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Nasty Cold

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I have had a nasty cold since last wednesday (7 days now) and currently, I am so stuffed up that I am having headaches and I can't sleep and it's plain ol' awful. I am at the point where I want to try a neti pot (spelling?). I really don't have the energy to read through articles about colds and pregnancy- my brain can't process it right now. Can you ladies dumb it down for me and give me some suggestions on what to do. I have suffered through many a cold while pregnant but this one is bad and I am exhausted and I am ready to cry. Please helpbawling.gif.

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I had a terrible cold in the beginning. And I really don't think you can take anything for it... Have you tried steaming over a big pot of chamomile or mint tea? LIke, put 5 mint tea bags into a big pot of boiling water, and a towel over your head?

Also you can use saline drops for your nose - just the kind that's ONLY saline drops not that other stuff mixed in.

And nasal strips might help you breathe at night - this I've learned from my latest (failed) attempt at a pregnancy snoring solution -- didn't stop snoring but I could def breathe better.


And, of course, chicken soup. eat.gif


I'm so sorry. Having a cold while pregnant sucks.

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I've never used a neti pot but it sounds like a good idea to me! I've heard that eating raw garlic cloves can help when you feel like you're coming down with a bad cold. Also I love taking long steamy showers when I have a cold. I know we aren't supposed to take long, hot, showers when pregnant for fear of raising our body temp too much or something, but I can't imagine how 5 minutes in a steamy shower could do much harm as long as you're comfortable. I bought some Grapefruit Seed Extract when I was feeling sick before and I'm not exactly sure what all it works for, but might be worth a try. 


I hope you feel better mama!!!

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A neti pot can help tremendously, but might not work if you're too stopped up.  You could also try the NeilMed Sinus rinse...they have a squeeze bottle (I hate it, but DH will only use that).   I would also take some Elderberry syrup for it's natural anti-virul properties.  Nature's Way and Sambucol are brands I have used.  Drink lots o' water!  I hope you get to feeling better soon!

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Echinacea and Vitamin C to boost your immune system.  That's what my MW recommended me. 

If you're completely clogged, a neti pot or sinus rinse is not a good idea, but if you're able to move stuff by blowing, it may be worth it.  I only use the sinus rinse, the squeeze bottle is much easier to use IMO than a neti pot.  One big thing about either though is you HAVE to use either boiled/cooled or distilled water in it.  Do NOT use tap water.  There have been 2 recent deaths of people who used tap water in a neti pot.  You do need to stay vertical for at least half an hour after using it, to facilitate drainage, but you can do it half an hour before bed.


Other than that, hot tea with honey and lemon - something simple like rose hips, mint or ginger would all help support your system. 

A hot shower. 

A steam facial.


If you're an allergy sufferer, you can try Loratidine (generic Claritin), which is a low dose antihistamine.  It may or may not help, but it's considered one of the safest for pregnancy because of the low dosage. 


Use a handkerchief instead of tissues (even an old cut up tshirt), and keep some aloe on hand to coat your nose with periodically to prevent it from cracking if you're blowing it a lot. 


And depending on your sensitivity - I've been getting a lot of pressure headaches, and caffeine really helps relieve it.  But I can't drink it before bed for obvious reasons.  I know some people can. 


I hope you're feeling better soon.

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Thank you Mama's! I am reading every word that you have all taken the time to write and I am so thankful. I was googling stuff earlier and I thought- wait a sec, I have a wealth of amazing information in my DDC!!!! I am usually a TANK that can fight through anything but this cold and sinus pressure and headaches and no sleep in 7 nights has really knocked me down and out. You have all made great suggestions and I plan on doing what I can with what I have in the house tonight based on your suggestions and I will head to the pharmacy (which has a great natural section) tomorrow to pick up some more supplies. xo= I cannot thank you enough for being there for me :)

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Linnie, I am going through the same thing - HORRIBLE congestion that keeps me up, makes me breathe 100% through my mouth and just won't come out.  It's making me miserable too.  Thanks for posting the question....I think I'm going to try the hot water with mint tea bags and a towel.  It sounds pleasant :)  I also hate that I can't taste food....no fun at all!  And waking up with chapped lips and a dry mouth because I've been breathing through my mouth all night long.  wah!

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mlovesj- totally the same thing! I am exclusively mouth breathing right now too and its so horrible. I wake up every 20-30 minutes at night and my mouth feels disgusting. I have to rinse it out and wipe it off (TMI- but it's soooo gross) and reapply chapstick. I can't taste anything either and last night, I settled onto the couch with a bowl of ice cream as a treat and I put half of it back (uh-oh, I didn't think about the germs but my kids don't like that flavour) because I couldn't physically eat it. I had to swallow it down quickly because I couldn't breathe while it was in my mouth. That pushed me over the edge- NO ice cream! As of right now, even my jaw is starting to hurt and I am getting horrible dark circles under my eyes. This cold just seems different but if it felt really "off", I would go see a dr. Hang in there mlovesj- we are in this together!hug2.gif

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I had NO idea- thank you once again for your advice. You are a fountain of knowledge :)

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If you're completely clogged, a neti pot or sinus rinse is not a good idea, but if you're able to move stuff by blowing, it may be worth it.  I only use the sinus rinse, the squeeze bottle is much easier to use IMO than a neti pot.  One big thing about either though is you HAVE to use either boiled/cooled or distilled water in it.  Do NOT use tap water.  There have been 2 recent deaths of people who used tap water in a neti pot.  You do need to stay vertical for at least half an hour after using it, to facilitate drainage, but you can do it half an hour before bed.





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You can also try some essential oils. I found when I was sick that having a few drops of peppermint essential oil beside my bed was hugely helpful- can also try eucalyptus, rosemary or... hrm, I don't remember the last one.


Weird things I've heard about from work that actually work: sniff a bit of cayenne. I don't mean snort it, but if you shake a bit into your hand and just wave your nose over it while breathing in gently, then move your face AWAY from the cayenne and inhale forcefully to move it back as far as you can. Only do this 2-3 times a day.


Oil in your nose. You don't want to pour it in, but even putting a bit of coconut oil (lip chap, olive oil, whatever) on your finger tip and rubbing it just BARELY inside your nostril. The "theory" is that it keeps bad energy from entering your nose (???) but I tried it with my horrific head cold that I had awhile ago (mouth breathing, no taste, sinus pain and headaches, etc) and it turned all that super clogged gunk in my sinuses into stuff that could come out, which was wonderful.



Garlic cloves (like Meredith mentioned)- hold them in your mouth until they're soft (20 min. maybe?) and mush them in your mouth a bit before you swallow. They get softer and sweeter the longer you hold them in your mouth. Don't just chew raw garlic, you'll probably throw up.  Or chop them up and take it with a spoonful of honey.


Oil of oregano in a carrier oil (even olive oil will work) rubbed into the soles of your feet and covered with cotton socks (you ever read that thing about how vicks works better on feet then on chests? Same idea) I told a customer at work about this when he was worried about how gross oil of oregano is to take orally, but he tried it on his feet and came back raving about how awesome it is.


Immune system boosters are great. Netti pots are pretty awesome, too. Steaming yourself- yes and yes. Peppermint and eucalyptus oils - or even a few teabags- in a bowl with recently boiled water. Put a towel over your head and the bowl and breathe through your nose as much as you can. When my kids are gross and congested, I put them in a bath as hot as they can stand with a few teabags in the water and it helps clear them out for a bit. 

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I should probably be using distilled or boiled water...I use tap.  The people that recently died were using well water...in Louisiana...swamp water?  Just kidding...sorta.  My Cajun Aunt wouldn't appreciate that, haha!

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Yucky! Sorry you're so sick!
I haven't had a bad cold in awhile (watch me get one tomorrow) but I'm a big fan of these remedies:
  • honey/lemon/hot water "tea"
  • eucalyptus oil sprinkled into a steaming shower (clears the sinuses like magic)
  • oil of oregano rubbed on the back around the lungs
  • garlic in everything (I put it in scrambled eggs since that's how I can get my kids to eat it when they're sick - but you could even make a simple vegetable broth by boiling carrots, onions, celery and garlic)
  • miso soup (because it's comforting - watch out for stuff from japan these days though :-( )
  • Coldeez cough drops (zinc...my DH swears by them)

I used a neti pot a few times (with tap water, yikes! didn't really think about it back then) but hated it. I wasn't using it for congestion though, so I don't know how much it helps with that...

I hope you feel better soon! Being sick and pregnant is no fun!
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Sorry you are sick, Linnie!  I am a huge believer in the neti pot.  I have one that came with the little saline mix packets so it's super easy but I have also put together my own concoction using salt, baking soda, and grape seed extract.  Recipes are here http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art58840.asp  My colds often turn into sinus infections bad enough to go to the Dr., and I often end up with those 3 times a year.  This winter I fought off one cold and one turned bad enough that I needed antibiotics for the sinus infection.  But only going in once in the last year for a sinus infection is really good for me.  I use warm tap water and have never had a problem.  I haven't heard of it being something to worry about...the Dr.'s that have recommended I do it haven't said anything about that.  Maybe it depends on your city's water treatment?


I like the saline sprays too and if it gets really bad my midwife said that plain Sudafed or Robitussin is fine at this point in pregnancy.  Check with yours though.  I also bought zinc lozenges to suck on and upped the vitamin C.  I try to avoid a lot of milk products when congested really badly.  And use a cool mist humidifier.  I hope you feel better soon!

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I should probably be using distilled or boiled water...I use tap.  The people that recently died were using well water...in Louisiana...swamp water?  Just kidding...sorta.  My Cajun Aunt wouldn't appreciate that, haha!

Well, realistically, there isn't a whole lot of difference between well water and tap water (microbe-wise) unless your municipality chlorinates your water.  Nowadays most water tables are polluted at some level.  Out here we get our water from an open reservoir fed by snow melt, and it's not chlorinated, so there could (and probably is) just about anything in it on any given day.  Yes, they were in LA, but it's a good reminder that we really don't know what sort of nasties may be lurking, and to take simple precautions. 

I have also used tap water a time or two, but after reading the news story about the people who died from it, I will not be doing that again. yikes2.gif


When DS was little I did keep distilled water in the house to clean the nursing supplementer... a little pan, 2 minutes on the flame and it was a good temp for rinsing.  Since then though I haven't had any in the house, and it's much more difficult to remember to boil/chill far enough in advance to be of any use. 



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I was just reading about oil pulling the other day.  I've never tried it, but it sounds interesting.  Basically all you do is swish oil (I would use coconut oil, but it said you can use any vegetable oil) in your mouth for twenty minutes every day.  It's supposed to help with all kinds of things.


This isn't the exact article I read, but it's similar.  http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/article%20oil%20pulling.htm


It sounds kind of weird, but I don't think it would hurt to try it.

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Oh ladies- its even worse today and I can't even get to a dr. I can barely touch my face (because it hurts) and even my jaw is starting to hurt. No sleep again and one of my kids just spilled a whole milkshake on the hardwood floor and my pelvic pain makes it very painful to clean that up. I am at my breaking point. My poor husband was supposed to be done work at 3am (early this morning) but he didn't get home until 10:30 because he pulled over a car that had $16,000 of drug money in it (he's a Police Officer). We had to rush right out to a very important eye exam for our daughter (she is the only kid in Canada that has been granted funding to see if we can do something miraculous with her eyesite- turn on her stereo '3D' vision)  and by this point, my husband hadn't slept in over 24 hours. Now he gets 3 hours before work again tonight. The kids are still sick too and everyone is fighting and crying. It's a beautiful day outside and the sunlight is hurting my head so bad that I can't even enjoy it. I am so sorry but being so miserable right now but I just had to unload (again).

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What a frustrating day! I'm sending lots of good energy your way!


My grandfather always said this and I'm finding myself repeating it over and over in pregnancy, "This too shall pass." But I know sometimes it feels like it never will!!


Take care of yourself!



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Sweetie, if your face is hurting, that sounds like a sinus infection.  Call your doctor, even if you can't get in.  See if they'll diagnose you over the phone. 

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It definitely sounds like a sinus infection.  :(  Grapefruit Seed Extract works like an antibiotic.  If you can get your hands on some of that it would clear it up.  Or, if you have some kind of vegetable oil in the house already, you could try that oil pulling thing I mentioned before.  If it works, I would think it would work pretty quickly since your sinuses are right there.


I hope everyone feels better ASAP. 

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Sarah- I will look into some grapefruit seed extract tomorrow when I can get out of my house. Ok so the oil thing... omg, I'm so worried that I will puke my guts out even though the article said that can happen and its ok. I only have EVOO in the house right now so I will have to wait until I can get some other oil tomorrow. I have been meaning to buy some coconut oil.

I am just waiting for my dr's office to call me back. The kids and I ended up having a two hour nap and that NEVER happens so I am so thankful but the minute I opened my eyes, my face started hurting again so I am not going to fight it anymore- time for the dr tomorrow.

I really don't want more antibiotics- I was just on them last month for the kidney stone induced UTI but I need something now. It's simply not getting better. A friend of mine mentioned alternating cold and hot compresses on my face. Have you all heard of that?


I want to try each and every thing that you are all suggesting- I need to buy some Oil of Oregano too but without a car today, I can't get anything. Everything has to wait until tomorrow. I am going to try some vicks on my feet and then socks and I will do another facial steam before bed tonight.


I can't thank you enough, each and every one of you for all your advice and suggestions. I am so very thankful for ALL OF YOU!

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