard! Do your best" 


I do really well with lowish carbs.  And they aren't all equal.  I really need to bite the bullet and go gluten free, one freakin tortilla = 3lbs of water weight on me the next morning.  That lesson sucked.  


Today was not the day I mastered the dreaded Banana Roll lol.. but I did my best ;-) Tomorrow is YogaX and I'm so stoked to mix things up on Monday.  I've been doing the same workouts for 10 months.  

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I did the yoga X today. Its long but I enjoyed it the entire time. It was not a chore to get to the end at all.

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Oh yeah, muscle confusion is good.  I started phase 2 today.  I came away with that feeling that "OMG I just did that" I didn't realize it was gone til I got it back.  Today was a good good day.  

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Yay for a good day. Go Amanda!!! I started my second week today. I am liking this program so far. I got to practice my banana rolling. I still suck at it. haha.

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I fell off the wagon, between the flu and emotional turmoil lol.. I'm back on it now! 

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Another P90Xer here! I did the Doubles last year to lose the pregnancy weight and it was soooo good.. It's got variety, it works all parts of your body, it's great! Yoga X was the hardest part for me, but I've come to love even that. Over the summer I did Insanity in the mornings, P90X in the afternoons and the results were just unbelievable, it was the first time I actually saw my body change so much. Since then, I've fallen off the wagon big-time and now I'm pregnant again and taking it easy, but now I know what I have to do to shed the baby pounds quick! Keep up the good work ladies, the results are so well worth it.

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I'm down 97lbs since Tony and I became friends! That's 150lbs less than when I had Lila.  I broke my plateau with Shakeology I'm sure of it! 

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I had great success with P90X when I did it about 3 years ago, although it was pretty brutal getting through the first couple of weeks. Great to see the inspiring results here.

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I am currently in middle of week 3 of phase 1 of p90x. I haven't been following the low carb as much as i should because well i can't take it light headed and dizzy spells. so i probably haven't seen as much weight loss as i should of but just getting tone again has been great for me! And I am so so looking forward to the recovery week. Although I HATE the yoga dvd i keep being told that i will learn to love it...

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I've been doing P90X off and on for the last couple of months.  I live with a lot of people though, so I couldn't get time and space to do it as much as I needed to.  So I've recently joined a gym acress the street from me to make up for that.  The pylo and arm workouts are my favorite.  After four kids...I never could do the ab workout. :/  I went from using 5 pound dumbells up to 12 pound with P90X.  I don't have a pull up bar, so I just did push ups during those parts and it worked out fine for me.  I definitely recommend it to people.  Glad to hear that others have been getting results from it. :)

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I did almost all of the program starting about 10-11 moths postpartum after my first, then got preg with my second and quit because of nausea and fatigue. It was awesome! (P90X, not nausea/fatigue, lol) I was in such great shape and was feeling so healthy and good about myself. My second is now 9 months old and I'm wanting to do it again.

But I'm remembering how intense it was and what a HUGE time commitment, which I know would be even harder now with 2 littles. We're in the middle of a big move right now too, and with work and everything else I can't find the time to shave my legs, much less do 2+ hours of workout/day (because you have to shower, dress and eat after, right?) And I am not getting enough sleep which makes everything so much harder. It's hard to see the line between legitimate obstacles and myself making excuses, kwim? It feels impossible sometimes just to get started.

But next month after we are settled in our new home, I think I'm going to find a way to MAKE the time, one way or another, suck it up and just do it. You ladies are inspiring me.
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I went into hiding, but I'm trying to get back on track.  So I put these together. 




compare 4.png


purple dress progression..jpg


bluedress3 progression.jpg


When you see it like that it's pretty dramatic.  Today is legs n back :) See me? I just hopped back on the wagon! 

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You look fabulous!  I love this thread......I did P90X two years ago and I was in the best shape I've ever been in, at 32!  I'd love to do it again, but the time commitment always seems like too much to me.  I'd love to do more of a modified, 3 days a week or so, version of it.  The results might not be so quick and dramatic, but I would imagine over time they'd come.  For some reason I feel like it's an all or nothing thing......I'm sure even one day a week would be better than my no days right now!  :) 


Thanks for the inspiration Amanda!

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