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I need some support

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Hi there mamas,


We have gone to multiple peds who continually make me feel nervous and for lack of better words, dumb.

The last doc, when discovered I am not comfortable vaxxing, said "I suppose I would feel the same if I never went to medical school".

She then went on to tell me about all of the numerous illnesses she has seen begin rising in the last 5 years.  

(I should note, she was being very diplomatic, not accusing or anything)


She explained that she felt my dd should have this and that, including flu shots & chicken pox.

I conceded and gave dd a dTap vax. This was at 1 year. I have not been back because I felt so pushed into my decision.

Although to be honest, I would love it if they could just listen to her heart beat and see how she is growing.


(This is our 4th doctor) There are so many alternative clinics around here, but they rarely take insurance. So I am stuck with all the rest.


I don't feel smart enough when it comes to vax. I have read a few books, visit websites (dr. tenpenny, thinktwice, etc.)

I had nothing to say to this doc when she started telling me about the extreme illnesses and a few deaths from non-vaxxers. And I felt like I was 10 years old, not a mother.


Alright, I don't know where I am going with this. Just looking for some advice, or sympathy :-)

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I am sorry.  We don't have a pediatrician or family doctor and have not for many years.  When we needed a referral for something like a test or possible infection, we would go to a clinic where we do know some doctors who are familiar to us.  Yet none of them is "managing" our overall care.  While not perfect it's the most comfortable solution for us.   

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have you posted in the tribal area to try to find someone who is non-vax friendly and would take your insurance? 


I have the same problem - but more with my own drs than DD's peds. 


If you have some time you could make a list of serious issues you have with vaccines, and find some strong sources (like mainsteam news sites/scientific journals), print them out. The next dr. might cut you some slack if they realize you have done some research and didn't just make your decision based off of Jenny McCarthy (I dont know anyone who has... but it seems to be a popular provax myth about nonvax)

Don't bring a bunch of printouts from natural news and mercola or worse sites. (but if you find info there, follow the links to the origin, it is usually a more "respected" source). 


here was a thread w/ links to a report suggesting aluminum can affect autoimmune conditions later on 



and here is a good one about human dna in MMR and Varicella





I don't know your personal reasons for non-vaxing, but concern over ingredient safety is a pretty big area. These are recent studies/reports so if a dr. tells you they are of no concern or have been proven wrong.... ask for that proof.

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Im sorry you are having a hard time find a doctor that respects your parenting choices. It is frustrating isn't it? Personally I would not bother bringing in print outs ect. I have found that it does no good. If a doctor is willing to treat your child unvaxed, then just make it clear that you have your reasons (you may name a few) and that it is a choice you have carefully considered but that at this point it is not up for discussion or negotiation. The doc may feel they need to tell you all the reasons why you are making the wrong choice and that's ok - that is part of their job to make recommendations based on what they feel is the best course of action, but that doesn;t mean that you have to follow them. YOU are the parent YOU make the choice. I have a ped who is pretty lax about the whole thing, but she still makes recommendations for the ones she feels are important. I nod my head and listen to her and then say "no thanks". No need to feel stupid. Nobody can make you feel stupid unless you allow then to. Taking control of the situation rather than allowing it to control you make make you feel empowered.

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Thanks guys. I appreciate it. Thank you for the links slmommy, will come back to them tonight.

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Have you looked into Burgess pediatrics? Rather than insurance, they take a monthly fee and that is it. They are ok with selective vaxes, dunno about none at all, but they strike me as tolerant.


I just go to family docs. They are totally tolerant, understanding, never have been condescending at all. The doc you describe does not sound like a good fit. I mean I understand when our old (the new one doesn't) FP said pertussis and measles are a good idea for their severity, but flu and chickenpox, hm that's something you won't be able to sell me at all.

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