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ithappened--I'm so sorry that things feels like such a roller coaster right now. Here's hoping that they start to improve, or at least stabilize a bit. You may have experienced staff 24/7 right now, but it doesn't exactly sound like you're in a supportive and peaceful environment (in fact, not at all!). I don't care how healthy or strong a person is--who can deal with the constant in-and-out of people and overwhelming noise and lack of privacy? That would totally drive me insane in the best of times. No wonder you felt so discouraged, especially since you were hoping it would be a time of quiet in order to recover and recharge. I wish there was somewhere else that you could go that was actually peaceful--is there? Just for a few days? Thinking about you, mama!

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I am going to talk to the doctor today about the PPD I want to prevent and also meeting with the lactation midwife (no idea what these are called in english but the guru for BFing at the hospital) today to try and get help so I can BF them together while in bed.. Its so easy to BF one and keep sleeping but I dont know the trick for 2 yet.

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Ithappened, just thinking about you and your stress level and mood. How did the talk with the doctor go? I really hope you find something or make a plan that makes you feel more secure.

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boots it was really bad timing because they came in right as my DH was coming to pick me up so he was just standing there and I felt like I couldn't be honest with them about a lot of what was going on uhoh3.gif.. she did seem to get that and gave me her card and asked to call her in the next few weeks.. so at least there is that. I am sort of waiting for 2-3 weeks before I call because I hope a lot of this is just the hormones wearing off-- but its so hard to say.

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I totally understand your anxiety. I'm anxious as well, but for different reasons (adjusting to life with a newborn and pre-schooler). I don't know if anyone has mentioned it before, but breastfeeding helps release oxytocin (love hormone) everytime you breast feed and I fee like that really helped me after giving birth. I had a pretty traumatic birth experience and end of pregnancy and I didn't have PPD. Also, are you planning to encapsulate your placenta? I'm doing it this time around because I'm much more worried about feeling overwhelmed after the baby comes. I mean, I'm sure everything will work out and I'll just "do it," but there's that fear, which isn't going anywhere.


I wanted to bump this thread and check on everyone, I hope nobody is suffering with PPD.

I remembered this comment Sally made about breastfeeding helping mood after birth and it stuck with me I just wanted to say it is SO true for me. Even with the frustration we've had (and part of the reason I was so determined to overcome everything) breastfeeding has made me feel good hormonally and I think just logically and emotionally that I am doing the best thing for Lyle and I. I had no idea how powerful the instinct to feed your child from your own body is. I am grateful I feel like it has gotten me past any real risk of PPD. Also I find that babywearing helps a ton, too. I feel great when I am wearing him. :)

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boots - I'm so glad that my experience was helpful to you! I haven't had any anxiety or depression since having my baby and I attribute it to breastfeeding, placenta pills and mental examination. I really think that thinking about PPD and worrying about it before my daughter was born was helpful to me. My son definitely pushes my buttons and drives me absolutely crazy some days, but it hasn't gotten to an intolerable level.


I hope that everyone else is doing well mentally with all of the big changes!!

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So glad to hear that boots and sally! 

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