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Oats/other grains: How to eat them healthily?

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Doing a varied diet for DD since she has allergies and Dr said to. She usually has pork sausages (just pork, spices, lamb casing) for breakfast but he said not everyday!


So I know we use sprouted wheat berry flour for good reasons and am wondering about oats...


This is what I bought today:


Steel cut oats


Sprouted quinoa


Spelt flakes


Old fashioned rolled oats


So I'm assuming the sprouted quinoa is OK and maybe the spelt? Do I need to pre soak the steel cut and old fashioned? Do I drain them after?


Thanks we are new to grains and did paleo before her allergies and not so great food before that so I could use some help!

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Most sources say oats need longer soaking than other grains because they are higher in phytates, and also it's suggested that because oats are low in phytase that something else be mixed with it in the soak that is higher in phytase (the phytase breaks down phytates).  I don't know how widely this is done, but the suggestion was to add a portion of buckwheat as it is high in phytase and will improve the effectiveness of the soak.


I eat a very low-grains diet personally and I am a soaking skeptic, I confess.  I think our bodies can handle the phytates when grains are not dominating our diets.  Among the things that divide the healthiest people I've encountered from the least healthy, I've not noticed eating unsoaked grains to be an apparent decisive factor.


I also suspect soaking has been used to make cooking easier and faster in history.  Think of how much more fuel had to be collected to cook an unsoaked grain for two hours compared to perhaps the same grain soaked that might take 30 mins.  Anyhow, I'm not very knowledgeable but I am not sold on soaking and I don't use it for the small amount of grains I do eat.  I start with a primal approach as my inspiration but I am pretty relaxed about breaking those rules hence the inclusion of small amounts of grains.  I've adopted a devotion to live fermented foods from TF but have not adopted the grain-soaking.  I reduced grain consumption instead and think that kept to a minimum they aren't a problem for our family. 

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I agree with littlebirds


I mostly soak because of the time it saves in cooking and with certain things it just is a must (barley, wheat berries, tapioca and dried beans)- I soak my oats because I also add dried apples and raisins or cranberries. I soak rice and non-sprouted quinoa as well.

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I did not realize this posted! It said it did not.


We are eating a fair amount of grains now b/c DDs Dr said it's vital to have her on a varied diet. She used to always eat eggs for breakfast and turns out she is allergic to them. We were doing sausage instead and hash some days but he said it needs to be very varied so she won't develop new allergies.


So I wouldn't have to soak the sprouted quinoa right?


I should soak the oats and other things though.


I'm confused about spelt is that already soaked or sprouted or is that just the name of a grain?

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