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Is this amount of flow normal (sorry, gross)/cycle length question

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I will be 42 this summer.  I went off the mini-pill after DS2 was born two years ago.  First post-partum period was 14 months after he was born, so I've been having periods on my own for about 8 months.


Is it normal to have to change a super-plus tampon every hour or two for the first few days of the cycle?  I go through that onto the pad.


It makes me feel so yucky and I also wonder if this is typical for peri-menopause. 


My cycles seem really irregular, but I've been told it's not way out of the range of normal...my longest cycle was 38 days, shortest 21, and everything in between.


I am also much less patient with my children and DH (16 1/2 years old, 23 months, and DH is in his late 30s).


Please advise, mamas who have BTDT.


eta:  My mom completely stopped having periods in her 40s, but that was due to the trauma of my brother dying.  My understanding was that she just never got another period.  I doubt that predisposes me to a naturally early complete menopause.

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I am 42 as well. And have had some cycle changes. I also have experienced pain when I ovulate, sometimes like bad menstrual cramps. My midwife stated that was caused by my body working really hard to get the egg out.


My cycle has also changed. I have a "normal flow" first days and then the 3 and/or 4th day is horribly heavy. My actual time between is cycles is starting to vary, but I have not been tracking it. I think I will after reading your post as my dh said my last cycle seemed really early. And my mood gets way out of wack like you describe in your post.


My sisters (45 and 49) are perimenopausal. Our mother had a hysterectomy, so we don't know what to expect either. So I am thinking I am at the beginning stages of perimenopause. 


I would check with your midwife or OB/Gyn just to be sure nothing else is going on.

Good luck!

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Yes, I agree. If everything checks out ok, I wouldn't worry about it too much. My mother and older sister had very heavy periods and would have to change often. I do not. After my last child was born, I did have a problem with blood gushing out and overflowing pads after sitting for some time and standing up. Everything checked out ok. I do not have that problem as often now as I am no longer "sitting" as much.


I will be 53 this July and am still having regular periods. I do have some of the symptoms of peri-menopause.

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It's been that way for a couple of years for me (I'm49) and I've been told all of this is normal. I can share a couple things that are helpful to me if you want (not all of them natural).

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