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rescue with house training issues

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I am at my wits end with this dog. Our sweet foster dog (whom is not our foster anymore because we decided to keep him) was chained to a chain for 7 years straight. He was then moved to a dog hoarder's house, where there were like 30 other dogs, and they lived in a vacant home (she came by twice a day to feed them). Obviously, he had no manners. We worked through a lot of things (have had him since September), and he was doing so well, and we all love him so much.


He has always had am aversion to going outside. He simply just wants to be inside. So we have a fenced in yard, and I let him outside to pee/poop, and he was at the point where he was rarely going pee/poop inside the house. This week he as pooped and peed in the house every day - sometimes twice a day. I let him out, but he won't go off the deck, and then he comes in the house to pee/poop. I  really need to find a way to get him to want to go outside. Even if I leave him outside for a long time - like an hour or two - he still holds it and then comes inside to pee and poop. The problem is the dirt/grass. He does not want to go on it - it does not want to go off the deck.

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go back to basics. Pretend he is an 8 week old puppy who needs to be housetrained and stick too it.



I would take him out on a leash and fill your pockets with super special treats that you only use for potty time, use the leash to keep him in the yard and when he goes give him tons of treats and throw a little party.

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Thanks. That is good advice. He does well with that method with peeing, but he still won't poop outside. I am going to try taking him out every hour this weekend, so maybe he will poop outside.


Thanks for your reply.

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have you tried taking him for a walk when you think he needs to poop? some dogs wont poop in their yards and need walks to go (funny i was having this conversation with someone today... the things animal people talk to each other about!)

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Is he on a regular feeding schedule? I've had 3 dogs, fed twice a day, and they invariably poop after meals - we joke that mass is conserved.


I second the suggestion to take him out on a leash - that almost always makes my dogs poop (even if they just went after supper). I like the expression "Throw a party"! Also make sure you use the phrase "go poop" or "go potty" when he does it, so he learns the words for the actions. That way, eventually you can put him outside by himself, say "Go poop, go potty", and he'll know what you want.


It sounds like your dog is really attached to you - he seems to realize how lucky he is to have you! I expect that once he figures out what you want, he will try to do it for you. If you just put him outside by himself, he maybe doesn't realize what he's supposed to do out there.

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Starrlamia has such great advice, always!  


First I commend you for taking on this dog with this past.  Wow!


I found this website where the woman does rescue, and she suggested the same thing that Starrlamia did.  Here's the link:




Im doing the same training with my small dog who is either marking or just plain peeing in the house - i cant tell - but he also goes outside. 


Crating might also be an option for when u are not home.  Removing the water after a certain time at night.....  might also work if it happens at night.


I agree with the walks - if you have the time to do this several times a day.  Good luck and keep us posted!!  Dont give up!!



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