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At the 10 month make it or break it stage...help!

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I am so dedicated to continuing to nurse my wee little one (my last of three...sigh!). My first nursed for 15 months, no problems, the second nursed until this point, then switched to bottles.  This little guy is 10 months, teething hardcore, verrrry squirmy (latches for three seconds, usually, before wanting to move around), and loves bottles--- sigh!! I want to do all I can to maintain the nursing.


I have been attached to my pump several times a day (only removing two ounces-ish each time), taking fenugreek, eating lots of oatmeal, drinking a ton of water, and trying to destress (lots of work-related stress these past two weeks, but it's over now).


Last night, I was able to get him to co sleep and nurse on and off, skin to skin. I think that helped...he nursed several good times.


But during the day, he'll reach right past me towards a bottle if it's there. 


What to do? Feed him the bottle and keep pumping? Banish all bottles?


He needs a bottle four afternoons a week while I am working (I am away from him about four hours each time, so he could stretch, but babysitter wants to make him happy---and of course a bottle does it). I have had to go to formula to supplement, as I am not making very much milk anymore.

Going to a LLL mtg tonite.


Until then, any advice?


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Oh geez, that sounds stressful! All I can say is keep all bottles away from him while you are nursing. Maybe spend the 3 days you have with him nursing as much as much as you can, with not bottles at all. It seems like you give him bottles when YOU are with him. Perhaps letting him know bottles are for your absence and when you are with him, he can have the breast. 


My DS got very active and had not patience for nursing when he was your DS's age. He would spend a few minutes at the most nursing before he wanted to move on. I never had trouble nursing him to sleep though, that was when he went to town on my milk! Perhaps your son is just slowing down with the nursing since he's probably eating solid food now? 


Also, do keep in mind when your son nurses, it's very likely he's getting more than your breastpump does. I have never been able to get more than 2 ounces per pumping but DS has always been in the 80-100%tile for weight and height. I have no doubt he's getting enough! 


Could your DC provider give your son a snack he can hold when he gets fussy? A banana, strawberry, or even frozen breastmilk in a mesh feeder? I bet something like that would distract him and keep him from needing a bottle while you are away. 


Hope that helps and that you are able to breastfeed him as long as you both want to!

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Oh, thank you so much! That helps. Yes--I had a feeling that the bottle thing was an issue...will work to back off on those. His weight/height really dropped off this last visit to Drs, and that is why (I think) I was so "for" the bottles. But he IS eating a ton.....so you are right--he doesn't need them when he is with me.


Thanks for your kind words! I hope to make it work :) :) :)

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Just a quick update. Here are the changes I made:

1) NO bottles from me/at home/while I am around.

2) back to regular pumping schedule (and had a "power pumping" weekend!)


Milk supply back up--not TONS, but enough to cause baby G. to be interested in nursing again!

Yay! We made it through this hurdle.

Thanks for your kind support!!

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I'm glad you updated, I was thinking about you. Glad things are going better, keep it up!
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