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Yeah I wouldn't worry too much about baby's position yet. They still have lots of room.

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I had my midwife appointment today and I am 27 weeks.  Baby is transverse.  I actually had a feeling she was doing something different in there, just the way I was feeling movements and also how uncomfortable it was to bend over made me think something was up.  I know it will start to be uncomfortable to bend over soon, but this just felt different, almost painful.  I'm not concerned about it at this point, but I do find it interesting since both of my first two babies were head down by 20 weeks and stayed that way.

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Midwives will let you know when it's time to worry.

Mine's transverse a lot still (using my uterus as a hammock pretty much) 

As far as I've ever read, we shouldn't start worrying about baby's positioning until 31 weeks... and not seriously start worrying about it until 35 ... as in by 31, start using spinning babies to coax baby into the right position if they aren't yet, but by 35, use spinning babies and look into other options as well.


For now, baby's still small enough to flip over. I can feel the directions baby is laying myself when they are laying sideways or with their back to my front. I can't tell which side is the top yet (later on I can tell head from butt) but I can at least tell up and down from sideways and it changes all through the day, although as I said... baby does love lounging sideways so it's more often that direction. Last night I got a sideways facing down and a ton of kicks (and probably punches) to my bladder and cervix lol.

Thanks that makes me feel better, and that's the word I needed too.  This baby has been transverse so far.  Ima numbers kind of person and it's nice to have a better sense of when things should happen.  


I envy those who are good at telling baby's position, I have the hardest time figuring it out.  I get tons and tons of movement all the time, but usually it just makes me more confused. dizzy.gif  


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Push in on your tummy and feel (you won't hurt baby until you hurt yourself first, so don't worry about that) you should be able to feel a mass like a rock (unless you have a lot of extra chub, but I was quite overweight prepregnancy and can feel it) or an anterior placenta (I couldn't feel my last's position even towards the end, sort of upset me!) Right now, I cannot figure out head from butt (later if it moves without moving the body, its head, if not it's butt) If baby is facing my front, I can't figure out position at all, if they are on their side they feel like a thin rock hard mass and I can at least figure out side-to-side or up-and-down or what... and back to my front is a much larger area of hardness.

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I think baby is breech today. It was kind of transverse at appt yesterday. I know it's early and I wish I could relax more about this. I have acupuncture tomorrow so it should help. I have been really good at sleeping on my left side since I re-discovered my regular old body pillow. Only time will tell....

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So baby was officially breech at appt today. Was not in the same spot earlier this week so I am hopeful that it is more likely to turn than DD. I can accept if it won't turn, but can't not try. It just gets so all consuming. I don't know if I have it in me again this time. This position and my last breech aren't really options for vaginal birth because nothing is presenting. Butt and head are on my side with legs across. I know people say that you should just wait it out since ctx can turn baby, but if there is no turn by 40wks, I am doubtful of any action. 33w4d today. DD was found breech @ 30w and nothing moved her. Secretly, I hope that by posting this, I can come back and tell you all that baby goes head down.
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Sotry to hear that, lbkw- I know this has really been weighing on you. We're in the same boat. My babe is also breech and, while transverse about 3 weeks ago, has since stayed snug in place with her spine running along my right side. I'm losing hope with each week. Because I am being required to induce at 39 weeks (medical reasons) I feel even less optimistic because she won't have the extra time to turn if it is last minute. My OB says she's concerned about trying an external version because of my anterior placenta and concerns about it's location during the version. I've been trying different tricks and working with my aunt, who's a yoga instructor, on trying some moves she's heard of- will be trying this weekend. Looking for someone to try moxibustion with. I'm settled with the idea that what happens will happen but I just keep feeling like all the stars are aligning for this to end up being a c-section and it's making me feel helpless right now. I just have to keep working to accept this as an option and plan for it as one.
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My baby is transverse almost all the time, anterior placenta. The spine seems to be on the downward side. Yet somehow I feel kicks / punches at times in my pelvis instead of my ribs. It makes no sense to me! 34 weeks, I still have time. Baby was head down once, a couple weeks ago, for about 2 hrs before moving back to sideways.
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