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Anyone straddling the water birth idea for their UC?

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Unfortunately as a doula in the past, I've not only experienced many water laboring and births, but I'm always the one cleaning it up too! And it's really made me bitter against water births tbh. Not the actual birthing in it part, that seems to be lovely. But when you UC, who will be cleaning up your water birth stuff? I could say my dh. And that seems so likely, but at the same time I know me.
First, I don't want that sitting in my space for however long until we get to it. I will get anxious and annoyed and prob. jump up and start doing it.  Second, after my past two labors, I felt amazing and I was the one cleaning up, just by sheer amount of energy I had. I also think part of that is the control freak in me.  But everything pretty much just went into a trash bag and there wasn't much clean up either time since I labored and delivered over toilet.

Part of me really wants to try this amazing laboring, possibly delivering technique. It has looked wonderful each time I've seen it with other Moms. This is my last child, so there's a part of me that wants to make sure I've experienced all that I can in birth. (aside from going into the forest by myself and being one with nature and birthing that way. Which if I could make that happen, I totally would!)


But truly the idea of the clean up. It has never been short of a complete and utterly fantastic hassle to clean up a birthing pool. The siphen doesn't work, the inner part of the pool filled up with water. It's taken me hours to clean it up at other births. I'm seriously bitter at the idea. I came to DREAD when a mom would say "water birth please!" 


What are your plans for post birthing and clean up of the water and pool? Help me feel positive about this, b/c part of me really wants to try this time!

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When we had our last baby UBAC last year we used a Birth Pool in a box.  The pool we used was lent to us and was in good condition, no leaks or anything so I'm sure that contributed to easy clean up.  You could spend a little to get an electric pump to make things easier. It was totally worth it.


Our doula friend took care of the clean up.duck.gif


My previous birth that was planned as a water birth but ended up as a c/s was more bitter for me.  DH didn't take it down while I was in the hospital and I ended up disassembling it myself while post-op and on painkillers.  It made me really angry.

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3 waterbirths and it has usually takes 30 minutes to clean up after each one. I always buy a cheap electric pump though and do a trial run prior, that makes all the difference IMO. Last summer I couldn't get the pump I had used previously (no idea what always happens to it after the births!) which is a fish aquarium one so I ended up buying one that was meant for an water fountain like in a garden, it was slower but worked. I buy a fishy pool and we just toss it afterwards, I don't waste time trying to clean up the stuff in the bottom of it. 

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I have a deep bathtub and I'm planning on laboring in there if I feel like I need the water.  I'm like you when it comes to the hassle of the clean up. I just have no desire to handle all of that. 

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I have had two UC waterbirths and plan on having my third in a couple of months.

My first I used the bath tub and after I had the baby and was ready to shower, I just pulled the plug on the drain and tried to catch any junk and put it in the trash....but most of the mess just went down the drain. And then I just rinsed the tub....pretty easy.
What I didn't like about the bathtub was the cleanliness. I am somewhat a germophobe and it was annoying being in labor and trying to clean the tub so I felt like I could get in and deliver. I couldn't have cleaned the tub ahead of time as my dh uses the shower daily.......

So with my next I opted for a little kiddie pool. It was brand new....so it really didn't take much cleaning ahead of time and thankfully that could be done in advance.
I will say that getting a good water temp was hard to do and honestly I would have liked for it to be a bit deeper. This time I plan to get a deeper one. My mother and either dh or father in law helped drag the pool outside and dumped it and gave it a preliminary rinse with the hose and left it outside. I never went to go clean it properly and it eventually became trash.

This time I have scouted out a couple of bigger kiddie pools that I plan to use....and honestly it will probably end up being trash as well. Not that I like the waste....I hate it. I always plan to clean it and use it for something else....but so far haven't been good at that.

I personally wouldn't want to UC without a  water birth.....to me the clean up seems easier with the pool. Dump, rinse and done.  I don't think I would like birth on those chucks or plastic sheets....I would be too concerned the mess would get all over everything.

Now I will say that disposing of the placenta is up to me (I like to bury it) and sometimes that tends to sit for a couple of days in a bowl before I get to it =S 

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I laboured in my lovely deep bath tub last time and it didn't work out as well as i thought, there wasn't much space sideways and i ended up stood with one leg on the side to deliver as it was too cramped and made my hips ache. I'm only 5'4 and very slight build so this is worth bearing in mind.

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I labored in the regular tub with both of mine.  It worked out fine, I didn't feel like it needed to be deeper or anything.  I'm 5'3".

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I wish I had a deep tub. But we have just your regular ol bathtubs, that leave absolutely no room to get in a good position to have a baby, imo. Of course it can be done. Maybe if I am on my knees?

What position were you in mambera?

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Originally Posted by IntuitiveJamie View Post

I wish I had a deep tub. But we have just your regular ol bathtubs, that leave absolutely no room to get in a good position to have a baby, imo. Of course it can be done. Maybe if I am on my knees?

What position were you in mambera?

First time I mostly labored sitting in the tub leaning back, occasionally flipping to hands and knees.  I didn't deliver that one at home, went to hospital to push her out.


Second was my UC (not planned that way actually - I just lurk here out of fascination sometimes), that was hands and knees in the tub the whole time including delivery of the head, then I had to get up on my knees so I could catch with my hands.  I didn't have time to fill the tub with that one, just had the shower running on my back.

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Not sure if anyone said this, but a lot of midwives and people that rent birth pools just use pool liners.  So after you empty the water you can just toss the liner.


I did inflate and fill up my birth pool for my first UC, but after taking one contraction in it, I got out and never used it again.  So it was all clean, but since my siphon hose stopped working, my friends had to empty it with gallon buckets...bless their hearts.

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We found this pump http://www.leevalley.com/en/garden/page.aspx?p=52296&cat=2,40725,45454,52296 to be wonderful.  We connected it to an old garden hose and ran it to our laundry tub in the basement.  We've used it many times with no problems (we'd often set up the tub in the basement for the kids to have a 'swim' in the winter).  A liner would be awesome.  We didn't have a liner so after the pool was empty we would deflate it a bit and then just stick it out on the back deck till we felt like wiping it down and deflating it completely (we used La Bassine).  It does bother me that I was generally the one who ended up wiping it down but It was never a big rush because it wasn't in our living space.  If I were to have another birth I would likely invest in a liner.  Honestly, the pump we used was awesome - relatively inexpensive and quite efficient.  

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I loved the water for laboring in with my last, and was pretty much planning on delivering in there too, but dilation stalled at 6cm and I was told I needed to get out... and then ctx were hell. I wish I'd gone back in to deliver, but when they asked I was so uncomfortable (because of the position, I have realized) that I couldn't move without excrutiating pain and ended up delivering laying on my side in bed. I wanted to get into a supported kneel, but it hurt. This time, I'm definitely going to stay in the bath - it was the out-of-water ctx that exhausted me, and I'd rather stick it out through a slow dilation than get worn out.

But... we have a deep 2-person tub with jets in our master bath, so filling and cleaning were easy. Sometime about a month before birth DH ran the jets with some bleach, then ran a clear rinse, and then we didn't use it until the birth (in Nov.). It disappointed dd who wanted to use it, but we were keeping it clean, so daddy told her the baby would owe her a lawn mowing when he's older. orngbiggrin.gif As the water cooled, we let some out and ran hot in, and after the birth either DH or MW or her asst drained the tub and gave it a rinse. Keeping it clean should be easier this time, as I'm due in July (haven't wanted to use the tub since about wk 8 as I got easily overheated and nauseous) and we only use the tub in the cold months.

Good luck with finding a solution for yourself!
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Baby born in bathtub. Pull plug. Done! : )
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