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Baby name help, please.

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We have a John, Charles, Gilbert (as in Gilbert Blythe...named after his gpa, we usually call him Gil), and Lewis.  I really like the name Ben, but don't love Benjamin though Benjamin goes nicely with our last name.  Are there any other first names than Ben can be a nickname for?  Would you think just Ben would be okay for a first name or would something more "formal" be better? I know it's early,but I'm pretty sure Ben is it if it's a boy and it's fun to talk baby names. love.gif

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I don't see why you couldn't just use  Ben for a first name.  I like it!


We have Sophia a girls name for sure (since we had a boy last time).  I wish it just wasn't such a popular name still.  It's also one of the old family names from my family and it's what I always thought I would name a daughter if I had one.


Just like last time, I'm having a much harder time with a boys name.  DH doesn't want to start thinking about names yet which I find utterly frustrating.  I'm thinking of Henry with Harry as a nickname.  Henry is my paternal grandfather's name (DS is named after my maternal side) and DS's paternal grandfather was Harold, called Harry so I feel like we honor both sides of the family with the name/nickname combo.  The middle names for DS and this baby if it's a boy will be names from DH's side of the family. I'm not certain I really want to call my child Harry though....


One thing is for sure. We are not discussing names with family and friends this time.  Last time it was constant input from everyone, and all the grandparents had to "approve" the name before it was certain.  We're just not going there this time.  They'll all find out the name once the baby is here!  


It's nice to be able to talk about names here though.  I wonder what suggestions DH will come up with....

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My husband has never suggested a name.  


So far we have DS1 Holling Lennon, and DS2 Jude Marley. Little bit of a Beatles/musician name thing going.  


So for a girl we have Clarabella Elisabeth-Ann = Beatles song and our mother's middle names


and for a boy we are seriously considering Ringo. Though I think we're both liking Rogan more.  It would be nice to give a boy one of my Dad's names which is Delbert Lavern.  DH agrees, but wishes my dad had a different name!

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There's nothing wrong with just Ben. My father's name was Larry, but not Lawrence. It's totally doable!



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What about Benoit? pronounced BenWah

It is French and often shortened to Ben.


Or Bentley maybe?

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There was a Survivor contestant a few seasons ago named Benry.
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All I can think about when I hear Benry is the TV show Lost! LoL For those who didn't watch it, there was a shady character on there who went by two names, Ben and Henry and so a lot of us Losties ended up calling him Benry at one point. ROTFLMAO.gif

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Bennett, Benton. Personally I prefer not to give a common nickname as the official name (just "Ben"), so he has the option of using the more formal full name as he grows up.

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Love Bennett! Also, there is Bently (not really my thing but does include "Ben")
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Thanks for the ideas. I'm still not loving anything but Ben! Benoit-BenWah-is diffrent, I think I like how it sounds a lot, but not the spelling. Bennet is nice, too, but I think I might like Benjamin more. :/ I really like Grant (family name) for a middle name and Ben Grant just doesn't work for me. Hmmm?!
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I actually like Benjamin and Bennett. I prefer giving the children more "formal" names because one day they will grow up and need to use these names in business. You will most likely be taken more seriously as a Benjamin then just Ben. When I think of Ben I think of my friend I go out to the movies with, not my lawyer I need to handle some legal issue.


My girls are Elyse and Alexandra, my son is Thomas. Elyse doesn't shorten her name although my brother calls her Ellie (she hates it). My middle daughter's name is shortened to Lexi and the baby's to Tom Tom. If this one is a girl it will be Annabella (shortened to Bella) and if its a boy James (probably Jim or Jimmie).

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