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Cloth Diapering at Night

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Anyone else cloth diapering and have suggestions for night time (favorite brands/solutions)? We're currently using grovia hybrid with a biosoaker and a stay dry booster at night, but we've been having leaks (even when the diaper is not full) - particularly on the right side (the side she sleeps on while nursing). I'd like something that lasts throughout the night because she screams like hell if I try and change her while she's half asleep. Thanks. 

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I'm listening in mostly...we are currently using a really absorbent fitted with a cover and like you, I don't dare change him in the middle of the night so he's super wet by morning. With my daughter I used BumGenius pockets successfully from 4 mos old to potty training and they worked great. So I got a few new ones (bumGenius 4.0 pockets) for Luke. But they are leaking when I use them on him so they are just sitting. Changing a whole outfit in the middle of the night is a million times worse than just a diaper. They are brand new and have been washed a half dozen times so they should not be leaking. They are leaking up the back - he'll be soaked up to his underarms and the diaper will be somewhat wet. I think it's having trouble absorbing fast enough since the stay dry inner wicks the moisture through to the pads. But not sure what to do to make it work better. I did have a leaking issue once with my daughter and it was due to build up but this is not build up since they are new. I think he just pees very suddenly and forcefully and the diaper can't absorb it. ???

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We had the same problem. I tried a few different diapers and doublers, but no matter what they'd leak. I ended up dressing her all in wool, with a wool sleep sack, so even when it leaks she stays warm and dry. We also use a bigger cover than she wears during the day so it's not squishing the diaper and doubler.

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I asked this same question a month ago on the diaper forum - just figured out where our DDC went!


Anyway, we use GroVia covers, but with prefolds instead of the GroVia inserts.  We were having serious leak problems at night  and screaming with attempted midnight changes, also!  I wound up sizing up to larger prefolds, and going for the Green Mountain Diapers unbleached prefolds (we're on the red stitching, DS is 16+ pounds and tall).  I really love the GMD prefolds - well worth the $$.  For added power at night I picked up some hemp doublers from cottonbabies.com, but i also cut down a couple of our old infant prefolds to use just the middle section as a booster.  Both combinations seem to be working great - the diaper is huge and super wet in the AM but no leaks!  The bulk also helps stop the side leaks - I also nurse DS on his side in the mornings and this had been an issue.



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