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Carlin, I don't have my first appt for 1 1/2 weeks.  I will be one day shy of 12 weeks.  I am soooo looking forward to it!  :)  It was originally scheduled for a week later, but I called to change it cuz I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!!   :)


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Hi all,  not posting much because I feel like in every area I don't want to talk about this pregnancy and jinx it.  I have still not told anyone!!  My mother visited last week and I was sooo tired I thought she'd guess but she didn't.  


Nearly at the end of week 12 :)  I finally gathered my confidence and called to book with a midwife.  Maybe this pregnancy will stick after all....... daring to hope.  When I lie on my back in bed I can feel this heaviness in my uterus and it feels good.  


No scan yet but I will book one with the midwife.  My other three babies I didn't want scans but this time, after m/s I really do!  Can't wait to see something on that screen.  If/when I do, I'll finally tell folk.


Keeping myself so busy, feel the nausea slacking off a bit right now.  Good/bad?  Hauled huge sacks of manure to my veggie garden today and dug it all in, walked my dog an hour uphill, took my three kids to their million classes today and now feel ready to droop.  Still the bedtime marathon to get through though :)    I am way ahead of you all time zone wise, hey does that make me further along in my pregnancy?  Weird thought.  But totally inaccurate probably.  Brain fog of the highest order here...


Wishing you all a peaceful week :)

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Originally Posted by Carlin View Post

Is anyone else still waiting for their first appointment? We don't see our midwife for another 2 weeks yet.

Yeah, I've got a two week wait too.  I'm due sept. 28 (sure on dates since I was charting), so I'll be 10w3d on March 5th.  They had me scheduled a week earlier, but I wanted to be sure to hear that HB, so I pushed it back a week!  If I don't get to hear it at this appt it will be another MONTH till I can, so I thought it was worth an extra week wait.

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I think I'll be nearer to 14 weeks when I have my first scan..... does that make dating any trickier?

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Brambleberry - I did the exact same thing -- I was scheduled for an appointment at 9w5d and I moved it back a week to 10w5d so we'd be (more) sure to hear the heartbeat.

Border stories - the earlier the better for dating purposes (I think usually "dating" scans are around 7 weeks) but it's kind of the later the better for peace of mind. Is there a reason you aren't sure on dates? Some offices will switch to what the scan says, and some will stick with LMP or charting if it's close.
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A very early good morning from Australia, someone small woke me up at 430am!  Not happy!


LibraryMo sorry to hear you're suffering with nausea in waves but its a good sign its still there and good that you have Unisom to calm it a little


WCM good luck at your appointment, let us know how it goes


Ava's Mama sorry your DH is being jerk, hope he apologises and you have a nice big hug with your DD


Hugs to all mama's waiting for first appointments, its so hard not knowing for sure.  I wouldn't have had appointments yet if I hadn't had that huge bleed, in the department store of all places.  My first two pregnancies were blissfully unassisted but after losing our little boy its caesareans and obstetricians all the way and so onto the conveyer belt I go.


Border Stories: Wow busy day!  I wish about the time zone thing!  I think I'm the furthest east here would love to jump up a few weeks into second tri.  Time is dragging now, I'm still quite early but also starting to show to doing that awkward covering my belly with my handbag or book or whatever's in my hand.  Because of all my losses I leave telling people as long as i can.  sigh.



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I have to add to the dream talk that's been around here and there.. My subconscious cracks me up sometimes. Last night I had a dream that my husband was having an affair with my mother, who I haven't seen since I was 14 (and who he has, of course, never met). lol.gif  I'm clearly doing some processing of my impending motherhood.. in a reeeally weird way. Eep.


Otherwise, things are pretty calm right now. The past few days the trend has been to wake up and almost immediately go dry heave/puke bile, and to be more or less okay after that. My brain fog has cleared up a lot and I'm so happy about that- I'm finally able to get things done, which is great, because I'm swamped.


We told my dad and other family about the pregnancy over the weekend and they were all very excited. My dad's wife wants me to travel back up there for a baby shower later in the summer- I'm sure this will be a topic for our DDC later on, but I am not 100% on board with the idea because I've been gone a long time so the majority of the people who would be there are aunts and cousins who I haven't seen or spoken to in years.. Seems a little bit wrong to then pop up essentially trolling for presents. But dad's wife is so excited. We'll see.


Good vibes for a good week for everyone!

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Hi all. Nice to hear from you all.  I'm here 8w 3d still waiting and praying that this baby (#2) sticks.  It's all I think about day and night.



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Ruby- I was so there- until my terrible nausea set in now that is all I think about- you are with me here in the end of September- feels like I am dragging along behind all the ladies who are in their 2nd trimester- 3 weeks- for me- almost 4 for you good luck- hope time passes and everything is A okay!


I am also waiting- actually I have already had one scan- I am happy that I did- the next will me the NT at 12.5 I need to make an appointment for that and get my blood work for this  pregnancy done.  I am procrastinating on that.  I have passed my early loss week so I feel very very pregnant, good for peace of mind bad for productivity.  


I have a baby shower to attend of a good friend from LA, she is 5 months and it is so funny how I feel like we are in very very different worlds - it doesn't even feel like our children will be the same age- but years to come they will be only 4 months apart- so weird.  I think I will that myself to shopping for her gift today- it will make me feel mommy-y.  



Hope you all are having a good week- I am so envious to be post 12 weeks- I hope my HCG gives me some relief so I can get out and enjoy being pregnant!

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Thanks for the kind words 2sweetsparrows.  My NT is at 10 weeks and 14 weeks.  I wonder our tests have such different timing.  I'll ask my midwife about it on Thu at our appt.

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I had the last of my "possible options" appts today (well, technically, it was only my 2nd, and I guess you could say my first since my appt yesterday didn't pan out at all!).  CNM had a NP student with her, so she did my initial visit.  She felt my fundus, and then determined that I was further along than I thought.  I've been saying 9 weeks, but knew it was somewhere around 8-10 since I wasn't charting or anything, but she ws talking about 11-12!!  So, she tried for HB and couldn't find one.  I'm not normally one to worry, but after feeling my fundus, thinking I was further along and then not finding it I started to.  Then CNM came in and tried and couldn't' either.  So, she asked if I wanted an u/s.  I said yes.  All is well - little babe measuring exactly 9 weeks today - how funny!  Never did get to "hear" the heartbeat, but did see it flickering on that screen so that was a welcome sight!


I do think I'm going to just stick with the same m/w from last time though.  There were some reasons I was scoping out this m/w, but now think that some of that won't pan out, and I'm not one for uncertainty - I'd rather go with the sure thing.  

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Hi all, I have been sort of quiet lately as I have been feeling pretty terrible.  This is also the same week that we had our M/C so I have been a little on edge.  I had my first appointment with my HB Midwife yesterday and it went well.  We were not able to hear the HB, but I think that I am OK with that.  I am trying to relax a little more, and not be so on edge all the time, and analyse every.single.little.thing.  We talked a little about the logistics of a waterbirth in my house and how they usually pan out, etc.  We saw her through my M/C and she was amazing and meeting with her again just solidified that she is a good fit for us.  We have an appointment with the OB we are seeing for concurrent care in 2 weeks and I will have one last U/S and then not see him again until 20ish weeks.  

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I don't really have much to say. Life is boring around here. I am starting to have energy again (but that could be because amazing dh let me sleep ALL WEEKEND LONG). I am finally feeling like cooking and getting things done. Which is nice, since my house looks like someone came through with a wrecking ball!


I am 10 weeks. Yay! Definitely starting to feel more real. I have my OB appt on the 6th so that will be nice to hear the HB and all. Nothing much else new. I hope things are okay with everyone!

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DD and I are back on track.  But DH is still on a rampage.  I wish it was the weekend so I could take DD away or DH would go away.  I dread him coming home :(


I have my 12 week ultrasound on the 29th :)

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Not much going on here either. My MIL booked a flight to Germany so I can go to the funeral. Now I saw my passport has expired...wha whaaa...I will have to run into Houston to at least apply for a new one and hope they'll let me get back into Germany on my old one. I want to surprise my family. I have it all planned out. Only need to cover four more zumba classes with subs and that seems to be my biggest problem right now LOL. 


DH is sick. He's been coughing like hell for WEEKS now, at least four weeks. He decided to stay home today and I'm gonna kick his butt over to the doctor's later on. I'm sure he needs an XRAY. He's prone to walking pneumonia. I'm sick too but as usual, fighting it better than him. DD is my bronchiolitis baby, always having ear infectons and upper respiratory issues. She gags every morning from all the mucous and needs a nebulizer treatment as soon as she gets up to make her better. DS is like me...a fighter. Nothing really bothers him. It's weird how two kids, from the same parents can be so different. DS is totally like me and DD is totally like my DH LOL. 


That's it I believe. I can feel my fundus right above my c/s scar. I don't think I have touched that scar as often in the past five years as I have touched it in only one week now LOL. Always trying to find the fundus. I do believe I feel the baby kicking (I'm 10 weeks) sometimes but it might be gas. I guess four/five more weeks and I can feel it better. 


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Ava's Mama- I'm sorry about your DH :( hug2.gif good luck with your Ultrasound!


kelantan- when I hit 10wks it all started to feel more "real" as well.  Something about hitting those double digits lol.gif



MissE- My fundus is also right above my c/s scar.  I'm 10w3d, my midwife yesterday told me I felt like I was closer to 11 weeks.  




As for me-  TL;DR I hate that I gave up homebirth and my hosp midwife wouldn't listen to me so I really need to whine.  

I had my appointment with the hospital midwives yesterday.  I saw the one that was there for my c/s with DD (c/s for breech after failed external version.. I was already in labor, baby wasn't in distress).  She told me a little bit about VBACing with them... you have to meet with the OBs for an interview at 20wks where they explain the risks to you (ie scare you) and such.. ugh.  Not looking forward to that.  I have an appointment with a more "woo" and understanding midwife next month so I'm going to ask more questions regarding labor, EFM, IV, etc.  I'm scared.


So my BP was good.  She did an internal and a pap smear and she says that I feel like I'm right at 11 weeks.  She ordered a dating ultrasound despite me already having two ultrasounds in the ER that put me at 10w3d currently.  I told her when I know I conceived (because I'd either be closer to 13 weeks or closer to 10 but she wants the dating ultrasound.  I'm going to talk about it with the midwife I see next month.  I'm sure she'll change my EDD and base it off of my conception date and ultrasound.. the later u/s is done the more inaccurate for dating.  I really truly hope that this baby measures a couple of days small.  I don't want to be put on a timetable for induction should I go postdates(because if they even allow inductions for VBACs, I WILL NOT do it).  I don't want to end up UCing this baby.  I'm fine with it, my husband is not, and if I went that route I'd need complete support.  Giving up my homebirth was enough... she was going to let me go to 44wks because of my crazy cycle.  But being poked and prodded and stabbed yesterday wasn't fun :(  Not at all. And she also tried finding the HB with the doppler and couldn't (though we did hear the baby flopping around in there.. crazy!).


So my u/s is tomorrow (Thursday) at 8:15... fx the baby measures on track or a couple of days small.  Weird request.. I know.

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Windy City Mom- Sorry for your lame experience with the hospital midwives.  They can be really hit or miss as far as I can tell.


MissE- Fingers crossed that you can get to Germany!  And good luck getting your classes covered.


Ava's Mom- Sorry for your DH's rampage.  It sucks when you dread seeing anyone, let alone your own husband!!!  Good Luck and prayers your way!


AFM- I am feeling uber emotional!  It is driving me crazy!  "Emotional" is pretty much my baseline personality, so you can imagine what uber emotional must be for me!  lol.


Other than the typical random feelings of crying for no reason, the littlest things have been setting me off.  For example, I was added to a facebook page for my high school class of 2003 yesterday. Class reunion is beginning to be planned, I guess.  (Isn't 1 1/2 years before a little early to be planning a reunion?)  Anyway, I was class president senior and junior year, so people think I should be the reunion planner.  (In my opinion, this is lame.) Anyway, all over the page are people saying rude things about how I should be doing it and they didn't vote for me...blah blah blah.  Do these people realize that that was almost a decade ago?  I mean, come on.  If you want a reunion, then take initiative and plan one.  Stop waiting for other people to take the lead, My GOSH!!!!  Anyway, all of this puts me into a tizzy and I start feeling guilty, upset, worthless, etc.   Just so overly sensitive and emotional.  I start crying, DH was so sweet, let me talk it out.  I would say from what I see on FB, probably way less than 10% have children, let alone multiple children.  Many are just starting to get married/engaged.  (The ones making the comments are the "men" and none of the one doing that are married or have kids and funnily enough were the slackers 10 years ago so maybe they just don't "get it.")  I just think its rude and heartless to be making these rude comments about me when they don't know me or my situation.  (Hubby asked if I want to plan a reunion.  I said, I don't have time for that.  With homeschooling and raising 2, being pregnant and birthing a 3rd, kids bedtime is at 7:30 and I refuse to not be there for that, I would not have time to plan a reunion and if I did, it'd be during unreliable toddler naptime.  So, he said, don't worry about it.  I say that I would feel weird showing up without having been the one to plan it since that was everyone's expectation.  He says, Do you want to go? And if so, Why? I think about it and decide that I would probably not want to go.  I have 3 friends from HS who I still talk to and hang out with and that other than them I have not much interest in connecting with hs aquaintences.  If I did, that's what fb is for!)  You see?  Why did I get so upset about people wanting me to plan something I don't have an interest in even going to!?!?!  CRAZY!


In other news, I think I ruined my chicken stock by putting in dill.  :(  I am now grossed out by the smell.  Hopefully, it will get better.


Sorry for the rambling.  I hope you all have a great day.



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jodieanne, what jerks! Of course it's upsetting, pregnant or not, to see a bunch of harsh comments about you, completely unprovoked. Are they regressing to high-school age, or did they really just never move past it? Come on, people. The way I see it, you're already in contact with those you want to be in contact with- I'd just send a message saying that you won't be able to attend but hope they have fun and you're sure whoever plans it will do a great job, and then remove yourself from the page if possible (not on FB, so not sure how that part would work). No use getting yourself upset by continuing to read that trash.


On the bright side.. so sweet that your husband handled it in the way he did. :)

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Just a quick check-in from me....had our first MW appointment on Friday and it went well.  We got to hear the heartbeat and everything looks good.  I'm still nauseous most of the time, but the food aversions are letting up a little.  I'm 10 weeks 4-5 days, depending on which date you go by.

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jodieanne - I loved that you said "emotional" is your baseline personality.  Me too!   And wow - that is a ridiculous situation going on regarding your reunion.  If it makes you feel better, our class president (or anyone else for that matter...) didn't even bother to have a 20 year reunion.  I agree with your husband - why even go? But I completely understand why you'd get upset.  I can't imagine how you wouldn't with people saying such things! 


AFM - I am no longer nauseous and don't have food aversions and I guess I am not even really tired.  I had reached a point where nausea was mild but constant.  I don't have that any more.  I am only 9w3d based on my calculations and only 8w6d based on ultrasound measurements.  So of course, can I enjoy feeling better?  NO!  I just worry.  Seems way to early to have moved away from all of that.  I bet I'll be back to eat my words in a day or two when I feel terrible!  I see my OB on March 13.  Hoping to hear the HB then! 


Oh, and I so want to order some maternity things from Old Navy - their baby sale ends today and it includes maternity.  I just can't do that yet though - I feel like I have to wait until I pass the first tri.  Wacky, but I just can't do it!  DS also really needs some new things.  We have had a steady stream of cousin hand-me-downs that has finally stopped.  I think I actually have to buy this kid some clothes! 



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