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I've been doing oil pulling every day for over 2 weeks now... the first time I tried it I had a lingering bit of a cold, and definitely almost threw up because halfway through my sinuses started draining into my throat all at once. VERY hard to oil pull if you can't breathe through your nose, though! Impossible, actually. Some days it makes me gag, but as long as I'm staying VERY busy while I'm doing it it's not so terrible. I haven't noticed a huge improvement, but I definitely feel better on the days I do it (today I didn't, and I am crabby) and my skin is beautiful and glowing. My teeth feel ridiculously clean since I started doing it, which really surprised me. You can oil pull with any unrefined oil. I started with a refined almond oil because i didn't read the label properly (oops!) then switched to coconut (you have to chew it to melt it... makes me gag every morning). You can try olive oil, too, it's just a stronger flavor.


Linnie- so sorry to hear about your day! That sounds... well, awful. Hot and cold compresses- yes, I've heard of it. It's supposed to be good for "drawing" a lot of toxins and moving your circulatory system as well, but I don't know how it would work with your sinuses. Vicks is worth a shot, too, for sure. Vicks in boiling water with a facial steam could work too - thats what I did as a kid, at least!

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Astraia, that's great to hear about your skin and teeth!  The main reason I want to try it is for my teeth.  I also seem to always have lots of snot/boogers lately (gross, I know!) so I'm hoping it will help with that too.  And if it makes me less crabby, that would be awesome. 


I didn't even think of not being able to do it with a stuffy nose.  Duh!  :( 

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Well ladies- I found out that I have a sinus infection AND bronchitis. I am on a double dose of amoxicillin because this is the third time that I have been on it since december (the 40 stitches and the kidney stone). I also have a puffer and an aerochamber because my dr said that my lungs sounds extremely "tight". He obviously can't do a chest xray on me but he was worried about the sound of my lungs. I finally bought a good nasal rinse kit and the boiled water is cooling down right now. I cannot wait to try it. My DH is trying the oil pulling right now and its making me want to puke just watching him. I had to leave the room. He is also going to do a sinus rinse. He isn't sick at all but he wants to try these things. We picked DD up from school on the way to the dr's and the poor girl has had a cold for the entire duration of mine. As soon as we picked her up, she said that her ears hurt. Our dr squeezed her in and we found out that she has a very bad double ear infection. What a day... what a day. I am hoping that all the meds and natural stuff will kick in and we should start to see some improvments tomorrow or the next day.

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Oh yuck - I'm so sorry! What a bad run you've had first with the stone now this... Hope you and DD feel better soon! And I love that DH wants to experience the nasal rinses, etc. so funny!

Feel better soon mama!
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Blech! I'm sorry, that sounds terrible but also explains why you feel so awful. Your poor DD, I'm sure she's miserable too. I hate ear infections :(


Hopefully you all feel MUCH better soon!


The oil pulling... eh, it's not as bad as all that. I thought it would be way more disgusting then it is. I just unload/reload the dishwasher first thing in the morning while I'm oil pulling, and as long as I'm not thinking about it it goes just fine. The trick is staying distracted- 20 minutes is a LONG time!

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Hi Linnie,

I just had bronchitis and it was so miserable. The antibiotics kicked in within 24 hours for me and now (6 days on) I'm pretty much back to normal. One of my big worries was total loss of appetite for a week - all I wanted was tea and fruit. I lost a few pounds, but making up for it now...

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I hope you and DD start feeling better ASAP!

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I've got all the sinus infection symptoms and I'm wondering....for those who have been on antibiotics, which ones have you been prescribed (if you can remember the names of the drugs)?  I am probably going to have to go to what I call Doc-in-the-box (a walk-in place with a dr. I wouldn't call the most reputable but it's cheap & fast) and I want to make sure I get a script for something SAFE to take during pregnancy.  I have a call in to my midwife office, but I don't think they can treat something not directly related to pregnancy AND that was hours ago with no call back and I'm getting desperate with the headache and facial pain.  Thanks for any tips on safe antibiotics for sinus infections :)

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I was given Amoxicillin, which is considered safe during pregnancy. I was a bit nervous about taking antibiotics, but my (very natural) midwife said it was fine and so did the doctor. My chest infection cleared up within 24 hours, and I felt human again! Hope you feel better soon.

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This is my third round of Amoxicillin since December 1! This time, they have doubled the dose and I am still nervous but time and time again, everyone from my fam dr to my OB to my pharmacist has assured me that it is completely safe. It has definitely cleared up my sinus infection and bronchitis. I am also doing a sinus rinse that was recommended to me by my pharmacist. I am told that it should be a daily thing for everyone but I don't LOVE it like that. I started clearing up when I was using it but I don't know if it was that or the antibiotics or a combo. I also alternated hot and cold compresses for relief and that was the only thing that felt good. Good luck and I hope that you feel better soon ((hugs)).


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Just make sure you ladies are taking your probiotics!!

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I have never taken a probiotic. Can you suggest a brand that might be available in Canada? I could just go to the health food store. What should I ask for? Is there a certain recommended dosage, type or formula?

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hug2.gif So sorry you're sick Linnie. I had a cold earlier in this pregnancy and really sucked. What helped me most was drinking tons of Emergen-C and hot tea with honey and lemon and taking hot showers. Get as much rest as you can and really push the fluids. Hope you feel better soon!!!

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Thanks Sandy. I am finally on the mend :) It lasted for over two weeks but besides some coughing and total exhaustion, I am feeling much MUCH better. I can actually move my face and after all the sinus pain, that's a huge relief! Thank you for your kind words.

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Originally Posted by LinnieThree View Post

I have never taken a probiotic. Can you suggest a brand that might be available in Canada? I could just go to the health food store. What should I ask for? Is there a certain recommended dosage, type or formula?


Honestly, there's so much conflicting information out there.  You could ask 20 different people and get 20 different answers.  IMO, as long as they contain Lactobacillius acidophilus and don't have a bunch of preservatives and other ingredients they'll be fine.  My midwife has me taking Integrative Therapeutics Probiotic Pearls.  http://www.amazon.com/Integrative-Therapeutics-Probiotic-Pearls-Caps/dp/B0010ZYICK  There's some debate on whether or not the "pearl" form makes a difference or not, but all I know is that when I was taking a probiotic in capsule form, they did nothing for my yeast infection but the pearls did.  So, I would recommend the pearls based on that experience.

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Just go to a health food store and ask. They are very good at giving you information on the different ones available. There are different strengths and formulations, some propogate in your system and others don't, some have a high bacterial count but low stability so they might not be as effective, etc. Explain you're on your third round of antibiotics so they can get you something strong and immediate.


I'm taking a powdered probiotic- three separate strains in three separate bottles that I mix into water and drink. It's a VERY very good one. It's also ridiculously expensive and seriously gag-inducing.



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