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Asymmetrical development??

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Is it normal for babies to have one really dominant side? Since she started crawling, my 7mo has favored her right side. She crawls with her left leg tucked in, and moves forward by pushing off with right leg extended. She's just recently started clapping, and I've noticed that she keeps her left hand still, and claps by moving her right hand only. Kinda weird - just wondered if others have had similar experiences.

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I don't know about whether that kind of development is common, but you only mentioned two things, so I think it is possibly just a coincidence! :)


When my DS started crawling, he also did a three-legged crawl much like you describe. If you look it up online, you will find that it is fairly common. Within a month or two (he only crawled for 4 months and is now a walker), he had straightened out the tucked leg and crawled more normally.


Also, with clapping, again I think it is common for clapping to begin with one hand moving and the other stationary. Too much to coordinate if they try to move both! That is also how clapping began for my son, but now he can bring both hands together.

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My almost-8-month-old scoots on his tummy, pushing mostly with his right leg, pulling mostly with his left arm. That's so neat that your daughter claps! I can't wait for ds to do that  :)

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