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Pregnant, not pregnant ... wait, pregnant?!

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I am going absolutely CRAZY over here. 


I had my IUD removed on Jan. 13, and I got what I thought was my first period on Feb. 5. It was pretty light for three days, but I hadn't had a period with the IUD in, so I assumed that's what the flow was. I had a TMI issue later that week, so I went to the doctor. She also did a urine pregnancy test "just in case," but that came up negative. 


Fast forward to yesterday, when I think I am three or four DPO, based on temps and that "period" I had and my typical ovulation time. I was really hungry all the time, exhausted, and bloated, so something told me to test, even though I thought I was only 4 DPO. It's a BFP almost instantly with a two blue line Target test. I spend the day excited and go take a urine test at my doctor's office this morning. I hadn't heard back from them by 4:15, so I called, and someone called me back about a minute or two later. She tells me it's negative. WTF? The other two times I've been pregnant, I tested at home at 10 DPO with a digital test, and I went in to the doctor the next day and got positives there. And this time I am pretty sure, based on when we had sex, that I am about a week further along than that right now, and that would make me due at the end of October.


So I go POAS again, and it's almost instantly positive. A few hours later, after I put the kids to bed, I go to Walgreens and buy a three-pack of CBE digital tests. It's positive.


So I am pretty sure I am pregnant and that my doctor's office screwed something up. I am wondering if the person who called me back (she didn't ID herself as a nurse, and usually the nurses do that, so I am thinking it was just the receptionist I talked to when I called) looked at the test from two weeks ago and saw "negative" and thought that was today's test. Maybe today's test hadn't even registered yet?! That is my best guess at this point, but I am going absolutely nuts here. 


All I really want is a big glass of wine (or bottle!) after this roller coaster of a day, but I don't think that's the best idea! 

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This sounds so frustrating. I'm sorry it's not more clear for you. In my experience, sometimes the doctor's tests are not as sensitive? Perhaps you're just ahead of the game on this one and they'll catch up.

Good Luck!

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Thanks, DelawareMom! 


I didn't realize I posted this in the October DDC ... I had intended to post in the TTC forum. Oops. 


Anyway, I went in for a blood draw this morning, and the test came back positive. They did not do a beta, and I guess I could have requested one, but then I would have had to go back in for another on Monday, and it really doesn't make much sense to me at this point. If the baby is going to stick, it's going to stick, and a blood test isn't going to do anything to help or prevent that. 


So I am pregnant, but I still have no clue when I'm due because of the lack of a period after having my IUD removed. I'm saying the end of October at this point. love.gif

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I am starting to really worry. I had some cramping yesterday on and off for almost all day, and it was concentrated on one side. Now today I just started bleeding. I wasn't feeling very confident about this pregnancy anyway, and now this. I have a call in to my doctor's office, but I am guessing they won't have much to say but wait and see.
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After a roller coaster of a week, I have to say goodbye. I found out today that I had a chemical pregnancy. My beta was 141 on Sunday but only in the 50s on Tuesday. 


I'm surprised how bad this stings, especially given the fact that I didn't even have time to get excited about being pregnant.

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I'm sorry, Camo. Take some time for yourself right now.

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I'm so sorry.

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I am sorry! Hugs. No matter how short, it hurts. Take good care.

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