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I id it ! That is the only way I can put it joy.gif

After 2 CS , 2 natural deliveries , another CS and then another normal delivery , I feel , there is nothing else , I am not able to do . 

Really nothing ! orngbiggrin.gif

This has been the most empowering experience in the World and I can only recommend anyone , who is thinking about it , to at least give it a try , it is soooo worth it !

Plus , it proves to me once again , that it is really a bunch of censored.gif, when people ( especially those dressed in white ) , tell you , that it is sooo dangerous and you have to fullfill so many requirements , before you are ALLOWED to try ( hello , who the hell are you to tell me as an adult , what I am allowed to do ? )  

Even though , I got pregnant barely 9 months after the last one , which got badly infected and didn´t heal well for a lot longer than normal , plus moved across 2 countries and did all kinds of things , that I probably shouldn´t have done ( like heavy lifting and that sort ) , I had no complications during the whole pregnancy , my water broke by itself when I was 11 days over the due date and the contractions , I had been having became regular . We arrived at the hospital about 7 pm and they checked me , to find out that I was 3 cm . 

After that , I was more or less left alone , because they were so busy , which was nice , since I felt so little pain , that I slept almost all night . 

 The next morning , the midwife checked , and lo and behold , I was 9 cm and completely effaced jaw.gif

But then , once I was 10 , about an hour later , things stalled a bit , so , considering my history , the doctor asked , if it would be okay , if he would help me by getting her out with a vacuum , so I don´t have to push so hard and put strain on my scar . 

I consented and he pulled her out , literally . I have to say , that was the only difficult , or rather very painful part , since I thought , he would just pull a bit with each contraction , but he just pulled her ALL THE WAY down in one try . 

OHMYGOD , I thought , I would throw up and pass out at the same time orngbiggrin.gif, but one more good push on my part and she was out . 

Plus , I didn´t have any problems at all with my scar , so it was definitely the right decision . 

After seeing her big head , it would have taken a lot of effort on my part to get her down on my own , and I am sure , it would have taken a toll on my scar , so I am happy with the way it went . 

My goal was NO RCS and I can live with the way it went and the big episiotomy I had . Very painful for several weeks , but nothing compared to the pain and discomfort after a CS . 

All in all , thea easiest and best delivery , I ever had and I would do it all over again the same way , if I had to !!!

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Congratulations, mama! Hoping for quick healing for you and a peaceful babymoon with your newest sweet baby smile.gif
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SO encouraging.  I am planning my VBA3C this July and love seeing others successes.

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I want a vbca3 please help I had 1 vaginal delivery with my older son someone contact me with at ceramicloveme@gmail.com
And if you live in the New York City area please contact me with information on where I can go and I'm 23 weeks 5days I don't want any more c- section. I would love to have more. Babies in the future see I have all boys and one more on it's way
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Aww, your story melts my heart and makes me happy. I've had 3 CS (#1 was medically necessary at 33 weeks after a LifeFlight and a failed induction, 36 hours, for most of which I was stalled at 4cm and stayed there, due to a raging case of Pre-eclampsia (June 18, 2004). #2 I was pushed into just over 3 years later by a very impatient, very pro-CS OB, who didn't want to wait for my son to flip into a Cephalic lie again (September 6 ,2007). Baileyana was my first attempt at a VBAC on June 14, 2011, I had an amazing and very supportive Perinatologist (so thankful for him) and I spent 50 hours in labor (almost half of which was spent at work and home, lol), 2 hours spent pushing, despite the fact that she only weighed 7 pounds, she was not descending due to being OP, thanks to my pelvis needing to be re-aligned, I also had a cervical lip. I came so close to delivering her vaginally that I do not feel like the experience was a failure at all. My Peri told me had she not been OP I probably would have had a pretty short labor and been able to deliver her with no problem. He approved my trying for a VBA3C at my 6 week PP appointment barring any major issues, now all that's left is to see a Chiro (already found one who is Webster-certified), get adjusted, and get down to the babymaking ;-D

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Thanks guys , 


I am still over the moon about it and there are still many moments , whn I look at her and think " Oh my GOD , I DID it ! We did it ! " 

Plus , my last cs was very traumatic , with a horrible infection afterwards and I was in agony for months , mentally and physically , I just felt like such a failure . 

And having DD3 helped me realize , that it wasn´t my fault what happened to DD2 and that I am NOT a failure !  

Nobody can imagine the triumph , I felt , when they pulled her out and I thought " this is how it´s supposed to be " 

And of course , to this day , cs save the lives of countless mothers and children , but the damage an unnecessary operation does to the body and the mind is also not measurable , aside from the fact , that doctors put our lives on the line and that of out prescious , irreplaceable babies by performing unnecessary surgeries .   

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