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I got to the appointment (had to park in a garage, in huge medical office building by hospital) and I go up to the office, and it's locked. I call, the voicemail goes on, and the mailbox is full.

I just don't have any words anymore for how frustrated I am. I feel like I'm going to be forced to go back to one of the practices I left just to even see someone.

Then, since they were supposed to validate my parking, I had to pay to get out of the garage.



Sigh. I have two more docs I am looking into, not sure which will be a good fit but they're a bit of a drive. No problem if it works out. The next appointment Doc A had was next Thursday, though, which means no 18 week U/S for me.

Huz is calling Doc B this a.m., as it's just too stressful for me to try to make these appointments outside my classroom on a cell phone with 30 7th graders inside. I feel like Doc B might, might be a good fit, not sure.





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Boots, so sorry you are having such a difficult time finding a provider.  I really empathize as this is the most stressful aspect of a pregnancy for me.  I'm on my 6th pregnancy and have never had the same provider twice.  Today, was supposed to be my first "centering" appointment which is a prenatal accompanied by a cleansing and meditation session held at the reservation clinic that my midwife is employed at.  But due to politics, and a doctor in the area who has waged several successful campaigns to wipe out licensed midwives, my midwife can no longer provide care for any pregnant women.  She did nothing wrong.  In fact, he broke the contract with her illegally and said he just wasn't "comfortable" only being the "back up".  The said doctor did the same thing to the midwife I had for my third child after she was attending 90% of the births at the hospital through which she was employed.  So this combined with him having a practice for many years, the tribal lawyers have recommended she not fight it even though what he is doing is wrong and illegal.  It is frustrating to me that woman/child health care comes down to politics and money in our country and we don't have real "free" choice to find the perfect provider to care for us.  So I'm back to square one at almost 19 weeks trying to find a midwife.  Then once I do it will be the next fight to get insurance to pay for some of the cost.  This is when I wish I could go into a little, nurturing bubble and emerge sometime in August after having a safe, sacred, pleasant birth experience with a healthy baby. 

Good luck to you on your search and it is so great to hear that your husband is willing to take some of the stress out of the situation by making phone calls and appointments.  That is a blessing!

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