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Melatonin Issues

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I know that melatonin is not recommended for children, but wondered exactly why that is.  Can anyone give any info on the concerns with using it in children?


DS is 10 and has always had a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep.  I always considered it fairly "normal" until I read that taking more than 30 minutes was considered problematic--- we would *love* if he only took 30 minutes to fall asleep.  It is usually closer to 2 hours! 


Any information is greatly appreciated.



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I do not remember the sources but I read somewhere that giving any kids that have not yet reached puberty melatonin can cause them to be dependant on it and also result in overly vivid dreams or night mares that they can not awken from. I briefly researched if it could be given to kids because my 4 yo went on a week long streak of only sleeping a couple of hours at night last summer! But after reading about it I decided it would be a really bad idea to try. Hopefully you can get some information by googling melatonin kids and nightmares or dependency. Sorry I can't be of more help.


As for myself I take melatonin a few days a week then try to go a few days without taking it.

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I don't have the source on hand right now, but I remember from my research that supplemental melatonin may shrink the pineal gland, which then inhibits natural production of melatonin. That's my memory.

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