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What are you snacking on?

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All I want (for snacks) are white crackers and potato chips :/ Probably not the healthiest choices, but they do settle my stomach.

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It's 11 pm and I just started making some sweet potato fries, I seem to want heavy food late at night, last night I wanted to order a pizza before bed, but DH didn't think it was a good plan ( probably right)!!!

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My morning sickness hasn't kicked in yet, but I still feel a little nauseous if I haven't eaten. So I've been snacking on chilli rice crackers, which seem to do the job. I hope I can still eat them when the morning sickness starts! I can't eat gluten, so I had to go to the health food shop and buy grain free crackers of various sorts in preparation.

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I'm gluten free right now too. Last night rice crackers with melted cheese really hit the spot.

I'm going to make some more banana/sesame/coconut chips in the dehydrator later. 

A stash of healthy granola/protein bars are good right now too (I really like the Vega green food bar)

Kale chips last night were also really good...with extra salt.


I'm kind of at the stage where I get hungry = nauseous, but nothing sounds good so I'm grazing on a little of everything.


Wouldn't you know that potato chips actually make me nauseous right now! :(

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LANCE sandwich crackers.  I'm craving everything with SALT.  

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Raisins, berries and girl scout cookies are my go-to snacks right now. Anything that's easily portable so I can keep nausea at bay!

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Fruit!!  I can't seem to get enough apples and oranges into me.  And cheddar kettle chips! :)


And, my last three main meals (lunch and dinner) have been cheddar, tomato, and lettuce sandwiches.  I've been craving that combo for some reason.  I'm totally off meat right now. 

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I'm right in the throes of constant nausea. What seems to be hitting the spot are bananas, kashi bars (love the chocolate coconut ones), crackers with peanut butter, natural almonds, and berries. I really would like to avoid gaining 50 - 60 pounDS like I did with the last two pregnancies, but I feel even worse if I don't eat.
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I'm having such a hard time with snack right now. My standard has been whole grain crackers with cheese and some nitrate/nitrite free pre-cooked sausage sliced.  I'm at a point already though where it's getting difficult for me to get that down, though by and large I want salty foods.  Today I'm snacking on almonds and dry cereal.  It's been a nice change and I'm still getting protein and complex carbs (this seems to be my best bet to keep morning sickness at bay).


I tried to eat some yogurt earlier.  It actually tasted really good till I tried to swallow it, then I just kept gagging on it.  DS thinks there's something wrong with the yogurt now and won't eat it now after witnessing that.eyesroll.giflol.gif

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I'm going for cereal and any type of crackers I can get my hands on.  I also am loving any kind of soup, mash potatos, or oatmeal.  Also Wraps, as in cheese and tons of greens in a tortilla.  


I think I finally figured it out and I need to eat about every 2 hours or I feel horrid.  A small bowl of oatmeal, or mashpotatos are perfect!  mmmm, I think a baked potato sounds wonderful right now also... Thank goodness I'm still losing weight so I'm not too concerned with eating too much yet.

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Tangerines, almonds, dried apricots.  I'm nauseous all the time now though, and all food is really gross :(

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OMG Esma, cereal sounds SO good! LOL I think you might have just kicked off a craving for me! yummy.gif

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Right now Im eating a green apple.. a very tart green apple.. Its the only type I can eat, red apples make me sick.. anything that is to sweet also makes me sick.


I also like: pickles (ok, I eat these without being pregnant .. its one of my favorite snacks), any type of fruit or veggies, nuts, cheese, plain crackers, meat of any type.. etc.

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eating a bowl of chex right now, since I'm out of crackers.  I hear everyone on the salt.  I don't even really want fruit, because it's sweet!  I've also been loving baked potatoes since I figured out how to make them fast but still fluffy!  Pickles sound good, I should go buy some.  Last time I remember snacking on a jar of peppers (what are the little light green ones called?  They serve them on the salad at Olive Garden) with cream cheese.  I also craved vinegar-y stuff.  I've been eating lots of cheese because it's an easy snack, and the protein is good, but it's not always appetizing. 

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I love hearing all of the good ideas!! I feel so lost in the morning when I am packing lunch/snacks for the day....I can't get enough food that tastes good.. :/
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Big into salt here as well, although I can do smoothies. Just had mashed potato's which were great.

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Cereal has been great.

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Sliced cucumber and hummus has been my go to snack.
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meh...is it weird that all of those suggestions sounded ugg to me! I have the WORST time with the constant nausea because I also get repulsed from EVERYTHING...horrible little cycle. 


I tend to go towards overly processed comfort foods in the first trimester...like ravioli...and chicken noodle soup. In my experience, crackers make me gag, and cereal is a very short-lived non-gagging food. I try to get protein down, but I can't manage eggs anymore...or my go-to cheese, so I'm sort of struggling with small bowls of soup every two hours or so. I'm also digging chicken pot-pies right now...and grapefruit. 


I ordinarily love nuts of all sorts, and well...anything and everything but sway towards a whole foods style diet...fresh fruits, veggies, very little carbs or grains and lots of meat. But, now, I try to just get things down so that the nausea is at least bearable. 

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Almonds, really strong cheddar cheese and apples winky.gif

Yesterday I made some mini almond-flour cheesy muffins which I am eating rather too frequently too!

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