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Still sick!

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Anyone else dealing with nausea still? I'm 15 weeks and still feel so gross. Any type of balanced nutrition plan is out the window and I just eat what I can handle. Getting so sick of this...

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I'm so sorry you're still having nausea! Is it particularly severe? Do you suspect hyperemesis? Are you taking Zofran or something else for it?

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Originally Posted by Cecilia's Mama View Post

I'm so sorry you're still having nausea! Is it particularly severe? Do you suspect hyperemesis? Are you taking Zofran or something else for it?

I'm just taking a unisom/b6 combo at night. I'm not throwing up - its just unrelenting nausea - so I haven't wanted to jump to Zofran. I had it for a long time with my second dd too but this just feels like forever (maybe because now I have two kids to take care of in the meantime).

Thanks for your response. Helps to just have someone to whine to!
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Zofran can make all the difference. I had to get a script for it.  

Mine is on and off. And its triggered by certain things. Cold. (CURSE MY GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION THIS TIME OF YEAR!) and a couple of different smells. Raw onions in particular. (which normally I love the smell of. I'll cut one up and sniff my hands deliriously for hours afterwards). 


I was having a really tough time at about 6W and my midwife gave me the prescription for zofran. Its helped so much for me. I'm not big on meds, but I went from 210 to 195 in 4 weeks. I'm now ALMOST my pre pregnancy weight at almost 17 weeks. 




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Does the zofran help with nausea? I haven't been throwing up (except for today because I have the flu now). I guess I thought it just helped with the throwing up? 

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I didn't throw up once, even when I had the morning sickness PLUS the stomach flu. (I have this psychological aversion to throwing up. I have a very strong ability to stop myself) BUT I was so nauseated that I could literally not get out of bed. 


It helped me get to a point where it wasn't sunshine and fairy farts, but I could at least function and eat a bowl of cereal. 

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I'm still sick (only 13 weeks). I was sick the whole time last pregnancy.  When I tried zofran last time it kept me from pucking but I has nausea all day long. My midwives asked what I was doing this time and it's the same as last - puking. It seems to be what helps the most. I gained weight last time and have put on 2 lbs so far so for me the morning sickness isn't about gaining weight.



Good luck

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hug2.gifSo sorry to hear you are still feeling all day sickness.  There might be hope yet.  Mine didn't lift completely until the past couple of weeks.   I am 18 weeks on Monday.  

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Yup, 15 weeks and still sick sometimes, though it has eased up. I went a whole week without throwing up last week (I threw up first thing every morning for about 7-8 weeks prior to that), only to feel AWFUL all of last weekend, and threw up Sunday and Monday morning. No more throwing up since then, but I've had a couple of days with bad nausea and a couple of good days. Other than the morning vomiting, I've mostly just dealt with all day nausea, too. It sucks. My mw also offered me Zofran, but since I haven't actually been vomiting much, I've declined it. For me, it is getting better, but it really seems to depend on the day. And things I can eat no problem one day cause horrible stomach pain/nausea/heartburn another day.


I'm sorry you're dealing with this suckiness, too, though it makes me feel a little better to know I'm not the only one. hug.gif

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Yes, I'm still pretty sick at almost 14 weeks.  I expect it to continue for at least 4 more weeks as it didi with my previous pregnancies.  I still have lots of food aversions:  really only eating eggs, beef, and applesauce.  Everything else makes me gag.  I'm looking forward to feeling and eating normally again.  

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Still sick at 13 weeks, although now I have some good days mixed in.
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