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Branching Out Doula Services is now supporting women in the Triangle area before, during and after birth.


As a way to introduce myself and my services, I am offering multiple discounts and specials for every Mama that wants a doula by her side during the birth of her child. I have also initiated a referral program, in which $50 is given as a gift to anyone who refers a client that ends up signing up for the standard services package at full price.


Why have a doula?


A growing body of research shows that the presence of a doula has clear benefits for families during childbirth and postpartum, with no known risks.


~ Reduced cesarean rates by 50%


~ Reduced labor length by 25%


~ Reduced oxytocin use by 40%


~ Reduced use of narcotics by 30%


~ Reduced forceps deliveries by 40%


~ Reduced epidural use by 60%


~ Increased rates of breastfeeding


~ Decreased rates of postpartum depression


~ Promotes healthier moms and babies


Please contact me for more information, pricing and special offers!


April Opoka

DONA Trained Birth Doula