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Ever's unasisted breech birth! Long story, short birth;)

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The day before Ever’s birth I didn’t feel well. Just tired and yicky feeling and lots of Braxton Hicks. We went to my Holistic Moms Network meeting (b/c I had to, being the leader, otherwise I would have stayed home, but it ended up being nice).  John did acupressure on me and a diaphragmatic release we learned from the chiropractor to turn a posterior baby around. I thought he was LOP for weeks, but wasn’t to concerned, hoping he’d turn anterior during birth. We also took a long walk.

Sunday morning, around 3:30am I woke and felt a real pressure wave, I knew it was the real thing and so listened to my Hypnobabies to help me relax and sleep. It helped a lot, but I needed to get up for water around the same time John woke almost an hour later. They were coming about 10 minutes apart and pretty easy to get through. I told John to start picking up and cleaning the tub so I could take a bath. About 15 minutes later I told him to fill the birth pool too and he didn’t believe me we would need it so soon!

I got in the bath around 5:30 and, since Jack had woken earlier, he got in with me. It was nice to be in with him, it gave John some space to work and Jack started breathing with me during my waves, it helped my moral:) I got out of the tub to sit on the toilet in hopes he would work himself down, then laid on the bed for a while. The waves suddenly jumped from 10 to 5 or less minutes apart and started getting more intense. It was around 6 or so that I had him call Shell to come, saying no rush! It intensified fast after that and I had him call and say there is a rush! I went back to the toilet and my body started pushing and POP went the plug! I knew I had to get in the tub, but they were pretty much back to back, so was on the floor outside the tub for a while waiting to get in. I hadn’t wanted to be touched this whole time and suddenly I needed to hang on John for these, while on my knees. Jack just watched us in complete peace! He had been following john and playing the whole time and wasn’t fazed by any of it, though interested. John helped me in the tub and I sat kinda on my side so he wouldn’t come out too fast, as my body was pushing hard with each wave. John asked if we should have Hypnobabies on and In between I was able to tell him to get the “Pushing Baby Out” track ready and paused and he got his swim suit on. He was never able to walk back across the room to push play as I realized after a couple waves like that he was coming no matter what so I sat back and let my body push. Boy did it push! John and Jack were at the side of the pool and while he started coming out both mine and John’s hands immediately were touching him. As I watched, I realized I was looking at a tiny bum - he was coming out breech! I never felt scared or nervous about it in those few seconds, I breathed his torso out and told John to be watching for the cord around his neck, he replied he knew that. With the next wave his head came out and we both lifted him to my chest. Ever was quiet and calm, but very pink and I knew he was OK. I rubbed him a bit and he made a few sounds, a tiny cry to let us know he was for sure alright and he began nursing.  I looked up right after he was on me and saw John by the pool w/Jack by him with the BIGGEST smile on his face! It was amazing to see all my boys there at that moment, so happy, so in awe of what just happened. Jack said “baby” and we asked if he wanted to get in and he was so excited to take his shirt off and get in the pool with us. That huge smile of his never faded, I was so happy he was able to be with us throughout the process! John got in too, but the cord was too short so he couldn’t hold him and had to get out as soon as I remembered I needed to take Arnica right away. That’s when Shell arrived with her student, Danielle. After chatting a bit I wanted to get the cord off to deliver the placenta, since I wasn’t feeling pushy and still hurting. John tied it with some yarn I had and cut it and took him while I sat in the pool and pushed the placenta into my hands.

While getting checked, John’s mother and grandmother showed up (surprise!) and took Jack to breakfast. I did need stitches and then they did the newborn exam oon the bed next to me. Ever weighed 8 lb 4 oz and was about 21 -22 1/4 inches long. The length is approximate because he was breech. His legs had been piked for so long, they’re barely able to straighten and we’ll need to take him to a pediatrician to make sure his hips will be OK. His head was 14 1/2 inches. I remembered to look at the clock shortly after birth and we was born about 7:55 am - just 4 hours after I started feeling the waves.

There are no words to describe what an experience this was and how wonderful it feels that we did this as a family, everyone having their part. To go from looking at that little bum coming out of me to his precious face to John and Jack’s awestruck faces in just a matter of minutes (seconds?) was amazing! Being breech was a shock, but I never felt he was much different to push out than Jack had been, so I’m thankful I didn’t know. I could not have thought of a better birth experience, it was all so perfect! (OK, it was overwhelming and intense, and, yes, painful, but I handled it well, breathing through everything and am so proud of myself and my family!).

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I am so proud of and impressed by you! That's just incredible and beautiful. I hope I can say I breathed through mine too. Literally. smile.gif congratulations mama. Enjoy the afterglow.
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yippiehippie it sounds like such a magical experience!! How amazing that it was a surprise breech and you weren't even scared. Way to go and congratulations!!! 

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Congrats mama!!! Such a beautiful birth story and family memory that will forever carry you through life on cloud 9!!! :)

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ddc to say congratulations on such an inspiring and beautiful birth!!! awesome job :)

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What a lovely birth story, it made me smile :)

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What an amazing story! I'm so struck by reading story after story in our DDC where incredibly strong mamas follow their instincts and trust their bodies. It's so inspiring!

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Thanks, guys:)

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Great story! Thank you for posting :) I'm 40w4d with a baby who turned breech two weeks ago, so I can't read enough positive breech birth stories!

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