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Anyone else breech?

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Not too concerned yet, but I'm 33 and 4 and my baby is heads up!  She loves to snuggle her little head under my right ribcage.  She moves A LOT so we aren't concerned about space yet but I'll be going to see the chiropractor tomorrow to try to get her to head in the right direction!  I was breech with my son until about this point too so I'm not too worried, but it's on my mind.  Anyone else?

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Lucian has been heads up, very rarely moving transverse ,the entire time. I know it is early, I have had babies that didn't flip until 38 weeks, but this time feels different to me. I am going to go to a chiropracter in the next few weeks, as I suspect my hips were injured during a fall earlier.

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I'm at 34.5 weeks here, and this one just moved from breech/transverse to head-down in the last few days. I was doing inversions and hanging out in the pool a lot trying to get the kiddo to flip around...no idea if that's what did it, but we're in position now. Hopefully to stay there!

(My midwife center won't let them try to deliver a breech at all, so our next step was acupuncture if nothing else worked)

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Aries turned breech a couple weeks ago.  I actually felt him move out of my pelvis, it was a very strange feeling.  He had been head down ever since my MW could palpate.  MW started attempting to turn him and decided to stop because she felt like he had good reason to turn.  I had a feeling he turned to reduce the pressure off my cervix, to keep from going into preterm labor.  It was a very stressful time and previous stress had caused some activity with my cervix.  She sent me home with a stick of mugwort for moxibustion (a traditional Chinese medicine method) and some suggestions for elevating my hips.  I prefer yoga poses like cat/cow/child's pose.  I go back next week to see if he's turned. 


Honestly, I'm not worried.  I feel like there is time for him to turn and that he will when he's ready.  It might relieve some of this rib pain I'm having though if he did ;)  In Chinese medicine, it's been thought for thousands of years that the reasons for babies being breech, stems from the emotional; either with the mother or the baby feeling not at ease.  Definitely the case for me and Aries.  The best thing I can do, is not stress more about his position but trust that everything is as it should be :)  Worst case, I deliver breech.

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I'm 32 weeks 3 days and baby is still back and forth. I'm not worried yet, either. I had one that didn't turn head down until 37 weeks. We had to threaten him with an external version, so he flipped the night before the scheduled version. :)

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32 weeks and baby has been all over the place, lots of breech and transverse, a little head down.


I've been stepping up the chiro visits to once a week. I also changed practitioners to someone more familiar with pregnancy issues. Huge difference! Babe flipped head down immediately after the first visit and hung out there for 48 hours or so. Went back and again baby moved right back into a head down as soon as my pelvis was released. I'm holding well this time. I plan to go at least once a week from here on out unless I need to go more frequently. In my experience, it's 100% worth the time and money to be as in alignment and loose as possible so that the babe has as little restriction as possible during labor.  For me it was the difference between a hard, 3 day back labor with my first and a smooth12 hour labor with my second.


I have a known issue with my pelvis, my right side likes to go out all the time. So I try to stay on top of it and keep the muscles loose and balanced during pregnancy. It's usually easier since I tend to loosen up early on.


This baby has sent me signals from early on to be aware of a difficult lie. I find the babe very tuned into my emotional state, and when I worry about breech flliiiiippperooo, right into breech. I've also had some worries about the babe coming early since early on so this could be an issue too.


It's difficult at this point to keep my emotions under control. I'm finding myself working through some labor fear, and just the general fear of adding a new person to the family that I think most of us feel. I think the baby feels it so I try hard to spend time each day rubbing my belly, imagining holding my new one and feeling joyful to let the babe know that she/he is welcome. I think my fear has been part of my issues with my pelvis this time around.

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Until last Thursday, I was pretty sure this babe was head down and ready to go, but I'm not so sure as of my last midwife appointment.  All three midwives lined up to feel my belly, but no one could be sure of baby's position.  They found the back and two hard balls (head and butt) pretty easily, but couldn't get a good head wobble on either end.  Something's fairly low in my pelvis, though.  One of the midwives feels like baby may be breech, so I'm going to the chiro and trying to spin this baby.  I'm not really convinced that s/he is breech because of where I feel kicks and punches, but I'm also being cautious since I'm new to this whole pregnancy thing.


If they can't confirm baby's position at my appointment next week, I'll likely be headed to the OB's office for an ultrasound and possible version.  Ugh!

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This little one is breech, but flips and rotates constantly. When I lay flat on my back, her round head bulges out from between my rib cage, its actually kind of creepy :)  Every couple of days or so, I feel her do a long, slow flip and then kicks on my ribs, and then she flips right back. I must have a lot of space in there still.

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Breech here at 32w1d. I have had a talk with her but I think she is ignoring me. I will not have a c-section dang it. 

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I was breech with my second up until 34 weeks.  I was worried about it but she turned on her own.  I tried a few of the exercises on spinning babies.com and I don't know if that helped or not.


I am pretty sure this one is head down although today I felt some really weird movement super low and strong movement which made me wonder if she had moved or something.  I will find out next week.

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I've got a flippy baby over here. It seems like she is head down now for the past couple of days, but sometimes it is so hard to tell. I have been doing some inversions and seeing a chiropractor weekly. My mw is open to breech delivery, so I am not super worried, but I would rather that she just get in a position and stay there. My son was always, always head down, bottom on the riht hand side. Always. So I just never really thought much about it. 32 + ?, so we've got plenty of time. 

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This has got me wondering - if we have breech babies and do the exercises to flip them, if by some odd chance a baby that is *thought* to be breech, but actually not, would that baby get flipped into a breech position? 


(I am sure there is an easier way of wording that, I don't know why it came out so jumbled! Hope you guys get what I mean.)

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The past week I've felt like Aries turned back head down.  Midwife confirmed it today. 

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I feel the hiccups really low, in my butt now, too! I think she is head down! Yay!

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I think my girl turned yesterday morning too!!! I felt her head swoop down my left side. I was afraid to move!! Tonight I have felt kicks on my right upper side and I am currently feeling hiccups in my bum area. Please let her stay there!!!
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Well, then after a session of ZUMBA or some other high intensity dance workout in the womb, she later had hiccups way up high again. energy.gif I give up trying to determine her direction by her hiccups! LOL!

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Still breech here =(  I'm 35 and 1, hopefully she'll turn this week.  I would REALLY like to avoid an ECV!

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My LO is still flipping like crazy.  I have been feeling more kicks in the ribs though, but the hiccups remain low by my hips (like when she was for sure breech during a prenatal visit. I can't even trust my own judgment right now.

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I thought baby settled head down a little over a week ago or so...I'm 35 weeks tomorrow. Midwife felt baby a couple days ago and confirmed she is 98% sure she is head down. So, baby finally settled around 33-34 weeks for me.

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This little guy has seemed to settle too, butt high on left.  My back has been much better since he's been this way too, that transverse stuff killed me.

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