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cryswilkins -- HOORAY!!


border stories -- Your post almost brought tears to my eyes!  Hooray!  And how exciting to be farther along than you thought!  It's even closer now!


MissE -- That's crazy (to me) to talk of lawnchairs and planting and mowing lawns!  Today's *high* is supposed to be 35*!  And yesterday it was snowing and blowing through most of the day!  And I'm so excited your mom gets to come help you out! And for THREE MONTHS!  That's awesome!  What a wonderful support you'll have!!  (and it makes me realize how blessed I am to have my MIL *and* my parents in town!)


Ruby Rose -- How completely disheartening :(   I hope you can talk with your midwife and see if she has an thoughts as to what you should do at this point now :/


Milano -- So glad you got some sleep :)  And hooray for reaching 10 weeks!  Every week (especially in the early weeks) is a huge milestone... one I know that I cherished every time as it passed by... because I'm carrying a rainbow baby as well. 


2sweetsparrows -- I think around 10 weeks is when my exhaustion startd to lift a bit and I began the laborious chore of catching up on laundry (ugh... two weeks later and I feel like I'm STILL trying to catch up! A family of six generates WAY TOO MUCH laundry!  .. and.. yikes... I won't think about SEVEN yet!).  I hope you start to feel great (not TOO great, of course... it sounds terrible, but I don't want you to be worrying about how things are going.. so I'll wish you enough energy to get things done, but peppered with bits of nausea as reminders that things are still baking well ;) ).


AFM ... I think I'm going to head down to my sewing room and SEW!  My mom has all four girls for a few hours, so I'm in my house ALL ALONE!  And while I nap sounds DIVINE, I feel like I should do SOMETHING... and sewing sounds more fun than cleaning ;)

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Originally Posted by Milano View Post

Madimamacita:  Yay for hearing the heartbeat!  So they saw just one in there after all?  It was your little DS who said something eerie suggesting twins, wasn't it?

yep, that was my DS. Midwife says fundus feels like there is just one in there, and we only found the one HB. Didn't do an ultrasound, just a dopplar.
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judybean.  I think your app is confused because of Leap year. Maybe it will self-correct when that passes.  You switch weeks on the day that your due date is on.  Since your due date is sept 8 (I think that's what you said) and that is a saturday,  you switch weeks on Saturdays!  :) 


MissE. Homeschooling is great and gives us a lot of freedom, but it is a big leap of faith to take. There are a lot of good curriculum choices out there that are whole grade packages that make getting started easier.  Then you can start piecing together your own curriculum after you get in the swing of things! :D


I, too, am happy for all this awesome goodness!  Yeay for heartbeats!  Yeay for bouncing babies!  (I am hoping for a HB via doppler next Saturday!) That would be amazing.


AFM- Today was decent nausea-wise...until now.  This darn computer makes me sick...literally!!!  I spent the afternoon with a good friend and our children didn't fight AT ALL (usually there is at least one tattletaling problem or two).  So, that was good.  Then, we went to a fishfry this evening.  We are not Catholic (but Christian), but we really LOVE fish!  Also, they had date nut cake from a favorite bakery of ours, so that was a really really nice surprise! 


Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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my babycenter app is one day ahead also. According to the ultrasound I'm 10 weeks and 2 days, according to the babycenter app I'm 10 weeks and 3 days :). Either way, it's only 1.5 weeks until 12 WEEKS whohooo....


My nausea is back today...so annoying. I'm usually very european and drink everything lukewarm but now, being pregnant and nauseous all the time, I have plenty of ice in my drinks. It just feels so much better :).

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Well then, I suppose *tomorrow* I really will be 12 weeks ;)


I'm trying to decide when/how to Facebook it all.  I'm a pretty open person about most things and use FB often, but I haven't said anything about this pregnancy there yet (except by commenting on other posts of pages I like... oops... had a friend obviously read my feed and commented on that saying congrats...lol).  I'm not keeping it secret really.. just... blergh.. just nervous still.  So I don't know if 12 weeks is 'safe enough' or if I should wait until I hear a heartbeat (which would, uh, require me calling my midwife to set up an appointment..).  Such a silly thing to fret over, I know.  But I just hate feeling like I'm "sneaking around" on my own FB page (if I comment on some other page that I 'like' about this pregnancy, I make sure to immediately delete it from my wall's feed so nobody can follow that trail... ridiculous, I know!). 


In other news, I really have to get sewing for March.  We have our own version of March Madness in our house with THREE BIRTHDAYS in the span of just ELEVEN DAYS in March!  I did get a bit of sewing done today... and I made this shirt for dd4 (her name is Hazel Jane):




I promise the sleeves really aren't quite as long as they appear in this picture... but I think I'll lengthen the body of the shirt a bit.  I'm quite pleased with how it turned out otherwise!  I drew the '2' free-handed and think it turned out quite nice! (then I traced a small plate for a perfect circle behind it!).  Hazel Jane LOVES the 'monsters' fabric (the pink/purple Ooga Booga print) and has pajamas already out of the fabric.. so I made sure to include it in this shirt so she can have her monsters :)  She'll turn two on March 6th. 

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That shirt is gorgeous. I'm not good at sewing clothes. I can make diapers and meitais and such but not clothes. I can never do pieces of equal size. Like curtains is something I can't sew, it'll never turn out LOL. 


A girl on my FB just asked "pregnant" and the whole thing went down from there. LOL...I had like 50 comments in 5 minutes or something like that. There was no hiding it anymore. I wasn't fast enough. Then again, I wasn't really keeping it a secret, just hadn't posted it yet.

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Milano & judybean, thanks. Objectively I don't look that different, my clothes that aren't jeans still fit, etc., but you're right, I sure don't feel like being scrutinized, even if it's not coming from a malicious place. I love them and they love me- this is just something that's socially appropriate there and maybe only okay for your mother to say here. ;)


rubyrose, how disappointing! But don't give up! You said your mw's favorites will be at the conference, but it sounds like that means there are others? Maybe you could work something out to where someone else would be on call for those five days- and you may well give birth outside of that time frame! Still, though- *hugs*- that's tough news. Let us know what happens.


cryswilkins and border stories- Hooray for good scans! :)


2sweetsparrows, fingers crossed that you're moving into calmer days. There's only so much a body should have to take, and I think you've taken it!


Judy, that *is* an adorable shirt! I love the bands of different fabric on the sleeves.


AFM- 11 weeks today. :) Baby is growing- definitely have some uterine soreness here and there that I attribute to expanding to make room. In the past week I've bonded with my passenger more than I had prior to hearing the heartbeat- now feeling attached and so looking forward to being able to hold this person in my arms. Can't wait to feel movement!


Last night I decided not to take the Unisom, and while I still got up and puked on an empty stomach, I'm cautiously optimistic. Oh! And we had steak for dinner! I plugged my nose with a tissue while it was cooking, but man, was it good. My body is so over the nausea-driven, nutritionally questionable eating, and I'm really hopeful that we might be turning a corner.

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Judybean- Love the shirt!

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I just wanted to give you an update.


I started bleeding Thursday and felt my miscarriage was here. On Friday, I had an appt where they checked my cervix. For whatever reason, it was still closed, so they sent me to the hospital to do an ultrasound. The ultrasound showed an empty gestational sac. The twin yolk sacs were gone. Immediately after the ultrasound, I began having contractions and the heaviest blood flow I've ever imagined in life. They sent me home to labor. After five hours of intense contractions and one push, it was over.


As much reading as I've done on the subject, I realize now nothing prepares you for miscarriage. It was unbelievable. I am so relieved it's over, though desperately sad. At the end of all that pain is empty hands. It's ... well, there aren't really words.




I just wanted to wish you all the best of luck. You are amazing. Thank you for supporting me. xo

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My in-laws were here from Wednesday to this morning, and my SIL and I are BOTH preggo and are both keeping it mum -- I wouldn't have even told her, but she asked outright ... we do spend a lot of time together, and I don't think she would have just asked like that if she wasn't also pregnant. Anyway, we're due within about a week of each other, and MIL is going to die of happiness when she finds out.

BUT, I lost about 40 pounds on WW about 6 months ago and I strongly suspect they were thinking, "Hmmmm....Crystal's gaining that weight back." I know it shouldn't bother me, but it does. I'm really ready to start sporting an obviously pregnant belly and not just look so thick around the middle.

Also, I had a strawberry soda today and it was perfection. That is all.
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Jilimy - I cross-posted with you. My heart is breaking for you. I am so very, very sorry.
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Jilimy, I've been wondering about you.  I'm so sorry for your loss.  hug2.gif Sending you love and light goodvibes.gif


Judybean, that shirt is absolutely adorable. 


AFM - I'm 10 w 4 days.  I finally settled on a midwife on Thursday, and fortunately she did have a space for me in September.  We'll have our first appointment on 3/9.  I had my last appointment with my RE on Friday.  I brought DH and our girls.  They did an ultrasound.  One perfect and easily identifiable baby, growing and growing, kicking, and even waving right at us love.gif  The girls were thrilled.  10 weeks 1.jpg 


During the ultrasound DD2 (2.5y) kept poking DH in the face asking "Where is the baby?"  He kept saying "On the screen" and eventually "Not on my face" and after she said "No" and continued to ask, he finally said "At home" teasing her.  She giggled and giggled and said "NO, it's in Mommy's uterus."  Totally cracked up the nurse doing the ultrasound.  She also announced "I see the baby's tail"  I didn't note it then, but looking at this picture 10 weeks 3.jpg I see exactly what she meant. 


I also finally gave in an ordered jeans from GAP.  I have old maternity jeans, but they're all too big, and buttoning my jeans is getting harder and harder and less and less comfortable.  I went into a GAP maternity store last weekend, but and tried on a stack of 2s, and one 0.  The 2s were definitely too big, which feels awesome.  I finally lost all of my pregnancy weight from the first two over the course of last year.  I'm only 4ft 10in, so honestly being a 0 or a 2 is very proportional for my height.  The one 0 fit, but it's the big full panel and I hate those.  Apparently they don't stock 0s, the one there was just a fluke internet return, so I had to order online.  I used a 30% off code, but still, it felt like lots of money to spend on a pair of jeans.


This morning I booked the beach vacation I've been wanting to do for years.  I'm so excited joy.gif  We're going the first week of June, staying in a house right on the beach.  We're working on planning a couple's weekend sans kids too!  I haven't spent a night away from either of my girls since DD1 was born. 


What I haven't done is clean our house Sheepish.gif.  We're hosting a party next weekend, so I need to get on that...

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Jilimy: That is so incredibly sad, I'm am so very sorry that you lost your two precious babies, after the complete rollercoaster you'd been on, too.  I am so sad for you.  Just last night I was actually checking to see if I'd missed any updates by you, and I wake up and there it is.  Yes, the emptiness is soul destroying, and you're right, there aren't words to fully express the intense pain.   Wishing you healing over time and hoping you will receive plenty of love and support from those near to you.  candle.gif candle.gif Jilimy's precious babies



Flowers of Bliss: beautiful pics!  full frontal is amazing!  and it does look like a curly tail there on the second pic! Looks like mine last week and tech said it was the shrinking yolk sac.


Judybean: meant to say earlier, stunning little shirt, you're very clever to knock that up in a couple hours, and you're very lucky to have a couple hours to knock it up in!  I can only dream of sewing while my boring old mending pile grows and grows...


CB: how very lovely to be preggers at the same time as SIL, so excitnig, and yeah MIL is going to be totally overjoyed.


AFM: We have a lovely baby market once a month and its on today, so I'm going to drag myself along in my dazed insomniac state and see if I can grab a few little symbolic things for this little one, and my big girl is besotted with littlest petshops so that's what she's be hunting for, then I drop her off for the day at her best friend, and if all goes according to plan, my lovely DH takes DD2 to the library for a very long time so I can get some much needed sleep.  looking forward to this first trimester fog lifting.

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Jilimy- so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what you are going through.
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Jilimy - I'm so sorry for your loss.

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Jilimy -- There really aren't any words to describe a loss.  My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. May light, love, and peace surround you during this time.  Be good to yourself.  Rest.  Mourn.  Rest some more.  Let yourself feel all that pain, let yourself fall apart. You'll eventually find the pieces to put yourself back together at least a bit... but it's okay right now to just let it all go.  ((((hugs))))

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jilimy...i'm so sorry for your loss....
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I am so sorry Jilimy.

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Jilimy - I am so very sorry. There are no words.

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Jilimy: I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you. I wish you peace and healing. hug2.gif

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