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heard the HB today! 12 w 1d. the little bugger was dodging the doppler but we finally got 'em! 150s. that little sound suddenly makes everything so REAL!
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Oooooo I love Kale! It's just about my favorite food! I thought my Kale had died out in the extreme summer heat here (110*) but the other day i realized that it didn't. Darn! If only i had taken care of it! I am planting like 3 times as much this year! and Collard greens! mmm.... i am so excited! It's almost planting time! Oh and those spoons are darling!

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Old Navy -- I've liked the stuff I've gotten from there thus far in regards to maternity clothing.  That said, I don't have to ever wear maternity pants until MUCH later in pregnancy (um, actually, with dd4 I had on 'normal' jeans the day I went into labor with her... I just had the top rolled down a bit), so I would think maternity pants right now would look incredibly wonky on me.  I think I might have just gotten two maternity shirts and then a few nursing pieces.  I figure since I spend about three times as long nursing, getting some clothes to accommodate is well worth it!  (With dd3 I never owned a nursing shirt. With dd4 I had just a few, but gosh.. I LOVED them!  I'm not worried about showing boob... but lifting up my shirt and showing belly/back rolls/flab? blech.. not my idea of fun!).  having had babies in March and December, I have only winter maternity gear!  I needed some short sleeves!!


ack... dd4 is up again. Story of my life when trying to catch up at night!

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Judy- that is a great point!  I hate lifting up my shirt... I usually nurse over the top unless I'm wearing a high-collared shirt.  Most of my stuff is v-necks, or I wear a tank top underneath my regular shirts.  I have 2 pairs of maternity pants that I got on clearance at Target for $15ish each, I think.  The jeans are way too big in my hips so I hope to spread out a little during pregnancy.. the cargo pants fit me just fine now.  I can still button my regular jeans, but if my bladder is full I find myself unbuttoning until I get home.

Oh, I did get a shirt at Target for $8 on clearance and it's a maternity shirt that doubles as a nursing shirt.  Black and sleeveless and casual.  I can wear it in the summer to get fat in, and I can wear it in the winter with a cardigan over it.  It's awesome :)

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ohhhh.  I am anxious.  I just had a call saying to come in today for my scan.  I am 12 weeks today and they had a cancellation.  I have had no appointments or anything so far, so I guess this is where I find out how things stand.    My nausea has tailed off this week, but in all my pregnancies I never have much anyway.  Still mind tripping with this one.  I'll check back late for better or worse....

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I think something is going on. I thought I may be getting a UTI, but I don't have the normal symptoms. There was some blood when I wiped this am. I am waiting for the office to open, but I am super nervous.
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border stories- Good luck with your u/s! :) :) :)

cryswilkins- (hugs) I hope it's nothing but a pesky UTI. 

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Madi, congratulations on hearing the heartbeat. :) I know exactly what you mean about the sound making things feel real.


Everyone else, thank you for the replies re: clothes.. A lot of the ON reviews talk about people buying their pre-pregnancy size and I just have no idea what I'm doing! From what you all are saying, I'll just hold onto this larger stuff rather than sending it back, and maybe buy a smaller pair of jeans for now.


I'm in this weird place right now where I don't have a baby belly, but I am getting thicker in the midsection and the pressure from waistbands, even those that aren't really tight, can be uncomfortable. I think I would be able to deal with the clothes I have for a while longer if I were just going to be at home, but next week we're off to visit my husband's family. They're in a place that's very image-conscious, more so than here, and I shouldn't let it get to me but I always have some anxiety around those visits because I know I'm going to get comments on my weight, my clothes, etc. one way or another. So dealing with changes in my shape and not knowing how the clothes I have now are going to fit in two weeks doesn't help. I'm not thin to begin with and I know this pregnancy is going to put me back up around my highest weight, but I didn't think I'd have to deal with this kind of head trip until much later. Sigh.




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Madimamacita:  Yay for hearing the heartbeat!  So they saw just one in there after all?  It was your little DS who said something eerie suggesting twins, wasn't it?


Border Stories: Good luck! Let us know how it goes.


Cryswilkins: once again sorry you're dealing with this, I hope you can be seen quickly and that it turns out to be completely benign. Let us know.  Fingers crossed and hug2.gif such a scary thing to go through.


Hyde: That sounds rough, that inbetween stage is so tricky clothes wise, especially if you're not telling yet, hard enough without trying to deal with outside comments from family.  I don't have any advice but hope it somehow goes well for you though and they keep their comments to themselves.


AFM: Middle of the night here and I'm up with insomnia.  Again.  I get this the entire way through every pregnancy.  Grrrr.  There are huge storms raging around here and so all the windows are closed and the house is stuffy and damp, its awful.  It smells of wet dog and we don't even have one!  And a super loud toad outside doing its mating call all night long for the second night in a row.  So bit of tough night but hey could be a lot worse.

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border stories -- I'm 12 weeks today too! Hope you get a wonderful experience to share here later!!  Lucky! ;)


cryswilkins -- (((hugs))) to you. I pray that everything turns out just as it should. I'll be anxiously checking back on this to see.  I'll keep you in my mind and in my heart!!


Milano -- Ugh. Insomnia.  I HATE that!!  You want to sleep so badly, but cannot. Then every. little. thing. is so incredibly LOUD it seems!!  Here's to hoping you can lay back down tonight (or at least nap tomorrow!) a bit and get some rest!!!


hyde -- I hope nobody says anything too nasty about your 'thicker' appearance... nothing worse than insulting an already-hormonal-and-emotional pregnant woman on her looks :/ 

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(wait... a bit of an addendum... I can't quite figure out if I'm 12 weeks TODAY or TOMORROW.  I'm pretty sure most every dang online due date calculator says it should be TOMORROW, but the silly Babycenter app that I have on my phone tells me it TODAY!  I know that one day doesn't really matter *that* much... and honestly, right now I can't wait to say I'm at 12 weeks... so I think I'm going to say it's today even though I"m 99.9% sure it's really tomorrow.  ... Not that it really bothers anybody else if I jump a day... but.. there it is ;) )

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Hi. 8w 6d here.  Still waiting, nauseous and growing bigger.  


Re due dates: I think some due date calculators include 2/29/2012 and some don't.



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I'm freaking out and so sad.  I just got a call from my midwife. She is the best midwife in my county.  She served as president of the midwifery association of north america for 6 years.  She just informed me that she must attend their national conference from 9/26-10/1 3 hours away from my house.  Her favorite other midwives in my county are also attending the conference.  


I'm so afraid this is going to make impossible for me to have a home birth.

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Ruby - That is terrible news! When are you due? What does she recommend you do? I hope it all works out.

AFM - I went in this am to check for a UTI. The dip was negative but they will send out cultures. They did an u/s to check out baby and all was good. Bouncing around and heart was beating away. Measuring 10w 6d. it was a big relief!

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Crys- What a relief!  Man it has been a roller coaster- it always is- I am super sensitive when I see these things my hear sinks and I get nervous!


Ruby- so sorry to hear that- kind of weird that they would plan that just when the 'baby boom' is - it is common knowledge that there is a baby boom at the end of September early October form all the holiday loving when folks are off work and it is cold.  I hope you find someone to replace her- maybe someone will stay back because they was the business ;)- Also FUNNY- I was thinking the same thing when I woke up- because some OB's and Midwives use those round calendars- mine uses an app.  It is so triply to go into a doctors office where they use apple computers and apps to figure out your BMI and due date.  I think the apps and computer calculators compensate for it.  


Judy- YAY for 12 weeks.  I am 10 on Monday and keep thinking- 2 more 2 MORE!!!  then I will be free!


Milano- sorry about the insomnia- that is hard.  Have you trie ear plugs- I tried them but then I could hear myself breathing- and that bothered me- hope you get some much needed mama sleep!!


Madi yay for the HB!!!!! heartbeat.gif


Kelantan- It has been soooo nice up here in Nor Cal- I was thinking of buying seeds when I was at whole foods yesterday- think it is almost time to plant I am really into leafy greens lettuces that I can make salads with- can't wait to start this years garden- it will be representative of my family and this baby.  


Border stories- Hope you scan goes really well- looking forward to your update!


AFM- I am cautiously feeling like 50% better.  I am still nauseous - just not to the intense level- and I actually have energy and am not sleeping all day.  *sigh*  maybe I will not be bogged down my ENTIRE pregnancy.  I can totally handle feeling a bit bad just totally bad leaves me feeling hopeless.  My mom slipped and told my aunts- she is sooooo excited- I think she couldn't help her self I did request her to keep it a secret until 12 w.  I will tell more of my friends and family after that point which I am excited about.  

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Congrats mamas on all the heartbeats. It's so exciting. We went from being uncertain to hearing heartbeats, seeing knees and bouncing little people. How great. 


Nothing new here in Texas...it's nice out. I got lawnchairs yesterday and today was finally dry enough to mow the grass. I planted some strawberries in a planter that I got from my MIL. I can take it inside if it gets too cold. I also want some raised veggie beds and I wanted to stain our cedar bench but I'm gonna refrain from that while preggo. I'll just get some cushions LOL. 


My MIL is going through chemo, I think I told y'all that. My husband will have to help her out in her company once he's on summer break and then there's me preggo or with three kids, respectively, one needing to be walked to Kindergarden every day...blah. Not looking forward to this, especially not in the hot summer months. But here's the good news. MY MOM IS COMING in early September...wohooo...she's taking off three months (yes, months) from work and my dad is all proud of her for wanting to go alone. She wants to be Oma and oh heck will I need her help here. She will also be here for the birth, I'm so excited. Living in Germany my parents only get to see the kids a few weeks out of the year, if at all. Now with Kindergarden it will be even less, unless I do decide to homeschool eventually. That would give us the freedom of travelling. It's very appealing, I just don't know where to start. 


That's that..here's hoping to less wind and warmer temps so I can sit outside and have the mosquitoes eat me alive LOL. 


Happy weekend everybody.

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Aww, thank you for such lovely well wishes, it's so sweet to come here and see so many people caring :)


I saw my baby!!!!!!!!


It's alive!!!!!


I thought I was 12 weeks exactly today but the scan measurements showed a 12 w 6d old baby.  Which now makes my due date the 1st of Sept.   It was wriggling and bouncing all over.  I am so happy!!!!!  


Gawd, it's SUCH a relief, after m/s to actual have a good scan experience :)


Off to do a happy dance :)



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THAT IS GREAT NEWS Border Stories. I'm so happy for you. I hope to get another ultrasound on Thursday (I'll be 11 weeks and 1 day or 11 weeks even) and I also hope to see the baby bouncing around. 


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Aww, thank you for such lovely well wishes, it's so sweet to come here and see so many people caring :)


I saw my baby!!!!!!!!


It's alive!!!!!


I thought I was 12 weeks exactly today but the scan measurements showed a 12 w 6d old baby.  Which now makes my due date the 1st of Sept.   It was wriggling and bouncing all over.  I am so happy!!!!!  


Gawd, it's SUCH a relief, after m/s to actual have a good scan experience :)


Off to do a happy dance :)




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YAY! Border Stories! I won't have another ultrasound (assuming we find the heartbeat on the 6th) until our 20 week ultrasound but i just so much look forward to the next few weeks! Yay for bouncing happy babies! I just so happy for everyone!!

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Wow, I wake up to all this lovely baby news! (thank you, Judy, I did get some quality sleep eventually).  Border Stories that is wonderful, it truly is such a relief, and yay for being even further along than you thought.  I think you can confidently say you're in the second tri!


CrysW my goodness what a rollercoaster its been you must be sooooooooooo relieved!  Glad the UTI was neg, too, and what a very cute U/S pic!  Any idea what the cramps were then?


Ruby Rose yay nearly 9 weeks, that's great!  Not so good about your midwife being unavailable, really hope you somehow find a happy solution to this.


2SS glad you are feeling a bit better, nice to have a bit of relief from such intense nausea.  And yes, I'm like you with ear plugs, just bothered by my own breathing! 


MissE Sounds like a busy time for you all with some very difficult and some lovely things going on.  Hope things go really well for your MIL.


AFM: 10 weeks today, feels like a bit of a milestone for me. Not sure when my next u/s will be, unless I accept to do the NT scan just for the sake of seeing the baby again.  Not sure I want to try a doppler any time soon in case we can't find the heartbeat.  Fortunately my nausea and exhaustion have been worse lately which is great actually because it keeps my hope alive.  And justifies my consumption of huge amounts of cheddar cheese!  I think it will be a while till I feel movement and might like to see babe again before then.  OK off to fix some breakfast.


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