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I need some help. Im really worried.

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So, Im about to go into my 9th week. I have been doing everything that I should such as taking my prenantals, and eating healthy. But I have been cramping, which I heard is sometimes normal. Well I woke up this morning and had really sharp pains in my vaginal area. Me and my husband had sex last night and I dont know if that has anything to do with it or not but Im not sure what this could be. I go to the doctor Monday but I am so scared that I will have a miscarrige. This being my first child, I dont know what to expect. Should I be getting these pains so early on?

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I'm no expert (currently pregnant with my first too!) but I did have cramping throughout my first 10 weeks or so. I am now 13 weeks and I still get some sharp pains in my lower abdomen when I switch positions rapidly-- I've been told that this is all normal.

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I sometimes had cramps after orgasm with 2 pregnancies that resulted in my kids. With my miscarriages though I had cramps and bleeding. Make sure you are hydrated and call the doctor's office if you are worried- that's what you are paying them for. Hope all is well.

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I am not an expert either, but I can tell you my story. I am currently nine weeks pregnant (as of yesterday) and have had quiet painful cramps all week. One time I actually thought about taking medication (not something I would do or did but it was that bad that I actually thought about it).  The cramps come and go on a day to day basis and I have had no spotting.  My midwife said it's just my body stretching.

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well, to be honest, all of these made me feel so much better about everything :) I just get paranoid I guess. We are so happy about this baby. Thank you guys so much. I will ask my doctor on Monday and make sure. I will keep you guys posted though.

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I always get crampy and achy in my first trimester, well with the pregnancies that went past 9 wks. If there is no heavy bleeding then I wouldn't worry just drink water and take a rest, it is just your uterus stretching.


With my miscarriage I didn't really get cramps, and they were like really heavy period cramps and then contractions and labour pains, until I actually started bleeding heavy and losing the baby.

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KaliaK, I had both cramping and stabbing vaginal pains in the first trimester. I saw a website where someone referred to them as the "knitting needle up the hoo-ha" pains, which is exactly what they felt like to me!

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its just ligament pain from your uterus growing with baby. vaginal pain is normal because you have a lot of increased blood flow to that area during pregnancy so everythings a little swollen in that area.

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I have had sharp pains as well- at night I wake up to cramping and I get worried but there is no bleeding.  Yesterday when I sneezed I got this super sharp ovarian/vaginal pain I thought I was being stabbed- it want away after a few seconds but it was not like the pain I have felt with previous losses. 

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Yep.  I had vaginal pain (like shooting weird nerve pain) at the end of the first tri and beginning of the second.  It went away on its own and everything was fine. 

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